Thursday, September 09, 2004

What NOT to have on your website - Part 1

Since most people that read this blog have a website, or are probably thinking of building one soon, I decided to spend a week or so talking about what you should NOT have on your website.

Keeping these things away from your website will help you with Search Engines and Human visitors.

They will be in no particular order because they are all important.

OK, here's the first thing to NOT have on your website...

Broken Links and Messed Up Images

Search engines don't like you to have broken links on your website at all. It also makes it harder for the robots to spider your site when they run into broken links that they can't follow.

Human visitors hate broken links just as much. Just imagine if a prospect clicks on a link that you have titled "The Top Work at Home Opportunity in the World" but it doesn't work. Do you think they will trust you anymore? Probably NOT!

Even if your site was just built yesterday Humans and SE's will see it as out of date and poorly kept up if you have broken links and images on it.

Check your links and images regularly. Have someone you know check them from their computer too. Sometimes images show up differently on other computers.

Until next time... Have a great day! Now go and make sure your site doesn't have any broken links or images.

Come back all this week for 7 (or so) things you should NOT do with your website.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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