Saturday, September 18, 2004

Cheap Advertising and Promotion Tip

You send all sorts of promotion and advertising stuff to your client list. Whether it's an email, a brochure, an announcement, a coupon, or anything else you send, it is really to keep your business name in the prospects mind.

Rather than just sending them some sort of advertisement or announcement about your business, try sending them a booklet full of tips to help them with a problem in your particular niche.

For instance... If your business is teaching people how to effectively market their business... You could send out a small booklet with 10 free marketing tips to help them get free traffic to their websites.

You could make a lot of these booklets for a relatively cheap price. Then it only costs a stamp to send. I would venture to bet your ROI would be very good for a promotional campaign like this.

Doing this is better advertisement for your business than most other promotional materials you could send. Plus, they are much more likely to keep this around so it will keep you in their minds than your competition.

Give it a try, I bet it helps.

Until next time... Have a great night! Now, go and get some promotional booklets made and start sending them.

Dedicated to your marketing success,
Trent Brownrigg

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