Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My Apologies, I Almost Made a HUGE Mistake...

Hey biz tips readers,

I'm letting you in FIRST before I make a major announcement
that will be the SHOCK OF THE YEAR to the internet
marketing community...

I'm so jazzed about this I almost majorly screwed up and I
owe you an apology!

For the last few months, I've been quietly helping to
launch what I believe to be the absolute best personal
development training company in the world. This new company
also offers BY FAR the most lucrative affiliate program
I've ever seen...

In fact, I've barely done anything and I'm making several
thousand a month in passive residual income. I even have
several people on my team from around the world who are
already making a full-time income each month.

Here's where my apology comes in...

Recently this company did something that has NEVER
been done before...

In just 3 months, they've become the #1 Most Visited
Personal Development Website on the Internet!

Check It Out Now:


They beat out every other company in a 64 Billion Dollar a
Year Industry!

They passed up,,, and all the other self-
improvement sites on the Internet that have been around for
years and years! ...Even the famous Trump University.

This is MAJOR news...

In my consulting with the company, I've been helping to
launch a major advertising and publicity campaign that will
launch with banner ads on all my sites as well as thousands
of other sites on the net, they're rolling out a major
radio campaign along with a massive email campaign that
will go out to millions of people around the world...

We're rolling this campaign out at the end of the month and
because of my confidentiality agreement with the company I
haven't mentioned it to ANYONE...

The owner of the company however said to me last night...

"Trent, why don't you let your readers in on this before we

I immediately felt guilty because I hadn't even thought of
that myself!

That's why I need to apologize... I should have been
begging him to let our readers in first!

I can't tell you the name of the company in a public post
like this but you'll see everything when you go through the


This is EXTREMELY time-sensitive...

My advice is to drop everything and do this right now
because the people who jump on this post first, will get
positioned ABOVE those who wait. (And will earn the most
money because of the customers I put below you.)

I'm not going to make a big sales pitch here because when
this hits, you'll see it everywhere anyway.

But if you want the inside track, and you want to be
positioned above the masses of people who will join this
company over the next 30-60 days I'll just say this...


You can get positioned NOW, at the top of my team, BEFORE
we roll out this campaign.

Dedicated to Your Success,
Trent Brownrigg

P.S. - I know some of my readers have already been lucky
enough (read: SMART ENOUGH) to get in on this. If you are
one of them then Congratulations to you!

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