Saturday, November 13, 2004

Free Business Promotion Tip

Sponsor or Host an OFFLINE Event

Earlier this year I decided to host an offline event and promote it by sending a couple press releases to the local media. It was easy to do, very inexpensive and drove a lot of traffic to my website.

In fact, this is how I got most of the traffic to my site in the first couple of months.

I held the event at a Public Library, which was free to use :)

The event, which was free to the public, cost very little to produce.

My main method of promotion was a press release which I sent to several area newspapers. The local weekly paper published a front-page news story, the others added the event to their calendar.

It was surprisingly easy to get media coverage. Basically, all I did was email the press release to the editors, and then follow up with a simple phone call. They would typically ask me a few additional questions about the event and one reporter even came out and took my picture.

I also submitted a notice of my event to a couple free press-release websites.

An example press-release I used is here:

I have conducted two events so far this year. Each event resulted in plenty of web traffic plus a several hundred new, targeted, hot prospects that I was able to meet in person and can now follow up with via newsletter or autoresponder. These events also allowed me to build valuable business relationships with more than 20 local vendors.

Carrie Lauth

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