Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Free Website Marketing Tip --- Games

Computer & Video Games are big business. In fact, some
recent reports have said that the video gaming
industry is now larger than the movie industry. Plain
& simple... people like to play games and are willing
to pay for it.

One idea that is used by one of the online travel
sites, Orbits, has been to include games in their
popup ads... especially on their ads. They
have a flash version of Dunk-the-Dummy, Miniature
Golf, Homerun Derby, or Longest Drive games.

This works because they combine the natural sporting
tendency of their audience with uniquely designed ads
for plane tickets, hotels and rental cars.

In one case they have a 3-hole mini-golf course, with
one hole shaped like a plane, the next whole shaped
like a hotel and the last hole shaped like a car.

While very interesting, I did not find it relevant
until I received this tip from Sandra Jackson
regarding "Advergames".

She claims that having an online golfing game, has
"brought over 25,00 players a day to my site".
Not sure if that was 2,500 or 25,000... but it's a good
number of visitors in either case.

The key here is the site that had the Golfing game also
sold Golfing related products... so the people coming
to play golf online were good prospects for the
products the site sold.

Also, the longer a visitors stayed on the site playing
golf the more products the site was to able advertise.
More exposures translates into a higher likely hood
that the site will display a product the visitor may
be interested in ...and the longer a visitor stays on
a site, the more likely it is they will come back to
the site in the future.

Not all businesses can easily combine a game that is
related to the topic of their site, but you can adapt
traditional games such as hang-man to use words
relating to your subject.

In addition to advertising your own products, you can
also use the Google AdSense program to increase the
revenue generated from game generated traffic.

You can find a few cool games to offer on your site for
free at:

Until next time... Have a great day and go get some traffic to your site!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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