Wednesday, September 27, 2006

You Must Have Integrity Before Enjoying Success!

If you are going to be successful in your online business or any home based business for that matter, then, integrity must come before your financial success. Many people are financially successful on the internet, but some have forgotten the meaning of true success.

As Jim Rohn (One of the all time favorite motivational speakers) says, quite often, it is far more important of who you are becoming, then, what you are earning. Jim even goes so far as to say that you should work toward becoming a millionaire, not for the money, but because of who you will become in achieving the goal.

The stress is on becoming a better person. A person who has integrity. Integrity is being able to be counted on, to be depended upon, if you say that you are going to provide a service or product for a certain amount of money, then you do it. You are looking out for your customers, as well as yourself.

In most cases your reputation will precede you! You may think that no one is discovering your flawed business manners, but actually, the word is spreading, and on the net, it spreads quite rapidly.

One of the universal laws of business success is that financial success follows hard, honest work. In other words, "help enough people get what they want and you will find that you receive what you want." However, if you are just looking out for you, you are only hurting yourself in the long run. Wouldn't the internet be so much better if we were all watching out for each other?

One important lesson I have learned when it comes to making a sale is that people buy from those whom they trust. If they trust you they will buy from you. If your integrity is guiding you as you make your presentation to others it will come across to your potential buyer. You are more likely to make that sell with your integrity guiding you, then, any other aspect in your presentation.

It does not matter how well you intellectually present your service or product, if they detect flaws in your character you might as well close up your brief case and go home.

Perhaps, even of a greater reward for being a man or women of integrity is that you will sleep better at night just knowing you did your best to sincerely help others achieve their dreams. What can be more rewarding than to help others reach their goals?

If you have children perhaps that would be the ultimate reason to have integrity to lead you. Your children will have someone that they can be proud of and more importantly someone whom they can trust!

So whether you are searching for home business success or general success in life, go forward with integrity and honesty. Help others and you, in return, will be rewarded.

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