Thursday, November 17, 2005

Take This Post Seriously...

Hello faithful biz tips readers,

How are you? I hope all is well, and that you're working
hard on building your online business...

I'm writing to you today to see if you've heard of this 21
year old named Anik? He's been around for a couple of
years now, went from being a complete newbie to becoming a
huge success online. All while, he's still a full time
student in college! Well, if you haven't heard of him,
listen up, he can really teach us A LOT, he sure has taught

I've been talking to him lately, and I've just been blown
away - he's one smart marketer. You know how they always
say, "Don't re-invent the wheel..." It seems that Anik
missed that day in class, the guy just invented a whole new
system for making money online...

See, Anik says that being in college, he didn't have the
time/money to invent his own product, so he decided to make
money as an affiliate. Now, we all know that making money
as an affiliate is not as easy as it sounds! So, he worked
on it for a year or so, finally according to his own words,
"by golly, he had it! Why not be a merchant AND an
affiliate?" Confused? So was I, that is until he explained it to

He calls it the "Affiliate Upsell System," and it's just one
small part of how he makes a killing online. You can see
what he teaches by going here:

The Affiliate Classroom

He just used that system to make over $10,000 in just 60
days working about 1-2 hours a day, and he continues to do
it! To top it off, he invented a whole new system to train
others on how to do just what he did...

When I spoke with him, he kept telling me how important it
is to have "Step by Step" training to become successful
online. I couldn't agree with him more - as I am sure you
agree also...Then, he showed me his new system and how he's
training hundreds of new students every month on how to
make money using his system.

I was skeptical, but now I'm just impressed.
I've never seen a training system like his - and we all
know how long I've been around and what I've seen...

The training system took him more than 7 months to develop,
it's completely revolutionary. I got so excited to see it,
I was just about to e-mail you, then he stopped me!

He explained to me that there was a catch - the catch is
that he's strict, he only wants serious students who really
want to make money online and have a great dedication to
learn his system. Anik has very limited time, that's why
he's very cautious about how he spends it.

But, you know me, I'm relentless - not only did he finally
agree, but I even got him to sweeten the pot even more and
give you an even better deal than he gives his own

For a limited time, Anik is accepting new students into his
classroom for only one measly dollar! That's right, just

As his student, you will have 100% access to his new
training system, his expert teachers, and most of all, his
revolutionary method of earning an online income.

There's a heck of a lot more, but I'd end up writing a book
if I explained it all here. That's why he's set up for you
to read more about his training for only $1.00!!

The Affiliate Classroom

This offer can't last much longer... I mean, a buck? Ya
gotta be kiddin' me!

Listen, I've seen this kid and his training.
I've heard his students, this guy is the real deal - if
nothing else, get to know more about him, he's definitely
going places - I guarantee it...

So, make sure to visit:
The Affiliate Classroom

I worked really hard for this, so please take advantage of
it...because you will NOT be sorry!

Dedicated to your success,

Trent Brownrigg

P.S. - Just for visiting his site and signing up for his
newsletter - you can get a free subscription to the new
Affiliate Classroom Magazine he's released - it's
absolutely excellent!

The Affiliate Classroom

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