Monday, November 29, 2004

11 Traffic Generation Strategies

Hello Everyone,

I was just doing my daily surf for great home business information, business marketing strategies, and anything else I can find useful for internet marketing and home business...

Well, I came across a blog called "Internet Marketing Ideas that Work!"

I actually found it from a signature link in a post at the forum of one of my favorite Internet Marketing Websites... the How To Corp

The link took me to a post called, "My Top 11 Favorite Methods of Generating TARGETED, High Quality, Ready To Buy Website Traffic!"

I highly recommend you check it out because the 11 methods are great for generating targeted traffic to your website.

We have discussed many of them here, in the past, but it's nice to get another persons persepective on them as well. Plus, he has some links to good resources throughout each traffic generation method.

Well, that's all for now. Until next time... Have a great day!

Dedicated to your website traffic success,
Trent Brownrigg

PS - You can find some more ways to generate traffic to your website in an article I wrote a while back -- How to Promote Your Website

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Friday, November 26, 2004

Home Business Success - 5 Things You Can You Learn from Your (Ex) Boss

In the past, everyone could take pride in working for large, multinational companies. The current trend of downsizing and outsourcing, however, has brought major changes in the employment landscape. One thing for sure, as job security becomes a thing of the past, many are turning towards starting their own home based businesses.

Job security has its merits, and a home business is, arguably, not for everyone. But for those who are interested in making this shift, a change in mentality is absolutely important. There are many bad habits that lie dormant in all of us. You need to change these bad habits and develop new good habits to survive as an entrepreneur. And in many cases these can be 'borrowed' from your existing or former corporate work environment.

Here are some new disciplines that you can borrow from your working life, to develop and to practice:

1) Ownership and Decision Making

In corporate culture, you are responsible only for what your job requires you to do. In most jobs however, you are hardly responsible for the survival of the company. Your contribution, as compared to the whole, is only marginal. You can make mistakes and get away with it. Your job is easily replaceable.

As an entrepreneur, however, you may find the world to be less forgiving. A mistake can cost you your entire business. It is vital for anyone who wants to start their own home based business to think about this fact. You have to realize that success in a home based venture is directly tied up to your actions, and you need to take responsibility for everything that happens.

In your own business, you need to go beyond your capacity at times, stretching yourself more than you would as an employee. Taking responsibility also means being able to make the correct decisions as and when needed. When you work from home, YOUR decision is final. Although it may a little scary for an entrepreneur at first, these habits practiced over time becomes second nature.

It sure beats having to put up with corporate red-tape!

2) Developing a Creative Mindset & Taking Risks

Companies hardly, if ever, reward you for being creative. They do, however, reward you for showing up on time and completing your daily routines. You are rewarded not for being outstanding, but for being average.

As an entrepreneur, you need to shake off the bad habit of doing things the usual way, the "way it's always been done" There is nothing wrong with using standard procedures and methods. In fact, sticking to the 'rules' can help you make a decent living. But if you want the big money, like I do, you need to start thinking "Outside the Box". A little bit of ingenuity in your business can save you a lot of money and time.

Ingenuity involves finding solutions to a problem. You may, at any stage of your home business, realize that you just don't have an abundance of resources. Resources in this context can be money, time, expertise or just about everything else that you need, but just don't have...

As you might have figured, creativity comes with risk. Doing something new is more risky than doing it the old way, but the payoff is incredible. Thinking outside the box might result in failure, just as well as it might lead to amazing success. But risk is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when it is studied, anticipated and even welcomed.

So what do you do?

Most home business challenges can be solved, even if you are not a genius or have thousands of dollars to spend. If you can just use your ingenuity, you can find a solution to these challenges.

Figure out how to make the best of your advertising dollars. Figure out how to save time and automate your business. Figure out how to complement your skills using the skills of others. Small steps like these can go a long way in determining just how successful you will be.

3) Making Your Own Rules & Organizing Time

Imagine you arrive at work one day and find that the punch-card machine has been removed. The company also fired your boss, and the new rules say that you can come in at any time you want, bring your wife and kids along, and take as many breaks as you want. Shorts and a T-shirts are now the standard, accepted work attire.

What would you do?

I know what I would do - absolutely nothing at all! I would take advantage of the situation, and do absolutely no work at all. As days go by, I get lazier and eventually become a total slob.

A home business environment is not much different from the scenario above. In the absence of corporate rules, you must develop your own self imposed "home business rules". Set a time for work, for play, and for household activities. If you just decide to "go with the flow", you often get no where at all.

I used to think that money was the most important asset of my home business. Being quite naive, I thought that with more money, I could be successful faster. After all, money is king. With more money, I could buy more "big time" advertising, hire assistants and equip my business with the best software systems.

It didn't take me long to realize that time is more important than money. Money simply cannot buy time. But with more time, I can all make all the money I want. Put in another way, I would say that MORE TIME is more important than just MORE MONEY. But none of us, not you, nor me, can have more than 24 hours a day at our disposal.

So, as a home business entrepreneur, we need to ultimately learn how to make the best use of the time that we have. This easy to say, but it will take discipline to see it through. Discipline is not easy to achieve, but it CAN be done. Just focus on doing a little bit every day, and stick to the timeline you had laid out, and you will get into the productive rhythm that comes with discipline.

4) Continuous Self-improvement

The home business arena is highly competitive. As an entrepreneur you will need to keep up with any event that will effect your business, for better or worse.

Corporations usually have mandatory training courses for all employees. If you are someone who attended these courses just to get away from doing work, or just to get some extra sleeping time in the class, then you need to change your attitude.

As an entrepreneur you must to find ways to enrich yourself with more knowledge. Take that accounting class, attend that local business seminar and read related books. Don't see these as additional expenses, see them as long term investment. An investment in knowledge, after all, yields the best return.

Every type of business is subject to slowdowns. If you do not continuously improve your skills and knowledge, simply throwing in more money or hiring more people when that happens will not solve the problem. The only way to move forward, to get to "the next level" is to acquire new knowledge. New knowledge opens up more opportunities for your business.

5) Commitment to Your Goals & Deadlines for Success

"I want this on my desk by 2.00pm".

Sounds familiar? Most of us seek a home based business because we want to escape the pressures of a 9-5 job. The word "deadline" may send a shiver through your spine.

The irony, however, is that deadlines are EXACTLY what you need to succeed in just about anything. As an entrepreneur, these deadlines always are, and must be, self-imposed. There are many book on how to set and achieve goals (my recommendations at and I suggest you read as many as you can.

Having family around you can be used to your advantage. Communicate your goals to your wife or husband. Promise your kids a vacation when you've finished a major task. Soon, you will get little "bosses" running around telling you to stop watching TV and get to your work. Well, at least they are "adorable" bosses!

An excerpt from the book 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill (pg. 15):

...a great warrior faced a situation which made it necessary for him to make a decision which insured his success on the battlefield. He... gave the order to burn the ships that carried them. Addressing his men before the first battle he said "You see the boats going up in smoke? That means that we cannot leave these shores alive unless we win! We now have no choice - We win - or we perish".

They won.

And no matter what YOUR goals are in seeking self-employment and an entrepreneurial life, with commitment to your goals and determination to meet your deadlines, you too will win. Take the positive aspects of your current of former work environment to build a healthy and productive home business mentality to ensure that you are heading towards success.

Here's to your success. Cheers.

About the author:

Gobala Krishnan is a internet home business entrepreneur and writer for many online publications. If you need help in starting or managing a home business visit his site at Free articles by Gobala available at

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Monday, November 22, 2004

Website SEO and Business Marketing Tip

The below article was featured on today, and in my opinion, they only publish the best articles. This one goes along really well with the topic of our blog so I though all of you wonderful readers would like it. Here it is...


Press Releases New SEO Back Door to Top Rankings
By Mike Banks Valentine

At World of Search #7 in Las Vegas
Greg Jarboe, President and co-founder of SEO-PR revealed a blockbuster secret back door to top search engine ranking when he presented to a comparitively small share of attendees at World of Search #7 conference. Jarboe presented a case study of client showing their press release which was distributed online in July of 2004. Jarboe provides optimization and distribution of press releases for online companies seeking publicity and search engine positioning for websites.

Jarboe projected side by side views of a before and after optimization press release for, an online resource to research and price wines. WineZap was seeking publicity for the launch of their new website and wine search engine. The changes to the press release were relatively minor, but made major differences in the most critical spot - the headline, and use of wine related search phrases in their release. They also incorporated a call to action and discount coupon for those who clicked through from the press release to a special landing page with newsletter sign-up to qualify for substantial discount on wine purchases through the WineZap web site.

Jarboe recommends a "sweet spot of 400 to 500 words" as the ideal press release length and though he wavered on the right keyword density and recommended experimentation to find the perfect density for rankings, he showed a list of wine related terms included in the WineZap press release from "wine prices" to "wine variety" of about a dozen keyword combinations. Critical terms were included only once each, but were each included in the short 400 word release. Important keyword phrases were hyperlinked within the text and the release posted to the site press release archive.

Jarboe showed ranking results from within both Yahoo News and Google News searches where the release turned up in top 5 rankings, with similar results in standard web searches within a few days. This ranking is unheard of in a highly competitive wine and wine magazines online for search phrases dominated by long-time online players and was achieved within a week for WineZap, a newly launched wine website. This client had paid for tracking of results over time and Jarboe showed slides showing over 90,000 views of the press release on the PRweb site with 1400 views by journalists! This for a site launch in a competitive sector got them press notice and reviews.

Jarboe provided insight into standard search algorithms and news search algorithms, which vary dramatically and some are nearly opposite of standard rankings. News searches rank based on how many news sites are writing about the topic of your press release, how recent or "fresh" stories are, the length of the story when covered by the press and the frequency of the search term. One element of news search algorithms that's vastly different from standard algorithms is that the number of sites linking to the release is hugely discounted because news is expected to be new, and as such, won't have time to gather links.

As a matter of fact, the news release gets picked up and used on dozens of sites with live hyperlinks to the website issuing that release, since the item is considered time sensitive is linked very quickly. This has the effect of gaining widespread permanent links to the client site because it is reproduced by topical sites, sometimes archived, which gives the site issuing the press release both very early visibility in news sites and news searches, and in standard search engines because they've been linked to through that release on relevant and topical sites, therefore gaining long term rankings and visibility.

For a cost of between $400 and $2000, depending on press release length and additional services ordered, (archiving, tracking and optimization) a site can gain immediate and long term rankings for critical search phrases if they distribute newsworthy, topical and well-timed press releases. Smart SEO's should seriously consider adding press release writing, optimization and distribution online as a value added service. Jarboe offers a partnership with PRweb and distribution channels, plus a network of promotion partners.

Jarboe presented additional items of interest about news search, including statistics showing that 98% of journalists go online daily, that 92% go online for research purposes, and the most stunning statistic claims that 73% of those journalists go online to search for press releases! News releases are typically indexed within three days. Online news search queries are for vastly different topics than standard web searches and are performed using much more targeted and intelligent phrases than standard web searches.

Probably two-thirds of WebmasterWorld of Search attendees were down the hall at the Las Vegas Convention center at a session called "Link Building and Referral Tracking" hearing about tired SEO link building techniques which are rapidly declining in effectiveness while a sprinkling of really smart attendees were listening to Greg Jarboe talk about the most underused new blockbuster technique for link building - online press releases.

Of course, link building should not be the purpose of press release distribution online and is secondary to gaining Media attention for your online business or event. But when releases are distributed to journalists online and used in major media, it can lead to television and radio appearances as well as site reviews by journalists covering online business.

Jarboe pointed out that "Public Relations" is 100 years old this month and told the story of the first press release, which was sent to newspapers by snail mail for damage control on the first train wreck by offering to transport reporters free of charge to the scene of the accident (by rail) to witness the scene themselves and give first hand accounts of the accident so that rumors and embellishments didn't destroy the railroad industry.

Vastly different from today, where we email press releases to thousands of journalists as fast as we can write them and click the "submit" button through online press release distribution services such as Jarboe's Press releases online are currently used by large corporations routinely through their in-house PR departments, but small business webmasters and online businesses should learn the value of news search rankings and media attention gained through online press release distribution and optimization.

Press releases are the new back door to high search engine rankings for popular and competitive search terms and SEO's need to learn to integrate press release strategy into their search ranking services as a value added service.

About The Author:
Mike Banks Valentine offers Press Release Optimization and Distribution for online businesses and can be reached at:

This article may be used on your blog, in your newsletter or on your website if you maintain this resource box and make links hyperlinks. It is available online with working links at:


See, I told you that it was good (at least I think so)! It is no secret that Press Releases are a great marketing technique for your business and they help with SEO due to all the links you get from sites. I like how this article really goes into depth on what they are for and how they work.

Until next time... Have a great day!

Dedicated to your SEO success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Offline Advertising Tips

Since most of us are always online and our business is online, we often forget the importance of advertising our business offline. Print advertising can be one of the best forms of advertising for your buck. Why? Well, with print advertising it's in the form of hard copy and is always in view of your potential customers. Thats just one small example. Think about your daily newspaper...try hiding that in your email box! The following are just a few hints and ideas for you to consider before you place an offline advertising campaign.

--->Expiration Dates
You want to be sure to include an expiration date so that the possible customer sees that there is a limited time BUT don't make the date to end too soon. Why? You want to give an "extended expiration date" on printed material especially because for one thing printed material has a chance to "lie around" longer, it may not be the "right time" for the possible customer OR they may know of someone else that may be interested in what you're offering. Give them time to pass it on or "come back later".

--->Track your ads
If you have anyway of tracking your ads, use it.
A couple of ways you can do this is:

1)Have the customer email/call/mail their orders to you.
2)Have a special code they need to use to receive the special. Use a different code for each advertising campaign you use. If you don't have the ability to use coupon codes you might want to check out which is a new service developed by PayPal to help you in this situation.

--->Types of Ads to Generate Interest

Freebies! Everyone loves freebies!
1) Offer the prospective customer a free gift with their purchase.
2) Have them email/call/mail for a free sample.
3) When you send them their free sample, send them a card for another free sample to give to a friend.
4) Have the ad offer free shipping and handling.
5) Offer a "Buy One Get One Free" Promotion.
6) Have them contact you for a free catalog.


1) Offer a discount (ex. 10%, 15%, 20% off) for their first purchase.
2) Offer one product at full price and the second ½ off.


1) Have them email/call/mail you for an entry to a free contest. Use your products as the prize. (Be sure to offer an additional discount for the winner.)

--->You've gain interest, now what?
Once you've had someone contact you with some interest in your business/products be sure to keep in contact back.

->First of all reply to them in a timely manner and be sure to thank them for their interest.

->Next, offer them yet another form of a discount.

->If they are requesting a free sample, free catalog, entry into a contest or any other form of interest offer them a discount of 10% off their next order.

->If you have a newsletter/ezine make sure you ask them if you can add them to your mailing list to receive announcements of discounts/specials/contests first hand.

->When you've sent off their free sample/free catalog/order/prize be sure to contact them again in a few days. Let them know that you wanted to make sure they received it and that everything was okay. Ask them for any thoughts/questions about it. Let them know that they can contact you for anything.

About the author:

Anita DeFrank is a busy work at home mom who specializes in helping others become successful home business owners. Visit her site for more information how you can too.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A Few Very Simple Keys To Home Business Success

A Few Very Simple Keys To Success

When working from home, as there is in life, there are a few simple keys that will help assure your success.

1) Know why you are doing what you're doing. This may sound quite simple at first. In actual fact, it can be as simple or complex as you like. Why is a very powerful enforcer. Why is never as simple as "because it was there" or "to get to the other side". You must drill down to the core of your Why. Ask yourself, "Why do I want to work from home?". If your answer is; to make money, to be happy, because I don't like working at ABC Co., you need to ask yourself Why again. Keep drilling down until you get to the very basis of your reasoning. Don't accept generalized answers. Doing so will only ensure generalized success. To help get you started, I'll tell you a little about my Why. I want a riverside, rustic log cabin in the mountains with a front porch where I can sit and watch my family playing in the water. Now that is only the beginning of my reasons. If I were to list them all in the detail that I have pictured and written down, this entry would go on forever. I hope you're getting the idea though. Be very detailed and specific. Picture it in your head. Imagine how it will make you feel. Now, you must write it out in detail, find pictures in magazines if possible and post it where you work. It will serve as a daily reminder and motivator on those not so great days that we all encounter.

2) Have one major goal (the finish line), with lesser, more easily achievable goals (mile markers) along the way. Again, write out your goals! Goals are different than your Why. A goal is the the finish line, while your Why is the reason you start the race. Goals must have specified time periods attached to them. They must be realistic and achievable, yet they mustn't be too easy. You must get a sense of satisfaction from achieving your goals and they must lead you to your next goal.

3) Make a plan for your success. I know, I know - you hate making plans. Sorry, but in reality you make plans every day without ever realizing it. Is your success worth the time it will take you to write out a specific plan? Schedule time to draw up your plan. It's really that important! Not having a plan in place is the single largest reason why people fail at a home business. And this is one time where you really must start at the end result and work backwards to figure out your plan for achieving your goals. If your goal is to get 8 new customers within 4 weeks, break that down into weeks. Now, you're looking at 2 customers per week. Let's say that averages have proven that it requires you showing your product or service to 5 people in order to get 1 new customer, that's 10 people per week you must show your product or service to. Let's go back even further. Let's also assume that the averages have proven that half the people you speak to will not even allow you to get past "Hello, my name is ..." before they say No. That means you must really speak to 20 people each week to get 2 new customers. That's 4 people a day you must speak to. That's how you make a plan. It's not difficult but it is a little time consuming. In my humble opinion, it's well worth spending the time to plan ahead rather than spending that same amount of time frustrated and confused about why your business isn't going as well as you thought it would be.

4) Be accountable. Laziness is a very easy habit to get into when working from home. Making yourself accountable helps stop that habit from becoming permanent. At the very least, be accountable to yourself. Using the example above, write at the top of your daily planner - 4 contacts today! As the day goes on, check off your progress along the way. Even better though, get an accountability buddy. Tell each other your required plan for each day and at the conclusion of each day, let the other know exactly what you did to accomplish your daily goals. For example, I may tell my friends Greta and Terry that I intend to call a minimum of 8 people each day, set 4 appointments and enroll 1 new person. At the end of the day, I'll email Greta and Terry and tell them how many calls I made, how many presentations I did and what my results were.

5) Celebrate each success. Regardless of the size of your accomplishment, you must celebrate it. Even if that means giving yourself an extra 10 minutes of quiet time at the end of the day to sit and relax with a cup of tea. Your celebrations need not be elaborate but they must have a recognizable reason behind them. The larger the success, the larger the celebration! (In my case that means new shoes - Wahoo!!!)

6) Don't beat yourself up if you don't achieve a set goal. Instead try to figure out why you didn't achieve it and what you may have done differently to get the results you were seeking.

Relax! Once you get the hang of this stuff, it does become habit forming and Yes, it does become enjoyable. You will see your success skyrocket when you know your Why, have achievable goals, set up a plan, become accountable, celebrate your success and try to understand your near-misses.

About the Author:

The author, Dawn Roberts, is the creator of Ideas for Home Businesses - your complete home business resource. IFHB will help you from the planning stage, straight through to marketing your ideas for home businesses! Learn how you can start, maintain and propel a phenomenally successful home based business!

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Monday, November 15, 2004

2 Secret Keys for a Successful Home-Based Business

Type “Home Based Business,” “Work at Home,” or “Work from Home” in any search engine and you’ll get a million options. Six million, actually. Finding just the right business to work from home can be daunting; wading through the hype of internet ads can be discouraging.

But here’s something that might help. There’s a little test you can give to any work-at-home business proposal to help clear away the fluff. It’s called the Home Based Business HBB Test: It allows you to evaluate the Heart and Back-Bone of any business. It is a basic truth. If a proposal fails this test, just say, “Next.”

Despite the common mantra on the internet about easy money, the backbone of any viable Home Based Business is hard work. It is a staple in stories of success, turning paupers into independent, self-sufficient people. It stands behind every good idea, every job done well, every service rendered rightly.

The problem is, we all know people who worked hard and went nowhere. So we all want to “work smarter and not harder.” The idea is catchy and has its place. But when it appeals to our laziness and turns “hard work” into a dirty word, it is actually counter-productive. Working smarter is meant to increases our productivity, not make us lazy. Working smarter is obviously better than working dumber. But who said smart work is easy?

When a business proposal promises easy money, you should be leery. Any Home Based Business that needs to hype itself, is merely trying to hide itself. There’s nothing wrong with presenting glamour, if it also has substance. But a solid Home Based Business will require hard work and will not hide from that fact.

If hard work is the backbone of a good Home Based Business, the ability to dream and to believe beyond what others can see will be its heart and soul. You may think I’ve just changed the subject, but I haven’t at all. Because the most important keys to any business are not really in the business at all – they are in you.

If you think this is hype, you just don't get it. You have to want something more than you are getting now. Not just money, but a better quality of life -- more time with your family, a more secure future, a safer car, a home you’ve dreamed of having, a college fund for your kids, a retirement fund for later, that garage with a lift to work on your car, that exercise room in your house, the freedom to travel anywhere you like, the ability to contribute to your church or a good cause -- whatever it is you don’t have or are not able to do if you stay where you are.

This is not about greed, it's about quality of life. A good Home Based Business can be a vehicle for those dreams, but that’s all it is. And you have to ask yourself, will this business allow me to achieve my dreams? Will it provide the income needed, the freedom required, the foundation, the format, or whatever else is required by your dreams. In essence, you need to know whether the business is big enough for you.

When you have a clear vision of who you are and where you want to go, finding an appropriate business becomes so much more an adventure than a chore. The Home Based Business HBB Test can help you put things in perspective.

The bottom line to all of this is simple: No business in the world can give you the secret keys for success. The secret is within you. When you actually get that straight, you can be successful in just about any legitimate business system there is. Put your heart in touch with your backbone, and there is no limit to what you can do.

About the author:

A former college teacher, author, and radio speaker, Gary D. Collier is a freelance business writer and founder of Garlan Ventures. Home Based Business Alive


I happened to come across the above article a few minutes ago while doing my daily business research. I really liked it so I decided to share it with all you wonderful readers of the business tips blog.

It is very true that the only way to become successful in a home based business is with hard work. Of course, this hard work isn't the back breaking manual labor or weekly trips away from your family you may deal with at a regular job... but it's still hard work and long hours until you can get yourself established.

Put in the time, work, and energy into your home based business now and you will reap all the super benefits before you know it!

Anyway, I will let you all go now. I have a home based business to run ;-)

Until next time... Have a great night!

Dedicated to your home based business success,
Trent Brownrigg
Top Home Based Business Opportunity - Plus you get me as your personal business mentor! (now that's a great benefit - lol)

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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Free Business Promotion Tip

Sponsor or Host an OFFLINE Event

Earlier this year I decided to host an offline event and promote it by sending a couple press releases to the local media. It was easy to do, very inexpensive and drove a lot of traffic to my website.

In fact, this is how I got most of the traffic to my site in the first couple of months.

I held the event at a Public Library, which was free to use :)

The event, which was free to the public, cost very little to produce.

My main method of promotion was a press release which I sent to several area newspapers. The local weekly paper published a front-page news story, the others added the event to their calendar.

It was surprisingly easy to get media coverage. Basically, all I did was email the press release to the editors, and then follow up with a simple phone call. They would typically ask me a few additional questions about the event and one reporter even came out and took my picture.

I also submitted a notice of my event to a couple free press-release websites.

An example press-release I used is here:

I have conducted two events so far this year. Each event resulted in plenty of web traffic plus a several hundred new, targeted, hot prospects that I was able to meet in person and can now follow up with via newsletter or autoresponder. These events also allowed me to build valuable business relationships with more than 20 local vendors.

Carrie Lauth

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Free Home Business Marketing Tip -- Highways

Sponsor a Highway

Sponsor a section of highway and a clean up the litter on a 1-mile strip of highway (or have it cleaned... teenagers are good for this!).

1st: You get your name displayed on the signs showing you sponsor the highway. I recommend that you use your URL for the company name on the sign!

2nd. When you are actually out there cleaning up, wear t-shirts or sweatshirts with your URL in big letters :) You might have to put your URL on the Orange Safety Vests instead or in addition to your shirts/hats.

3rd: Have the plastic garbage bags printed with your web URL (Or use stickers on regular bags) and face the URL towards the road so drivers and passengers can read them as they go by. They will sit there for several days until the highway department comes by and picks them up!

There are probably a couple of other ways to take advantage of this method, but I thought this would be good to help the environment and advertise at the same time.

Make sure to be careful on the side of the road too!

Teri Mramer
Learn Ebook and Ezine Publishing Live
Free Teleclasses held biweekly. Sign Up Now!

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Free Website Promotion Tutorial

I just came across a website today that I had to let all my wonderful blog readers know about. The website is called A Promotion Guide and it contains a free step-by-step website promotion tutorial as well as a lot of other great information about website promotion, search engine optimization, web design, and more.

After only about 10 minutes on the site, I had already picked up some useful information that I didn't know, and I have been playing the website promotion game for quite a while.

Anyway, I will let you get to reading and putting your new knowledge to work.

Here's to your website promotion success!

Trent Brownrigg
Website Promotion Information - Business Resources - Marketing Tools

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Keep It Basic and Profit More

The question has been asked.

And asked.

And asked.

And.... you get the idea.

I knew it was a problem for many people. I know it's hard to find concrete information that actually helps. I didn't know that it was causing problems with roses too.

"How do I start advertising?" "What is the best way to advertise?" "Can you show me what exactly I need to do to advertise my website?" No matter how you ask it, the question's the same. How do you advertise your website for the most traffic, most profits, and least cost?

Recently I received an email with the strangest subject; "Help my roses!"

I was intrigued, so I opened it and I'm glad I did. It was from a woman who has been involved with affiliate marketing for roughly a year now and, sadly, wasn't any better now than when she started. As a matter of fact, she was spending so much time on the computer trying to find affordable, but responsive advertising, that she had neglected her rose garden.

The poor flowers didn't have a chance against the allure and pull of advertising for a profit.

Basics Are Powerful

When I answer these questions, the response is always the same, "Yes, but isn't that just basic stuff?"

It's a funny thing about advertising. New, shiny, glamorous, and technical can't beat basic. The same techniques that worked one hundred years ago still work today and should always be the cornerstone of your advertising.

It's like woodworking. I have a brand new planer that I can put my pieces of wood into to make it to any thickness that I want. But, when it comes to shaving a little bit of wood off a corner, or targeting one specific area on the wood, then my old, basic hand planer is the tool that works best.

Target, Target, Target

When I asked the woman with the neglected roses what she was doing for advertising, her answer was the same as everyone else's. "I take the ads that the affiliate program supplied me with and I buy ezine ad space."

I still cringe when I hear someone say that. It's really no wonder that so many people fail at successfully advertising their affiliate sites.

There are a few problems with taking the supplied ads and buying ad space;

Those ads are guides to get you started, not something to rely on forever.

If you're using those ads, then everyone else is also.

You can't seperate yourself as an "expert" if you're doing the same as everyone else.

The market is already saturated with those supplied ads and people are "turned off" from them.

Just buying ad space is not putting your ad where it needs to be.

Do you really want to succeed at affiliate marketing? Then throw those supplied ads away and narrow your ezine search to those whose readership (their subscribers) are a perfect target for the product you're selling.

That's the secret. That's the magic formula. There is nothing glamorous or technical about it. It's the same technique that has been in use since the dawn of man.

The Right Tools

It's been my experience with affiliate programs that the tools that have been supplied always worked real well for the initial traffic... and maybe some sales.

But, after that initial burst, they just didn't work anymore. I had to come up with my own. After a lot of research and trial and error I realized that three very basic advertising tools worked best.

--- classified ads

"What is the best software to blast my classified ads out with?", the woman with the roses asked me. "None of them", was my reply.

Classified ads, ezine ads, small text ads... whatever you want to call them have an important and distinct place in your advertising. But, not with some software that "blasts" it out to thousands of so called classified sites.

These are your work horses. This is where you start to lay the foundation of your online business. These little gems of traffic, when submitted to the right places can produce tremendous amounts of first time visitors. This is what you want.

Create an ad that is creative, provocative, stimulating then manually find ezines and websites where you can submit them. I recommend contacting at least five to ten different publishers and site owners a day to secure positions. And not just any ezines or sites. Only those that target the same audience that you need to buy your product.

--- solo ads

Here is where the framework of your online business is built. You've got a nice foundation of first time visitors coming to your site, but now it's time to build the frame.

Those first time visitors are probably going to leave. It's hard to imagine, but that's what happens. They saw your site, saw the products, maybe signed up for your opt-in list (you have one right?), but they will leave.

Solo ads are the brick to the head that triggers their memory, gives them more information, instills emotional desire, and transports them to your site ready to do a little more than sign up for your list. They will want to spend money.

I like to think of these ads as not really ads at all. Kind of in between a classified ad and an article. A classified ad's sole purpose is to sell the reader into visiting your site. Fast, and maybe a little hyped copy, hits the reader and before they have time to think... they're at your site.

A solo ad follows that up with an assault on their emotions.

The best way to use these is to place them in the exact same ezines that the classifieds ran in. And if you can, have the website owner dedicate a complete page, on their site, to your solo ad. And, you can always send it to the ones that already signed up for your list.

The two types of ads must work together. They are not seperate, but have the same goal. Targeted traffic.

Note: for more information on solo ads check out my ebook

--- articles

Here is where we actually build your business. Classifieds are the foundation, solo ads are the framework, articles are the completed building.

Articles that deal with your topic, and are read by a targeted audience, can build your business faster than anything else. This is where you ultimately seperate yourself from other affiliates or competitors.

Establish yourself as the expert. Why spend so much time using tools and materials from other people, giving them the "expert" status, while you spend all your time advertising their product?

Write your own article. Submit it to ezines, and websites, that deal with the topic. Cash in.

It really does work that way.

Nothing, not even a free ebook, can build a tremendous amount of consistent traffic like an army of articles circulating around the Internet.

The secret of course to articles is to be dedicated to it. Release at least one a week and more if you can. This way you;

keep publishers supplied with fresh material

establish yourself as a resident expert

create an environment where people actually want to buy from you

lay the groundwork for your own products

Just like ads, a super duper, shiny new software program that automatically submits your article to hundreds of different ezines and directories will do nothing for you. I'm a firm believer in doing it yourself. And this really applies to articles.

Do you really want your article sent to an ezine that deals with home repair if you article is one on fishing? I don't either. Search. Search. And search some more.

What Happened To The Roses?

It gives me great pleasure to report that after taking my advice and following this simple three step advertising plan, my distraught client now has beautiful, healthy roses. Why?

Because, instead of spending all her time wondering why her advertising isn't working, she knows exactly what to do and can enjoy her work. Thus, giving her roses the attention they need.

You don't need to worry about advertising if you have the tools you need. Automatic submitters and ads supplied by affiliate programs will hurt your business instead of helping it.

Develop these three basic tools and you'll have an unstoppable advertising campaign that will always work.

About the author:

Tim is a 7 year internet advertrising veteran who has helped thousands of small, and large, online businesses earn consistent profits from powerful and creative advertising. Subscribe to his "Marketing Success and Profit" ezine for free tips and articles at

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Friday, November 05, 2004

The Biggest secret that will guarantee your online success

By Christopher Kyalo

Until people understand that the internet is a new communication vehicle and not a new entertainment medium, success will continue to be elusive. The reason for this will become very clear as you read through this article.

It is not too difficult to see why many internet marketers insist that the World wide web is an entertainment medium - a development from TV. The typical person is more interested in the new offerings on the web that can entertain and less excited in the details of the enhanced communications capabilities this new phenomenon brings.

It is therefore not surprising to learn that the net is actually the first activity in over 40 years that has been clearly documented as something that causes people to spend less time watching TV. No wonder most people think of it as a substitute for TV.

But they have done this with disastrous consequences. Even as you read this, entrepreneurs all over the world continue to pump money into all sorts of advertising schemes on the net. Fascinating when you consider that the same people doing this hate to be interrupted by advertising when they're surfing.

I find it much more useful to think of the net as an improvement on the telephone. Then everything makes sense and any promotion on the net works like magic.

People hate interruptions on the phone from telemarketers. They prefer to call and ask about a product they are interested in and then to place an order using the same telephone.

If you look at the Internet as an enhanced telephone, rather than try to advertise through it, you will seek to advertise elsewhere (offline) to direct the people to contact you (by visiting your web site or sending for details via email). That's exactly the way it has worked with the telephone for decades.

Experts have already proved that although the web has not been a very successful advertising medium, it has increased advertising revenue for offline mediums like newspapers, magazines, radio and TV.

There is another very effective proven way of using this improvement-on-the-telephone medium to promote your business, and it works much better than advertising. It is by cashing in on the way most people use the internet. For years the telephone has been a valuable instrument for getting information. People looking for information have frequently made a few calls to get the info that they are looking for.

Being an improved telephone, the net makes that even easier. You use a search engine or you visit a web site and get all the information you want. You rarely look for information in online advertisements.

So what better way to attract attention to your offering than to provide lots of useful free articles packed with information that your target market may be looking for?

And the advantage of doing this online is huge. Offline PR articles will hardly carry the full contact or address of where the business or service being written about can be found. Online, a resource box will not only include contact information, but it can also have an enticing special offer or opportunity for the reader to seek more information via email. This way an article writing business easily and effortlessly builds up a valuable opt in contacts list. The list can be contacted later with information, updates and all sorts of interesting offers.

Having realized that the quality of their content is the key to success, web sites have been grappling for a low cost solution to keeping their content interesting, fresh and informative. They seem to have found the answer in offering to post articles free on their site. More and more web sites do that these days.

And more and more smart businesses need to take full advantage of this to get out the word over the net about their offerings.

One more aspect has rendered free article posting extremely effective. It is as a result of the fact that there is really very little well written material around, so any well written piece will quickly enjoy an amazing viral effect.

Here is how it happens. Most of the sites that post these free articles target web sites and ezine publishers who download and use these articles. Many of the web sites that do this in turn also allow others to download and use the same material. All with one condition, that they do not edit the article and that they leave the resource box intact.

The result is that a single article finds it way around the net to dozens of sites and ends up being seen by thousands and ultimately hundreds of thousands of persons interested in the subject written about and therefore very interested in the sort of products marketed by the person who wrote the article.

That is exactly how you make full use of the power of the net to advertise effectively online - and it's free.

About the author:

Christopher Kyalo has over 20 years. He dreams up brilliant article ideas, and writes and posts them on the net thus creating tremendously effective advertising for any business. Email him now at ckyalo at to get your first article created and written FREE with no obligations. Or order NOW for a FREE report "How to use the most effective advertising weapon on the net, it's free" by sending a blank email to bizboom at

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Where Not to Spend Money

Where Not to Spend Money
By Jeff Mulligan (c) 2004

There are four general categories of ways to spend money in the internet marketing arena. Before you spend another penny, think about which category you fall in and which category the investment falls in. Make sure they match.

*** Four Categories of Investment ***

1)Education - learn how to do something

2)Tools - generally the software you need such as hosting, autoresponders, testing software, etc.

3)Marketing - the money you invest to drive traffic to your site

4)Opportunity - a "business in a box" that is ready for you to promote. May include a product with resale rights and a web site template.

*** Three Categories of Internet Marketers ***

1) Newbie - just learning. Frequent victim of Information Overload.

2) Intermediate - has a site that makes some money.

3) Advanced - Making a good full time income from the internet.

If you are a newbie, you should be investing in education. You need to learn how this business works before you spend your hard-earned money on anything else.

Look at it this way: How would you know which tools you need, which opportunity is legit or what kind of marketing to do if you haven't learned how things work?

If you don't understand the business you will fall prey to the great copy writers. You will be convinced to buy things you probably don't need.

"Opportunities" are especially dangerous. How can you possibly tell if an opportunity makes good business sense if you don't understand the business yet? Opportunities are where the most money is wasted. Because most opportunities are good for the owner, but may not be so good for the customer. They prey on
the uneducated.

Newbies figure that because the internet is so big and
complicated, businesses that sound too good to be true might work on the net. In reality, they do not.

Look at it this way: You've got to LEARN before you EARN.

Intermediate marketers understand the big picture of how things work. They know what tools they should invest in. They know what kind of traffic works for their sites. And they can judge which opportunities may work for them.

Wise intermediates still invest in education. They realize that things change and it's important to stay on top of the business.

Advanced marketers probably own the tools they need. (They may have even developed some tools of their own.) They may not need to spend much on marketing either - they often have affiliates who are doing lots of marketing for them.

But smart ones are always testing new marketing strategies. And I've been amazed to see that lots of these advanced marketers are attending seminars. Even the ones who are doing the teaching are sitting in the audience for the next guy. They continue to learn.

The important thing in all this is to realistically assess where you are in this cycle so that you are investing your money in the right place at the right time.

The learning never stops. And more learning equals less wasted money.

About the author:

Jeff Mulligan has an MBA and 20+ years of marketing
experience as an ad agency Senior VP and VP Marketing for two software companies, one of which was publicly traded. Jeff owns CBmall, a site that provides 15 different ways for ClickBank affiliates to earn income on thousands of popular InfoProducts and affiliate programs.


A Side Note from Trent:

Here is something for everyone.... Whether you are a Newbie, Intermediate, or Advanced Internet Marketer you will benefit from the SBI All-In-One Business Package. SBI does all that for you. There is nothing nearly as complete as Site Build It's total business-building approach.

Until next time... Have a great night!

Dedicated to your business success,
Trent Brownrigg

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