Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Free Website Optimization Tip -- Delete Stop Words

Do you know what Stop Words are? Well, I didn't until recently. Maybe I am behind on things or maybe they are just something most people don't know about.

Whether stop words are common knowledge or not, I am going to pretend like I am teaching something, and tell you about them anyway.

Apparently stop words can have an impact on your rankings in the search engines so it is a good search engine optimization technique to take stop words out of your website title tag.

Here are a few examples of stop words:

a, an, and, but, he, her, his, i, in, it, of, on, or, she, the

There are also many other common words and characters ignored by some search engines. The search engines ignore those words to enhance the speed and relevancy of their search results.

So, if you have something like "home business opportunities and work at home information" as your website title, then the search engines may be ignoring the whole second part of your title because they stop at the word "and."

In fact the title tag of my site used to be "work at home jobs and home business opportunities" but after learning this I took the "and" out and added a comma.

Until next time... Have a great night.

Dedicated to your business success,
Trent Brownrigg
Work at Home Jobs, Home Business Opportunities

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