Monday, January 24, 2005

Day 7 -- Sales Process Automation

Welcome back to your home business tips blog. We are now on the final day of the "starting a work at home business" 7 day course.

Today is going to be about how to setup your ordering process, so visitors to your website can buy whatever product or service you are selling.

The most common way people sell digital (meaning ebooks, software, etc..) items from their sites, is to use a 3rd party merchant called Clickbank.

To check out this site, please go to

I like clickbank because of what they offer. You can completely make it automatic, and as soon as you sell ONE product, your item(s) are listed in their affiliate database. Why is this important? Well, what this does is give your product a lot of exposure! Having affiliates promoting your products are one of the BEST ways to make money. So that is, in itself, one of the best things about clickbank because numerous peope visit clickbank everyday to find products to promote and/or buy.

So, How do you use clickbank?

Well, it's actually really simple.

First thing you'll want to do is setup an account with them. There is a one-time fee of about $49.95 and then they will allow you to sell your items in their database.

This is pretty cheap because merchant accounts can have an upfront cost of up to $300 and a monthly fee of up to $150 per month or more. In my honest opinion, I say DON'T DO IT!

Alrighty, now... After you setup your account with clickbank, and login, you'll want to first get a feel of the backroom and see how it works and all that good stuff.

Then you'll want to set it up to get the ordering automatic... Because that's what it's all about!

1) Go to your account and you'll see a few "blank" bars that you can type in to.

What you want to do here is tell clickbank where they will send a customer after they have purchased your product. Why is this important? Well, because you'll get a lot of complaints if your customers don't get the product they ordered!

2) To the right of this bar, you'll see another with the price of $0.00

This is where you can price your product. You can price this whatever you like... However, you need to email clickbank (all info is in your user account) and tell them you'd like a "price limit increase" so you can sell your product for more than

3) After the email is sent, and they get back to you, you're all set!

That's right, it really is that easy. You type in your download page, set the price, and their system works for you.

Why is this so darn great?

1) You get to sell your products online.
2) After one sale, your product gets exposure (hence, you'll get affiliates promoting your product)
3) Your ordering process will be completely automatic, leaving you with time to do other things that will keep you proactive with your business!

To get a very in-depth and detailed answer about what clickbank wants you to do to set-up an account with them, please visit their site here:

Well, that wraps up the "starting a work at home business" 7 day ecourse. You now have the information and resources needed to set up your online business and put it on auto-pilot.

Now, all you have to do is find (or create) a product to sell, write your sales copy for your website, upload it, and start promoting it (yes, I know, that is easier to say than it is to do)!

I will help you with any questions you have, just drop me an email (my "contact" link is on the bottom of the homepage). I don't know everything but I do know a little about a lot... plus, I can usually find your answer if I don't know it.

If you would like a complete Turn-Key solution for starting and running your online home business then I highly recommend Empowerism. They offer everything you need for a successful online home business -- a product, leads, marketing strategies, training, support, websites, and MUCH more... and it is all included in your membership.

Combine empowerism with this 7 day course I just presented to you and you will have sure success in your online home business!!!! - Plus, I will be your sponsor so you will have me there to guide you each step of the way!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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