Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Victims Need Our Help

Welcome back everyone,

Today I have something to say that is much more important than any home business tip I could possibly give you.

There is a crisis going on and the victims of Hurricane Katrina Need Our Help Now!

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the devestation inflicted by Hurricane Katrina... especially those who are directly dealing with it through the loss of family, friends, animals, and homes.

With estimates of almost a million people left homeless, it's up to those more fortunate to do our best for them now, and in the future.

We can do that by making charitable donations. This is just another reason to keep at it and build your business into a cash machine so you can help those in need.

Please, help in any way you can.

Here is a link to the red cross which is a darn good place to start...

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