Monday, July 12, 2004

Home Business Marketing Tip - Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures (JV) are a great way to promote your product or business and make some nice $$$$. I personally know of someone who recently made over $12,000 in one day from a JV. Of course, this is not typical but it is typical to make good money from JV's.

You see there are a lot of people out there with Huge lists of people that already trust them. There are also a lot of people with great products and no list. Then there are those with great products and huge lists.

All you have to do is contact someone with what you are looking for and ask for a JV. Let's say you have a great product but no list. You just need to find someone in your business niche that does have a list. Then you offer them a certain % of the profits to send an email out to their list marketing your product.

You make money on every sale and so do they. It's a win-win situation.

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