Friday, December 23, 2005

Network Marketing Tips for the Newbie

Smile and be happy... it's contagious

Don't quit EVER

Find a reliable mentor and listen to them

Choose your company carefully... it will be a big part of your life

Remember that network marketing is not a sales business, it's a teaching and mentoring business... It's all about the RELATIONSHIP

Watch out for high pressure tactics

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

Nobody can do everything, so build a team of members who contribute

Stay persistent

Never EVER Give Up

Be Patient

Be focused and Motivated

Stop talking and listen

Teach, Coach, Mentor

Be able to teach what you do to help your team succeed

Use the products and services yourself so you know exactly what you are promoting

Invest as much time and money as you can into your business

Avoid programs that offer commissions only for recruiting additional distributors

Beware of plans that ask distributors to spend money on high priced inventory

Be cautious of plans that claim you'll make money only through continued growth of your downline instead of through the sales you make yourself

Beware of plans that promise enormous earnings very quickly with little or no work

Have a daily method of operation and do not stray from it unless it no longer proves to be successful

Recruiting is a numbers game so be persistent... every "no" is closer to a "yes"

Talk to people every day... you never know who might make make you a millionaire

Attend your company's business meetings, training, etc... or whatever it is they offer for personal and business development

Focus on personal development and helping others to do the same

Find a partner and push each other to succeed

Set high but also achievable goals and a don't stop until you reach them

Track your progress

Have a plan and stick to it

Nothing worth doing is easy... remember that!

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