Thursday, November 03, 2005

Internet Marketing Sales Tip

Today's home business tip is another headline tip you can use to grab your readers attention and make more sales!

Here you go...

The "Humor" headline grabs your prospect's attention simply because of the fact that there might be something funny in your product. Everyone loves a little humor but be very careful in the use. What one person thinks is funny may offend someone else.

Irony is the best humor to use. Joking, other than tongue-in-cheek can be very counterproductive. What makes people laugh? Some cannot see the humor. Your product could gain credibility if you are slightly depreciating.


Saying something like...

"You Might Be Addicted To Internet Marketing If You Start Calling 'TV Dinners' -
'PC Dinners'..."

It gets attention and it has humor to it!

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