Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Work at Home Manifesto

Classified Information: The Jackal's Work at Home Manifesto

"Disgruntled industry insider (known now as 'The Jackal') strikes a fatal blow against the scammers, pisses-off the "experts," breaks unwritten 'price rule,' and gives away strongly guarded trade secrets without charging thousands....

And he puts the definitive final word on the exact step-by-step method you can use to break through to financial freedom, fortune, and MAKING MONEY from the comfort of your own home in almost ANY home business... all for just $1..."

It's all revealed in the "Work at Home Manifesto!"

Does that sound interesting? It's True!

This guy pulls out all the stops and gives you the secrets to becoming a "kitchen table millionaire" -- if you are tired of your job, drowning in debt, trying to make money from home, or if you simply want a better lifestyle... then the work at home manifesto is for you!

I give the work at home manifesto my highest personal recommendation... and that is not something I do often.

Take a look at the Work at Home Manifesto now.


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