Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Day 4 -- Sellable Website

Well, here we are back at the business tips blog and the series we are on called the "starting a work at home business" -- 7 day course.

I hope the couple days since the last posting has been great for you! They have been for me.

I am a little tired today and I still have a bunch of things to do before bed so I am just gonna get going without further delay.

The business tip in todays "starting a work at home business" course is... Creating a Sellable Website!

Creating a sellable website and getting people to read your website without leaving within the first few seconds should be one of your main focus points when starting an online home business!

Large content sites (like the one this blog is hosted on) are very good for many reasons and great for building a long-term solid search engine optimized website. However, when you are just getting going and want to get in profit more quickly, you will probably sell information products on a mini-site.

When selling information products, the majority of people only build one to three page mini-sites to let the visitor know about what it is they are selling or giving away.

It's been tested, and the majority of the time a prospect is MORE likely to purchase your product, or a product you're an affiliate of, if there are less than 5 pages in the site. I'm not entirely sure why, but I'm guessing it has to do with humans being impatient and greedy.

Most people want their information now, and if you can't give it to them, they will go somewhere else.

So, That brings us the first main point.

1) Your Headline

A headline is one of the most important aspect to your mini-site.
Why? Because it will do one of two things...

Keep Your Visitor Reading
** or **
Make them leave

Obviously the first one is what you are looking for!

The best way to keep them reading is to have an attention grabbing headline that sells a benefit they are looking for in it. Another good thing is to have the headline in red because it grabs the attention of your visitor.

Another AWESOME way to increase your mini-site sales is to include testimonials in your sales copy.

Testimonials are a sure way to increase to responsiveness of your site. However, be careful when placing some testimonials on your site. Not all testimonials are created equal.

You want your testimonials to be real, down to earth, feedbacks from your customers or business associates. They need to be believable and reassure your visitors that you are someone worth doing business with or that your product really does work.

You don't want hype in your testimonial because your visitors will think it is fake, even if it is not. Don't put hidden ads on your site disguised as testimonials and certainly don't make them up yourself. If you have a lot of them you can maybe put one or two full of hype just to really "push" your product but don't do them all that way.

OK, That's all for the business tips blog today... I need to get my stuff done so I can go to bed.

Until next time... Have a great night!


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