Wednesday, May 25, 2005

10 More Business Ideas to Start Today

Hello everyone, hopefully you read the last biz tips post
which contained 10 niche ideas for you to start your business
today (if not just scroll down). Judging by the emails I
received, it seemed to be a big hit with my wonderful
readers, so...

Here are 10 MORE Ideas for You...

1) Having A Collection - Most people collect something. You
could target product niches such as trading cards, coins,
nick-knacks, dolls, plates, old books, glassware, etc...

2) Attracting Men/Woman - Most people want to be attractive
to the opposite sex. You could target product niches like
flirtatious tips, makeovers, attractive clothing styles,
perfumes/colognes, etc...

3) Saving Memories - Most people want to retain their
memories and remembrances. They want to maintain them and
have them to pass down to their children. You could target
product niches like cameras, camcorders, photo albums,
paintings, diaries, journals, etc...

4) Being A Good Parent - Most people want to be good
parents. You could target product niches like parenting
guides, parenting classes, anger management, stress
management, etc...

5) Saving Time - Most people want to save time. You could
target product niches like daily planners, instant benefit
products such as laundry service, meal planning and
delivery, etc...

6) Accomplishing A Goal - Most people want to achieve goals
in their life and career. You could target product niches
like goal setting information, motivational products,
hypnosis, seminars, etc...

7) Gaining A Talent/Skill - Many people want to learn a
talent or skill. You could target product niches like
educational classes, home training, personal training,
how-to publications, how-to videos, etc...

8) Fulfilling a Craving - Most people want to fulfill a
craving, especially when dieting. They would prefer things
tasting fat or luxurious while not actually being
fattening. You could target product niches like low fat
foods, low carb foods, sugar free foods, etc...

9) Being Organized - Many people want to be more organized.
You could target niche product like schedulers,
organizational tips and information, closet organizers,

10) Fulfilling A Dream/Fantasy - Many people want to fulfill
a dream or fantasy. You could target niche products such as
finding exotic vacations, reviewing high ticket items,
achieving dreams strategies, etc...

There you have it! Ten more home business ideas you can get
started on right now.

Oh yeah, don't forget to head on over to the home page of this
site because you like me so much ;-)

Take care and God bless!
Trent Brownrigg

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