Thursday, December 30, 2004

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to take this time to wish all of you loyal blog readers and wonderful friends a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Be Safe, Have Fun, and Let's Make 2005 Prosperous for Us All!

I know I am a day early but I don't plan on being anywhere near a computer on New Years Eve ;-) so I decided to give you all the best wishes today (I am sure you understand).

I know that the past couple weeks have been really slow around here but I promise I will be back in full force in 2005 with all sorts of great business tips, free marketing tips, website promotion tips, advertising strategies, success secrets... and all the other great stuff we like to discuss here at the "biz tips blog."

I have some good stuff ready to go so be sure to bookmark us and come back often for all the tips, secrets, and strategies!

Once again, Have a Happy New Year! I will talk to you in a couple days.

Dedicated to your business success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

7 Tips to Increase Online Holiday Sales

Hello Everyone,

I wasn't going to publish the biz tips blog until after the Holidays were over simply because there is so much to do over the holidays, and I tend to get a little lazy this time of year ;-)

However, I found a tip today about making more sales over the holiday season and figured this was a fitting time to post it. I know that most of my wonderful readers probably won't see this because they are also taking a break during the holidays. BUT... for those of you that are reading it...

Here you go, now you will make more sales than the rest of us holiday slackers...


What can you do to get the attention of your visitors? And how can you get them to buy from you during this Holiday Season?


Few businesses use Special Offers during the Holidays. You can attract attention and increase your sales during the Holiday Season by promoting Special Offers.
Make your Special Offer as attractive as you can afford. The greater its value to customers the more sales it will generate.

Here are 5 different offers you can use for almost any product or service.

1. SPECIAL HOLIDAY DISCOUNT: People don't expect discounts during the Holidays. Surprise them with an unexpected Holiday Discount Offer. It gets attention -- and motivates many prospects to buy.

2. SPECIAL COMBINATION PRICE: Combine several products or services for a price that's lower than the total cost of buying each item separately.

A combination offer increases the number of orders you get and the size of your average sale. It increases the number of sales by generating orders from prospects who were only "shopping around". It increases the size of your average sale by motivating buyers to spend additional money to get the "good deal" of your Special Combination Package.

3. FREE BONUS: Offer to include a free bonus with each purchase. It doesn't have to cost you very much so long as it has high perceived value to your customer.

For example, I recently visited a web site offering special interest travel books. They offered a map of any country as a free bonus with each order. I'm sure the map cost the site owner much less than its perceived value to the customer.

4. FREE FAST DELIVERY: People want to receive something immediately after buying it ...especially during the Holidays. You can motivate them to buy by offering free fast delivery. For example, a company selling personalized desk accessories offers free overnight shipping during the Holidays.

5. BILL ME LATER or BILL MY CREDIT CARD LATER option: This offer generates many sales you normally wouldn't get during the Holiday Season. It removes the customer's concern about spending too much money right now.

6. Always include a deadline for your offer. Prospects are more likely to take immediate action when faced with the risk of missing your offer.

7. Announce your Special Holiday Offer prominently near the top of your home page. Something as simple as the words, Special Holiday Discount, will grab your visitor's attention and draw them into your web site.

Everybody wants to get a "special deal". Most people don't expect to find one during the Holiday Season. Surprise them with a Special Holiday Offer. It will motivate many hesitant prospects to buy.

Written By: Bob Leduc
Help Small Businesses Grow and Prosper
Phone: (702) 658-1707



I will try to get a couple tips for you over the holidays but don't lose any sleep waiting for them ;-)

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Friday, December 17, 2004

Marketing Tip for the Holidays

Well, it has arrived! What has arrived, you ask? The Holiday Season has.

It seems that no matter where you are in the world, or what your background is, there is at least one or two or more holidays this time of year.

What do you usually do for the holidays? I am guessing you will spend it with friends and family that you may not have seen, or talked to, in a while.

What does that mean for your business? Lots of chances to talk to people about it and get the word-of-mouth viral markeing machine working for you.

OK, so maybe spending holiday time with your friends and family doesn't seem like the time to be thinking about marketing strategies for your business. However, you have to talk about something, right? Well, it might as well be your business.

I would venture to guess that a lot of the conversations will consist of some form of work. This is the time for you to plug your business like crazy.

Think about it... they are all talking about their boring jobs... you get to talk about your exciting business! I am guessing they will be interested.

Give it a try. The worst thing that could happen is you will lose all your friends and your family won't talk to you anymore -- HaHa, Just Kidding.

Seriously, try it! I am betting you will get at least some positive results and it could turn out to be quite productive for your business.

Until next time... Have a great day!

Dedicated to your marketing success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Online or Offline Business

When starting a business there are many questions a person must ask themselves... one of those questions is whether or not to start and online business or an offline business?

There are positives and negatives of both. In my opinion it is much more logical to start an online business for many reasons. Think about it... even an "offline" business will typically have an "online" presence, such as a website.

I came across an article today that helps to put some of the "online" versus "offline" business into perspective.

Here is the article....


Online or Offline Business?
by Alan Richardson

1. The Basics.
Approximately 750 million people worldwide have access to the World Wide Web (WWW). No matter what your business is, you can't ignore 750 million people. To be a part of that community and show that you are interested in serving them, you need to be on the WWW for them. You know your competitors will.

2. Get Known.
A lot of what passes for business is simply nothing more than making connections with other people. Every smart business person knows, it's not what you know, it's who you know. Passing out your business card is part of every good meeting and every business person can tell more than one story how a chance meeting turned into the big deal.

Well, what if you could pass out your business card to thousands, maybe millions of potential clients and partners, saying this is what I do and if you are ever in need of my services, this is how you can reach me. You can, 24 hours a day, inexpensively and simply, on the WWW.

3. To Make Business Information Available.
What is basic business information? Think of a Yellow Pages ad. What do you do? How can someone contact you? What methods of payment do you take? Where are you located at?

If you could keep your customer informed of every reason why they should do business with you, don't you think you could do more business? You can on the WWW.

4. Customers Are Your Lifeblood
Making business information available is one of the most important ways to serve your customers. But if you look at serving the customer, you'll find even more ways to use WWW technology.

Allow your customer to punch in sizes and check it against a database that tells him what colour of jacket is available in your store? All this can be done, simply and quickly, on the WWW.

5. To Heighten Public Interest
You won't get Newsweek magazine to write up your local store opening, but you might get them to write up your Web Page address if it is something new and interesting.

Even if Newsweek would write about your local store opening, you wouldn't benefit from someone in a distant city reading about it, unless of course, they were coming to your town sometime soon.

Even if Newsweek would write about your local store opening, you wouldn't benefit from someone in a distant city reading about it, unless of course, they were coming to your town sometime soon.

With Web page information, anybody anywhere who can access the Web and hears about you is a potential visitor to your Web site and a potential customer for your information there.

6. To Sell Things
Many people think that this is the number 1 thing to do with the World Wide Web, but we made it number seven to make it clear that we think you should consider selling things on the Internet and the World Wide Web after you have done all the things above and maybe even after doing quite a few more things from this list.

Why? Well, the answer is complex but the best way to put it is, do you consider the telephone the best place to sell things? Probably not.

You probably consider the telephone a tool that allows you to communicate with your customer, which in turn helps you sell things. Well, that's how we think you should consider the WWW.

The technology is different, of course, but before people decide to become customers, they want to know about you, what you do and what you can do for them. Which you can do easily and inexpensively on the WWW. Then you might be able to turn them into customers.

7. To reach a highly desirable demographic market
The demographic of the WWW user is probably the highest mass-market demographic available. Usually college-educated or being college educated, making a high salary or soon to make a high salary, it's no wonder that Wired magazine, the magazine of choice to the Internet community, has no problem getting Lexus and other high-end marketers advertising. Even with the addition of the commercial on-line community, the demographic will remain high for many years to come.

8. To Create a 24 Hour Service
If you've ever remembered too late or too early to call the opposite coast, you know the hassle. We're not all on the same schedule. Business is worldwide but your office hours aren't. Trying to reach Asia or Europe is even more frustrating. But Web pages serve the client, customer and partner 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No overtime either. It can customize information to match needs and collect important information that will put you ahead of the competition, even before they get into the office.

About the author:

Alan Richardson…can help you succeed with Your online business.
Visit me at: and subscribe for Excellent hints and tips.


Well, I think that sums up some of the good reasons to start an online business over an offline business.

Until next time... Have a great night!

Dedicated to your online business success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Monday, December 13, 2004

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Which of these mistakes are you making with affiliate marketing?

Without a doubt affiliate marketing is becoming one of the most powerful and affordable ways to earn a very healthy living online. Whether you are striving to be a power affiliate or simply want to make a few extra dollars on the side this article will share with you some common mistakes affiliates are making and how you can avoid them.

Mistake 1: Choosing bandwagon affiliate products

What I mean is choosing what you *think* is a hot item instead of choosing what interest you. Take a look at any super affiliate and I guarantee you will see one common thread. They are actually interested in what they are selling.

>>Solution<< Pick products and services that appeal to you. Then, do some research and find out if they are in demand. If they are, find a suitable affiliate program and join it.

Mistake 2: Not putting in the work.

Since affiliate programs are usually free to join this makes them both elluring and at the same time a waste of time. What I mean is, you have nothing to lose by joining one, two, three, four affiliate programs. Except of course your time.

>>Solution<< Choose one affiliate program and stick with it until it is making a reasonable profit. Then, repeat the process with another affiliate program if you wish to do so. This will keep you from spreading yourself to thin and wasting valuable time.

Mistake 3: Failing to pre-sell your prospects.

Everyday floods of offers roll into my inbox and quite a few are promoting affiliate products of one type or another. What you will find is that most of these ads fail to pre-sell the product or service effectively.

>>Solution<< Ads should be geared toward doing one single thing. Preselling the product/service and getting them to respond to the web site. That’s where the selling should happen. Write ads that leave people curious for more and watch click thrus and sales increase.

Mistake 4: Not buying the product/service.

I don’t know about you but if I’m going to put my recommendation on something it better be worth every single penny the owner of the product/service is asking. If not then I have let down the people I have referred to the site.

>>Solution<< Buy the product/service before you sign up as an affiliate and see if in fact it delivers what is promised. Investigate the owner of the site, ask questions, and be nosey. After all you are going to be bringing them business. They should be able to answer all your questions.

Mistake 5: Low paying commissions.

Many affiliate programs offer peanuts when it comes to commissions. 1-2% is nothing more than an insult. You will work the same amount of time and put in the same amount of effort to sell 100 products at 2% commission as you would to sell 100 products at 30% commission. Why short change yourself?

>>Solution<< Seek out programs that have 30% or higher commission pay outs. Also, seeking out residual payouts is another way to create more income through affiliate programs.

These five mistakes are the most common that I see affiliates making online. When these same affiliates come to me for advice 9 times out of 10 they are making one or more of these mistakes. Rethink your affiliate marketing efforts and see if you’re cutting your own throat and losing commissions. You’ll thank yourself later for taking the time to do so.

About the author:

Jason Mann is a profitability consultant who works with small and medium web business to increase their overall profit using easy to deploy, cost effective marketing strategies. Subscribe to Major Profit Margins Ezine and receive your free 5 day mini-course, How to create hot selling products fast, that really sell. Send a blank email to: to subscribe and get your free course today.

You may reprint this article for publication in your newsletter or on your web site only if you keep the entire article and the resource box intact.. – Jason Mann

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Until next time... Have a great day and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

What is the Future of Network Marketing?

Hello everyone! I have two final tests and a speech to prepare for tomorrow so I really don't have any time to be on the computer right now (plus I might be feeling a little lazy ;-)). For that reason I have just decided to post an article here today instead of thinking and writing out a business tip myself.

I just found this article today and thought you might like to read it.

Here is goes...

What is the Future of Network Marketing?

Internet marketing has had phenomenal growth and this trend will continue with no signs of abatement in foreseeable future. Individual entrepreneurs and small business organizations will increasingly look for fresh avenues on the Internet. By all indications network marketing will continue to grow providing fresh opportunities for serious marketers.

Sweeping changes are engulfing us all driving entire humanity with irresistible force. Though we are caught up in middle of storm, we do not fully realize the implications. Future historians will perhaps be able to see our times in better perspective. The forces of globalization is breaking down the barriers and opening up the world market. Market is fast becoming global riding over advances in Internet technology.

The growth of American workforce is maintained at 1.1% since 1990’s and is likely to continue till the end of present decade. In the next decade the growth is predicted to fall significantly. But a major change is occurring in the demographic composition of the workforce.

Shifting Demographic Pattern: The move is towards more balanced distribution by age, sex and ethnicity. The average age is increasing, as the baby-boomer generation is getting older. Rising female participation and declining percentage of male participation is bringing workforce closer to gender balance. Inflow of immigrants is increasing racial and ethnic diversity with Hispanics and Asians being the fastest growing groups.

What does all this have to do with network marketing? Plenty. Major chunk of individual internet marketers come from the workforce. Network marketing is also subjected to continuous evolution. Network marketers all over the world are not bound by national boundaries and are in a sense true global players. Firms are increasingly outsourcing their non-core functions. There is greater decentralization of decision-making.

There is a definite shift from permanent lifetime employment to less permanent employment. The increase in self-employment is evident and distances between work centers are becoming irrelevant. More opportunities are being created for work-from-home type of jobs and people are becoming more inclined towards home –based or part time occupation. There is trend towards knowledge-based work in which education and training becomes a continuous process.

Explosive growth can be expected in network marketing as opportunity providers and opportunity seekers grow in number. Competition between network-based organizations is likely to intensify as they tap on the same common resources. Those established and time-tested organizations are likely to survive and prosper which adapt to the change.

If so much opportunities are being created, why failure rate of network marketers so high? My guesstimate is that most of them leave too soon to gain anything for variety of reasons. They were probably hooked by get-rich-quick schemes that sucked their time and money without giving much in return. Like any other venture network marketing takes time to develop. Only those who persist remain to reap the benefits. It is interesting that in spite of growth of network marketing in last few decades, the failure rate has remained fairly constant.

It is important to get associated with organizations which have good track record and dynamic management to quickly respond to any change. For the organizations which market their products thru affiliate programs, it is in their interest to look after their affiliates well. The affiliates who are new to internet marketing need training, support, guidance and more to earn for themselves and for the organization.

Network marketing is here to stay and grow offering tremendous earning opportunities. Those who join good promising organizations, have the patience to stick with them and work with open, positive mindset can expect to be suitably rewarded.

About the author:

Sanjay Johari regularly contributes his articles to various ezines. To see his recommendation for top business opportunities, e-books, articles, resources and more, see his website: http://www.Sanjay-j.Com

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Ok everyone, I am heading back to studying :-(

Until next time... have a great night!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Monday, December 06, 2004

Website Traffic Tip

Hello everyone,

I apologize for the five day "vacation" I took from publishing the biz tips blog. I know you all missed it ;-)

There is no excuse, I was just lazy over the weekend and not sure what happened the couple days before that... oops!

Anyway, I am back with some great business tips for business marketing, free website traffic, and increasing profits in your home business.

Here is the tip for today...

One great way to encourage and almost guarantee repeat visitors to your website is to have a "bookmark us now" link on the home page of your website.

When a visitor clicks on this link it will add your website to their "favorites" folder on their computer.

Most people visit their favorites folder frequently to go back to the websites that they like the most. If your website is in that folder then you have a high chance of someone re-visiting your website.

As long as they keep you in that folder your website should be visited by them many times. They will probably start to trust you more just because you are in their favorites section and they visit your site often.

This is a killer tactic to bring in more repeat visitors, create trust, and make more sales.... and it's simple to do!

Until next time... Have a great day!

Dedicated to your traffic success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Reapeat Website Traffic Tip

One way to get repeat visitors to your website and increase sales is to have a "print this page" option on your salesletter page.

Having a link that tells them they can "click here to print this page" can actually increase your sales by a large percentage.

The reasoning is simple...

Let's say you don't have a "print this page" link and someone comes to your website, reads your salesletter, and then leaves without buying even though they may still be interested. Then they totally forget that they were ever at your site, or they can't remember what your URL was, or they completely forget they were even looking for that type of product...

Now, lets say you have a "print this page" option... someone visits your website, prints your salesletter, and then leaves. They now have your salesletter sitting there in front of them so it is nearly impossible for them to forget about you.

Even if they put it down and forget about it they will still see it again sometime. This will most likely trigger their memory and they will visit your site again.

Maybe this time they will buy!

Having your printed sales letter in front of them also allows them to read it over and over again, when they are not online. This can make them more excited about it and allows them to really read it to decide if it is for them.

There are a lot of reasons to add a simple "print this page" link to your salesletter. Go do it now and you just might see an increase in your profits this month.

Until next time... have a great night!

Dedicated to your profits,

Trent Brownrigg

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