Monday, December 10, 2007

Secret Project Finally Launched - Plus $500 Giveaway

One of my friends, George Manty, from Can I Make Big Money Online has finally unveiled his long-awaited top secret project. It's called "Barter Genius" and it's a great way to get the things you need but can't afford.

Even I wasn't let in on this secret a minute early. I had no idea what it was until yesterday when he launched it. Now that I do know what it is, I personally think it's a spectacular idea! It really is Genius. I just wish I would have thought of it.

What is Barter Genius all about? Here's what George has to say...

Just imagine being able to get the professional help you need without spending lots of money. So many new online business owners don’t have the money or skills to do everything they need to succeed. With Barter Genius you can trade your skills for the skills of others. Not only that, but if you want you can trade your skills for almost anything else imaginable (vacations, clothes, cars, hotel rooms…). You name it; it’s probably available to trade.

You can read more about it on his blog post.

Wait! That's not all...

George is also holding a contest for this new site. He's giving away $500 to one lucky winner! For more details about how you can enter the contest and have your chance to win $500 just click here.

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