Friday, October 26, 2007

Who The Heck is Veronica Routtu and What Can She Do For Me?

Veronica Routtu is definitely not a 'guru' nor does she aspire to be one.

She is simply a single work at home mom who has struggled over the last 9 years to learn how to make a living online, so she can be home for her kids.

So...what does she have to offer you?

Well, over the last 2 years, Veronica has finally learned what it takes to make real money on the internet. You see, she got tired of struggling to figure it all out and in a last ditch effort to succeed, she finally invested in herself and got a mentor.

"I had gotten so discouraged because no matter how hard I tried, nothing was working. My kids were getting older and I started realizing that I had been SO focused on trying to make a living online (so I could spend time with my kids) that I was really was failing to meet THAT most important goal.

Even though I was home all the time with them, I was really only PRESENT and not ACTIVELY getting the quality time that I craved and my kids NEEDED.

My kids would come ask me to play with them and a majority of the time my answer was that I just didn't have time right now...maybe later...(If I ever got it figured out and could finally start making some money!)

This had me feeling so guilty and I was so torn because as a single mom, I needed to be able to support my kids, but I also realized they needed me to do more with them as well. I wanted them to grow up and have good memories of time spent together doing fun stuff, not memories of mom always in front of the computer saying, "Maybe later hon.."

One reason this especially hit me hard was that my youngest son, who I adopted at age 9 months came to me with Reactive Attachment Disorder. He was always a handful but when he started school the problems just got worse.

I realized that due to his special needs, I needed to make the changes that would allow me to spend more QUALITY time with both of my boys...It was imperative to their well being and happiness, that I not continue on this same path for another 7 years!

So, even though I had to do a lot of finagling of my finances...I invested in a coaching program and began to learn what it really takes to make money online...I will never regret that decision..."

Over the last 2 years, Veronica has been testing various elements that need to be in place to automate your online business. She has learned key factors that will help anyone succeed with ANY type of online business...And now she is setting out to fulfill another dream...

She wants to share what she has learned with other newbie’s or stay at home moms. She doesn't want you to struggle like she had to, to learn the ropes. During all those years she struggled to figure it all out, she always dreamed of the day she would be able to help other moms or newbie’s to avoid all the setbacks, wasted time and money of doing it all wrong.

In order to realize this dream, Veronica has created a FREE private forum and blog to share her online money making secrets with you. She intends to discuss basic elements that need to be in place for any business to succeed and then teach you to tie all those elements together to create your own automatic income system.

No, Veronica Routtu is not a 'guru' and she doesn't know it all by a long shot! She is just a normal person just like you and she wants to share what she has learned over the last 2 years, to help you succeed in YOUR online business.

Veronica Routtu believes that success begins when you take the first step. Get FREE Insider Access to her opt-in list, private blog and member's forum to learn top WAHM money making secrets to help you succeed online...

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