Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Reapeat Website Traffic Tip

One way to get repeat visitors to your website and increase sales is to have a "print this page" option on your salesletter page.

Having a link that tells them they can "click here to print this page" can actually increase your sales by a large percentage.

The reasoning is simple...

Let's say you don't have a "print this page" link and someone comes to your website, reads your salesletter, and then leaves without buying even though they may still be interested. Then they totally forget that they were ever at your site, or they can't remember what your URL was, or they completely forget they were even looking for that type of product...

Now, lets say you have a "print this page" option... someone visits your website, prints your salesletter, and then leaves. They now have your salesletter sitting there in front of them so it is nearly impossible for them to forget about you.

Even if they put it down and forget about it they will still see it again sometime. This will most likely trigger their memory and they will visit your site again.

Maybe this time they will buy!

Having your printed sales letter in front of them also allows them to read it over and over again, when they are not online. This can make them more excited about it and allows them to really read it to decide if it is for them.

There are a lot of reasons to add a simple "print this page" link to your salesletter. Go do it now and you just might see an increase in your profits this month.

Until next time... have a great night!

Dedicated to your profits,

Trent Brownrigg

Increase Your Online Profits in Just 33 Days -- Step-by-Step Roadmap to Online Profits

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