Friday, April 20, 2007

3 Proven Techniques to Explode Your Website Traffic

The number one thing all websites need is visitors, usually called traffic. Without traffic what is the point of your website? It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your website is or how great it is if nobody sees it. You could have the best headline, ad copy, information, or product in the world, but without a sufficient amount of traffic it doesn't matter. This article is going to reveal some simple yet effective techniques that you can put into effect immediately. These are proven methods for driving targeted traffic to your website.

Here we go, three proven techniques to explode your website traffic...

1) Writing and Submitting Articles - This is a great technique that does more than just bring traffic to you. It puts you in a position of trust and shows your expertise in your prospects’ minds. This is very important! People have to trust you if they are going to become your customer. Nobody will buy from you if they don’t first feel comfortable with you.

Articles are a great way to gain the trust and comfort of your target market. Here is what you do... Write a series of articles relating to your niche market. Distribute a couple articles per week to major article directories, such as and At the bottom of the article you need to include a "resource box" that gives a little information about you and/or your business and a link to your website.

If people find the information you give them in the article useful, they will click the link and visit your site. That's why it’s important to write useful, high quality articles. People will only want to visit your website if you give them something of value first.

2) Link Exchanges - The method of exchanging links with quality sites in your niche works on two levels. First of all, you will receive traffic through your links posted on other sites. Also, as more and more websites link to yours, your search engine rankings naturally begin to increase. This can be a major source of long-term targeted traffic. Showing up on the first page of results in the major search engines can bring you tens of thousands of visitors per month for years on end.

Here is how to get links to your site. Find websites that relate to the theme of your website. Ask them to do a link exchange with you. In the email provide a link to the page that you are displaying their link on. Now the ball is in their court. They will either accept your offer or not. If they refuse to do an exchange with you take their link off of your site. It's quite simple. But make sure you only exchange with quality sites related to yours. Exchanging with any and every site will hurt you more than help you.

3) Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising - Although PPC does cost money, it can be a very effective way to drive highly targeted traffic to your site. If you select the right keywords and make intelligent bidding choices it can prove to be very cost effective and useful. To get the most out of PPC you need to be armed with a fair amount of knowledge. I suggest buying a popular ebook on the subject of PPC marketing before starting a campaign.

While any one of the traffic generation techniques above can make a major difference, I suggest using all of them together. This will give you the most traffic possible in the shortest amount of time as well as build you long-term traffic. The more effort you put into the traffic generation methods above, the more they will work for you and the more money you will make!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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