Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Work at Home Success Tip -- Unproductive Marketing

Let's face it... there are so called "marketing" tasks you do everyday that are quite unproductive.

By Stopping Unproductive Marketing Activities you will be freeing yourself up for more time to spend on productive marketing.

Think about all the "marketing" tasks you do in a day. Which ones are making you money or at least a part of something that is making you money ... and which ones are not? Get rid of the bad and keep the good. It's that simple!

If you must do all those "other" tasks then hire a college student to do them. You will know that he or she will be educated, will need the money, will work for fairly cheap, and it will give them good experience. It's a win/win situation for both of you.

OK, I can hear you through the computer screen saying, "I don't have extra money to be paying someone." This may be true now, but adding more productive marketing to your business day will increase your revenues. There, now you have money to pay your college intern.

Now, get out there and find yourself a way to free up time for productive marketing tasks!

Until next time... Have a great day!

Dedicated to your marketing success,
Trent Brownrigg

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