Sunday, November 27, 2005

Google Goggles

Several years ago one of the most popular search engines was Ask Jeeves. While remaining popular with many users and recently selling for a couple billion dollars – it hasn’t held a candle to Google. At speaking engagements I usually ask the attendees what search engines they like to use. Overwhelmingly, the answer is Google. It has also become a verb, just “google it”.

The obsession with Google rankings is at an all-time high. Website owners that wear Google Goggles continually check to see where their website is ranked. Sometimes checking stats multiple times a day. “Why am I not on the first page of Google? My Google rankings have changed, what can I do? I’m paying for Google Adwords so why isn’t my website on the first page? “ are just a few of the questions I hear all too frequently.

Good Googly Grief! If you really want to know all about Google, go to their website. All the answers to your questions are there and gobs of information to fill a library. Happy reading! It’s risky and dangerous to bank your business website on the google gods. When they decide to play fruit basket upset – you could be the fruit that will be very upset. Plan ahead and get your website out there among the other search engines, directories and linked with other businesses.

Now, I have a question for you. Why and how do so many websites succeed without a first page Google ranking? Those of you wearing Google Goggles will need to remove them to answer this question.

These savvy website owners are not obsessed with googling. Instead, they spend their precious energies on attracting their ideal clients. Their primary focus is reaching out to their target audience. What are they doing? How can they possibly see clearly without Google Goggles? The top five answers are:

1. Ezine(Yes it can be your very best marketing tool)
2. Offline marketing (yes the old-fashioned phone calls and postal mailings really work)
3. Reciprocal Linking (still the best way to reach your target audience and as a bonus get a higher search engine ranking)
4. Cross marketing (working with other businesses is a fun and profitable way to get more clients)
5. Keyword phrases (more important than ever – choosing and placing proper keyword phrases)

You can do it too! Take off the Google Goggles and see the big wide world of opportunities waiting for you.

About the writer:

Anita Larson, The Web Muse & Co., Creating websites to attract your ideal clients.

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