Monday, October 31, 2005

Niche Marketing Tip

Today's home business tip is a niche you can use to start and/or expand your online business. Use it for a website, a product, an article, a freebie, or anything else. I don't care! Just use it well and take the profits to the bank ;-)

Being Well Clothed - Just about everyone wants to look good and be well clothed or have specific clothing. You could target niche products and services like clothes, clothing magazines, uniforms, sewing machines, clothes making patterns, fashion designing, etc... Fashion is huge right now. Take advantage of it!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Super Copywriting Headline Tip

Here is a great home business tip you can use about Copywriting and Headlines...

"What If..."

The "What If..." headline grabs your readers attention because it takes them to a wonderland where they already have their desired benefits or goals accomplished. All they need to do is read the rest of your website copy or advertisement to make it a reality.

Here is a Great Example:
"What If You Could Make $10,000 A Month In Less Than a Year?"

Wouldn't you keep reading if you saw that? I know I would!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

To Achieve Your Dreams, Remember Your ABC's

(I found this in another blog and I thought I would share it you)

- Avoid negative sources, people, places, things and habits.
- Believe in yourself.
- Consider things from every angle.
- Don't give up and don't give in.
- Enjoy life today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.
- Family and friends are hidden treasures, seek them and enjoy their riches.
- Give more than you plan to.
- Hang on to your dreams.
- Ignore those who try to discourage you.
- Just do it.
- Keep trying no matter how hard it seems, it will get easier.
- Love yourself first and most.
- Make it happen.
- Never lie, cheat or steal, always strike a fair deal.
- Open your eyes and see things as they really are.
- Practice makes perfect.
- Quitters never win and winners never quit.
- Read, study and learn about everything important in your life.
- Stop procrastinating.
- Take control of your own destiny.
- Understand yourself in order to better understand others.
- Visualize it.
- Want it more than anything.
- Xcellerate your efforts.
- You are unique of all God's creations, nothing can replace you.
- Zero in on your target and go for it!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Revolutionary Home Based Business

Every once and a while something comes along to
totally revolutionize an entire industry.

And It's not often you get the chance to be part of
something this extraordinary.

If you've ever wished to be in the envious position
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Then you definitely are in the right place at the right

Because, The Next Revolution on Network Marketing
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Success University is turning heads in the industry.

It's definitely no secret that we've become somewhat of
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In less than one year Success University has exploded
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And here's why...

Your success is not left to chance with the Success
University step-by-step training and comprehensive
turnkey marketing system.

And you'll have some of the most savvy networkers and
experienced marketers on the internet on your team to
help you succeed.

We've already helped countless people to earn a full time
income working from home, and you can be next.

Listen, don't take our word for it. Take us for a test drive
and let us prove that Success University's "Learn and
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*** Success University ***


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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Six Valuable Internet Marketing Tips for FREE

Today's home business tips blog post is short and sweet! I have links to six very valuable internet marketing tips all for free. They were posted by the great internet marketing guru Patric Chan on his blog.

You can read them by following the links below:

3 Free Internet Marketing Tips Gathered from the World Internet Summit

3 More Valuable Internet Marketing Tips for Free

Dedicated to your internet marketing success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Home Business Ideas for the Restless 9-5'er

It's a familiar story: you're out of money, but you can't give up your day job. Or you're a plain housewife/mom with a lot of time to waste. Or maybe you're just plain bored sitting around at home, and you'd like to earn a little extra cash. Well that's perfectly viable with a home based business or telecommuting. Telecommuting refers to one thing, carrying out work from home.

But just because you'd be working in the comfort of your home while bumming on your favorite lazyboy, it doesn't in any way mean that a home based business isn't something hard to reckon with. It certainly isn't smooth sailing from the get-go. While it's perfectly feasible to earn some meager income from this undertaking, what you put into your home based business is usually what you get back. Remember that you reap what you sow, and that you have to keep on sowing or before long you might run out of harvest.

For starters, you could sell various products on the Net. May it be jewelries, clothes or any vanity products such as soaps, perfumes, creams, etc.

You can also get cheap items from flea markets and reselling them on Ebay or other online auction sites. You could even start with your own stuff which you could do away with. There you get to do some spring cleaning too! And guess what? You could make it big with this kind of business idea if you're equipped with appropriate knowledge, go-getter determination and enough savings for capital. How's that you may ask? Build or hire someone to create your own online auction site. If you've been doing online auctioning long enough to say that you already have a solid technical know-how of its ins and outs, putting up one will be a cinch!

How about trying internet publishing, selling copies of your ebook or subscriptions to your own ezine. If you're one prolific writer, it won't be hard for you to earn from this business. YOu could do fine as a freelance or settle for something like gathering up a group of writers to fill a forum. You could earn from this forum just by supplying the best of the most useful info for your focus group and offering them exclusive services.

Online Marketing is also one hot trend you might want to get into. Your sales could go up to figures you've never imagined you're capable of earning if you hit the right spot on Internet marketing. Research more on SEO for the best traffic inducing website you could ever have. For more reference, look up affiliate marketing, PPC advertising, site promotion, web development and other Internet marketing methods to further your knowledge on this field.

How about transcribing at home? Medical and legal transcriptionists are one of the most sought-for service providers on the transcribing scene today. One just needs to be familiar with either medical or legal terms, have excellent hearing acuity, good typing speed, and the right equipment to thrive on this kind of home business.

But if none of the mighty suggestions make you tick, then you can also opt to sitting in front of your computer screen all day filling up surveys,reading emails, beta testing programs, surfing websites, etcetera. There are plenty of business ideas on the net that will help you with your home business endeavor; you just have to have the will and the know-hows to facilitate locating these info.

Be sure to avoid those pyramid schemes. Also please try to keep your home based business as legal as possible, thank you very much.

Well, you have already various ideas to get your home business a shot. But here's a word of caution: don't just go trusting people offering you big chunks of money without requiring much effort from your part. Nothing is that easy in this world anymore. Make sure to be always discerning enough to know which offers are too good to be true from the good as well as true. And just to be on the safe side of the boat, don't just go handing your resignation to your boss too soon without weighing properly the pros and cons of putting up a home business of your own.

About the author:

Copyright© Jeff Harrington is bringing together people who want to build a Successful Online Business. Find the best on the Internet, home based businesses at Get your own residual income website at


Are you sick of all the lies and frustration? Want to Finally Learn
the 'Secrets' That Most People Will Never Know About How To Really
Create Wealth Online..." Review this FREE information and your life
will never be the same! ==> Success University

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Multiply Your Websites Links

I feel the most effective way to get people to link to your
web site is by offering web masters the option of giving
away your free stuff. In exchange, they link to your web
site. Why would other web masters want to do this? They
may want give away a freebie to draw traffic to their web
site. They also may not have the time, knowledge or skills
to give away certain types of electronic freebies from their
web site.

Your links will just keep multiplying. When a web master
offers your freebie to his or her visitors. Those visitors may
decide to also give away your freebie. And so on and so
on... The more people that link to your web site the more
traffic you'll get. Below are four of the most popular types
of freebies given away on the internet to increase traffic.

Free Software

Offer free software from your web site. The software could
be freeware, shareware, or demos.

Free Online Services

Offer a free online service from your web site. The online
service could be an e-mail account, search engine submission
or e-mail consulting, etc...

Free Information

Offer valuable free information from your web site. The
information could be a report, article, e-book, online audio
recording or e-mail course, etc...

Free Affiliate Program

Offer a free affiliate program from your web site. The
affiliate program could be pay per sale, click through,
two tiered, etc...

Now, I know, there are many other ways to get links
like trading or exchanging links with other web sites or
joining a banner exchange. You can also do joint ventures
or cross promoting. I feel these are not as effective as
multiplying your links naturally by giving away free
resources. I hope this post will help you increase traffic
to your web site.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

How To Make A Lot Of Money And Generate Cash When You Are Broke

Welcome back to the biz tips blog. Todays I have an article that I came across earlier and absolutely loved so I had to post it for you! It contains all sorts of great tips to help you figure out how to make money just about any time you need it.


How To Make A Lot Of Money And Generate Cash When You Are Broke

I am proud of you that you decided to read this article. These methods have helped me a lot, especially when I was in college. Many of you have written me and asked me how to make money and how to generate extra cash when you are broke. So many of you are still in school and a lot of employers only want to give you a minimum wage and you can barely survive with the minimum wage. Some of you are working hard daily and live from paycheck to paycheck.

I can relate to what you’re going through right now, so hang in there and be ready to see great and positive changes in your life today after you read this article!

I used to save left over food from the cafeteria where I worked in college, so I could survive, because I didn’t any money to buy food that summer. I had to borrow money to buy my super expensive college text books. So I can understand what you’re going through right now.

Listen carefully to this; you can change your income significantly and your life by changing your daily habits. You must be willing to change! You must be willing work hard for to make the changes.

It doesn’t take a smart people to figure it out why we go broke. It means that our spending is more than what we earn. People go broke because their expenses are higher than their income!

The first thing you want to do when you find yourself broke is to start writing your expenses down on a piece of paper down to every penny of it. It is called, reviewing your net worth. You want to know how much money in your bank accounts and your wallet!

You must write down your expenses, income and this is a must! You can track down what you can not see. Please listen to this, start learning how to keep in track your expenses and income! Have a small book or PDA with you at all time to write down your expenses and income.

You must know how much money have and if you don’t have any right now, you must know how much money you want to have in the future. Make sure you write down a reasonable goal that you can achieve, like by Oct 30, I will have $300 in my savings account, and by Dec 30, I will have $600 in my savings, and so on. Believe me, when you know your goals and destination and you know where you are going, it will give you the motivation to go there!

Now get ready for the life changing methods that may help you get out of your challenges and trials. These are the methods that will help you to change your income level!

1. You must change your daily habit!

I love what the Bible says, “look and observe the ants.” Why would I want to look and observe ants? The reason why you want to be like ants is, ants are not lazy! They work day in and out, they are willing to save up some food for the winter time by working very hard in the summer. Believe it or not, Ants never eat more than they earn. They know how much food to give to their colony; they know how much food they need, so they can have enough food to eat for everybody in their ant colony. The will work hard to get the food their need for the winter time even when they have to sacrifice their life for the life of their colony. That’s why sometimes; ants will frustrate you, because they will keep coming to your house until they are sure that they have enough supply for every ant in their colony. They will stop coming to get your food when they know; they have plenty of food to survive during the winter.

Listen, your time is the most valuable thing that you and I have! We can trade our time for money by solving someone’s problem. Find what you’re good at and use your time, talents and gifts to start making money for you.

I was good in computers, so I charged students and school faculties if they want me to fix their computers.

Wake up early in the morning and use your day wisely to make money. Have you ever noticed that people who sleep too much and people who watch TV and movies too much don’t have much money? The reason why they don’t have much money, because they are not willing to trade their time for the money they need. They waste their time for something that won’t make them rich. Your time is like the energy in a battery, sooner or later, you will run out of it if you don’t know hot to use it wisely.

So get up! Stop being lazy! The rich and the poor both have 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, they rich don’t have more hours than the poor, but what makes a big difference is how they use up their time to generate wealth!

Go to work an hour early and go home an hour late. You must discipline yourself to work harder and smarter than everybody else! Most people love to come late and leave early, that’s why they are poor.

If you own your own business, make sure you give your customers your best for the bucks! It makes them want to do more business with you in the future. The next time you are tempted to waste your time, think twice!

Your daily habits will determine your future and what you do today will decide what’s coming to you in the future.

2. You must learn how to sell!

I used to buy a lot of cheap computer parts on and and sold them to students who needed the computer parts. Before I bought them, I asked several students whether they will buy the computer parts from me when I got them. When I had buyers for the products, then I bought them cheap at the auction sites and sell them higher than cost of buying them.

You must be aware of the trend in your school! I remember the day when network T1 connection was popular at our school. I sold network cards like cakes, because back then not every computer had a network card. How about IPOD? Find out how many people own an IPOD and start selling the IPOD case, cover and accessories!

Keep your eyes open toward the latest trend and new things that are going on in your area!

You must learn how to sell. A lot of students got hungry at night, so I stocked up some food in my fridge and sold them to the people who didn’t have a car to go to the store!

Read books and listen to tapes that will teach you how to sell better. Use your mind to think of ways of making money.

Make a DVDs rental in your dorm room! You can buy 100 DVDs on Ebay for $100 and make your own rental place in your dorm room! Charge student $1 for a day to rent the DVD! Make sure they don’t steal your DVD! Keep record of who rents the DVD. 100 students rent your movie, that’s $100/day!

You can even start using the Internet to generate money by selling on Ebay! Ebay is a great money making tool that I am using to these days to generate additional income. Learn how you can make money on the Internet. Invest your time and money to learn more about ways of making money on the Internet.

I don’t care how good in computers, web design or giving make up, but if you can not sell your skills, you won’t be making money out of your skills. You must learn how to sell and market your skills and learn how to be good at selling.

You see, when you use your mind to think, a lot of ways to make money can come up in your mind and you will never be broke ever again in your life! A lot of people are broke because they never use their mind to think!

3. Invest 10% of Your Money In Skills that Can Help You Create More Money!

When I first came to college, I didn’t know how to do web design and how to develop a web site, but I used 10% of my income to buy books that would teach me how to be a web designer and developer! I took my time to develop my skills to become a web developer! Within a year of learning, I started to build web sites for other people on campus and made higher income than the rest of the students in college.

You must invest in other skills that will help you to make more money. If you like to give make up, well you may want to invest books on how to become make up artist! You can charge people to do their make up and hair for them when they want to go to a party and different special events. I know a guy in college who made his money by cutting hair. He charged $8 for a hair cut while Super Cut charged $15. So people came to him to get their hair cut.

I knew also some students who did house painting for other people in the community on the weekends.

There are thousand of ways of making money when you are broke, you just have to find the right kind of skills for you and the willingness to take action and do it.

4. Exercise, Eat Good Food and Keep Yourself Healthy.

Your mind is the most powerful asset that you will ever have in your life time. Your mind can help you create wealth! So listen to me, “STOP ABUSING YOUR MIND AND BODY!” Eat healthy, exercise, and get enough rest.

I learned that when I feel good, I can think well. I can think of ways of making money when I feel good about myself.

How can you think when you have heat pack on your head, thermometer on your mouth and blanket on your body? When you’re sick, you can’t use your mind to think! So make sure you keep yourself healthy and well!

I remember what one of my martial arts teachers told me about drinking alcohol. When you are drunk! You can even fight you defend yourself! So how can you think of ways to make yourself rich when you are drunk! The best way to be ready for a fight is to be sober. The best time for you to think is, when you are sober. If you like to drink a lot of alcohol, you may want to consider quiting your drinking habit.

Take care of yourself and be good to yourself and your body. Keep your body and mind healthy and well, so they can help you to think well.

5. You must believe that today’s circumstances are only temporary, they will change!

High achievers never look at their situation today; they always see themselves as how they can be in the future. Look, you may think that your situation today will never change. When you are going through a financial trials and challenges, you may feel like you are not making any progress in your life, but believe me, it is only temporary. Try to extract wisdom and understanding from the trials and challenges that you are facing right now. When hard times hit us, our mind will be forced to think.

I got my motivation to work hard when I didn’t have food to eat that summer in college, my stomach was hungry, and I had to eat left over food. I didn’t have a car for 6 years, believe me, it was tough when you had to ask your friends to drive you every where when you need to go somewhere.

I vowed to myself that I will work hard to achieve my goals and dreams. I realized that no body else would help me except myself. I was the one who was responsible for my destiny and life. I was the one who could change my life. I vowed to myself that I would work hard, to have the determination, patience and willingness to change my daily habits, so in the future; I don’t have to eat left over food anymore, I can drive any car I want, and have my own place to live.

If you believe in God, it is time for you to really kneel on your knees and spend time with Him. Pray about it, ask God to bring financial wisdom and prosperity into your life! Don’t be afraid to ask the Lord for a blessing! He is God who created you; He is the God who will give you strength, courage and wisdom to go on! Make a special time for you to talk to God and pray every day!

I believe in you’re my friend, I believe in you! As you sit there right now, I want to see yourself as a special person with a special gift and talent that can be used to get you out of trouble! The best days of your life are just ahead of you! You may not be able to see the days ahead of you! But have faith! Have faith! You can do great things in your life! You can make a difference in your life! You have the strength and power to make your life better! I believe in you’re my friend! I believe in you! Stand up, get up and stand tall! You are gifted with a great mind to think! Your mind can help you way different ways to set you free! Get up and stand up my friend!

Tell yourself right now out loud as you read this repeat this out loud after me “I am able to change my life! I can go through this trial that I am going through, I will stand tall, and I will not be defeated by these trials and challenges! I am special, I am unique, and I believe that the best days of me are just ahead of me! Everything will be just fine! I vow today that I will give my best to work hard for my future! I will not be lazy! I will form positive daily habits today! I will not lie again to myself, when I say I will do it, I will do it! Tomorrow will be a new day, and I will face with confidence, tomorrow will be a new day for me!”

Tip: How do you make $40/hour? When I was in college I lived in a dorm and I noticed some of the guys were lazy to wash their clothes. Listen to this story carefully. So I asked them whether I could do their laundry for them for $40/hour, believe me or not, some of them were willing to give me $40/hour to do their laundry. Some of you may say, "I don't want to do someone's else laundry." I know that, but while the rest of the campus made only $4.25/hour, while I was making $40/hour. It took nine and half hours for everybody else who was embarassed to wash other people's laundry to make $40. Can you imagine how much money you have if there are nine people who want you to wash their laundry! 9 people * $40/hour = $360/hour. The point that I am trying to make is, you don't really need a job to make money! If you only know how to observe other people's needs around you. You can serve those people's needs to make a lot of money.

I love each and every one of you and with all my heart; I believe that you can do it and you can start creating your wealth today!

About the author:

© Copyright 2005, Author: Entjik Jeffrie All Rights

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