Saturday, March 31, 2007

Independent Hosting Reviews

Sorting out your web hosting is a no brainer if you are at all serious about your internet business ...

There are lots of good options for less than $10 a month ...

There's really no need to go spending more than that, unless you require heavy duty hosting ...

One thing that makes sense, is to do a little research BEFORE you buy hosting, and check out a web hosting review.

The best place to do that is at a web hosting directory.

For independent hosting reviews go to:

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Complete Website Building Solution

Hey Biz Tips Readers! For today’s home business tip I wanted to show you a site I was told about yesterday that will allow you to build your own professional website in just a few minutes.

It’s a complete solution to making your own website. You get a professionally built website in just 5 minutes, high end graphic design, domain and hosting, fast support, and many features all for an incredibly low price! Your site will rival the sites of people who spent tons of money and hours upon hours of time building it, but you won’t have to.

Take a look: Business Website Builder

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Four Secrets for Succeeding In Affiliate Marketing

Being an affiliate marketer is one of the fastest and most lucrative ways to making money there is. Of course, you need a certain amount of knowledge and work in order to make large commission checks but it can be done. However, the money will not start to flow in until you have laid the foundation for your success. Below I have revealed four effective methods for succeeding in affiliate marketing without all the hassles most new affiliate marketers go through.

1) Offer Great Content.

You should offer content on your website that is relevant to your target market, useful and updated frequently. This will help tremendously in gaining trust and respect from your visitors. This first method is critical. If you have a sloppy site that you just threw together in order to make a few bucks, then you shouldn't even get involved in affiliate marketing because you will only be left frustrated.

People need to know that you are honest, respectable, trustworthy, and able to deliver on your promises before they will listen to you. Your website content should show your knowledge and experience while providing great value to your visitors.

2) Soft Sell.

You should insert a soft sell of one or two affiliate products into your content. A soft sell is basically just what it sounds like, a soft, passive promotion of a product. It's best to avoid sales pitch style, or hard selling. This will turn people off and make them want to leave your site.

Here’s an example, let’s say your content is about making money, and you are marketing an opportunity that you have made thousands of dollars with. During the course of your well-written content all you have to do is mention the opportunity and say that it has done great things for you. That’s it. Anything more than that and you are getting into a sales pitch. Simply insert a quick blurb about the opportunity in an appropriate section of your content and give a link to it.

3) Promote Three or More Affiliate Products at Once.

It's important to diversify your affiliate promotions. This helps ensure a much more stable income, because it is produced by multiple streams. It is not a good idea to put all of your eggs into one basket. Promoting only one affiliate product leaves you quite vulnerable!

If only one product is bringing in your entire income what happens if the company suddenly goes under or cuts the commission payouts in half? It would be disastrous to your cash flow! You would be left seeking out a new product and a new marketing scheme for it. This can be very difficult, especially if your whole site was geared toward promoting that one product. But if you have three or more affiliate products regularly bringing in income it wouldn’t be nearly as big a problem if one of the companies went out of business or cut down their commissions.

4) Create a Viral ebook.

Put together a quality ebook, with affiliate links in it, and give it away for free. A viral ebook is basically a free ebook that is spread by word of mouth. Viral ebooks are a great way to market affiliate products. Suppose you create a viral ebook about how to start an online business. Place affiliate links throughout the book. There could be an affiliate link to a great autoresponder company, a web hosting company, a business opportunity, and anything else an internet marketer would need to start an online business. When the readers click on the links within the book and purchases one of the products, you get the commissions.

Everyone wins because the person reading the book gets set up with great services, the companies you promote get more business, the people giving away your ebook get something of value to offer their visitors, and you make a lot of money from the affiliate commissions. Viral ebooks can also explode your website traffic very quickly if it catches on and this can do wonders for your income.

Use the above tactics consistently for a few months and you should become very successful in affiliate marketing. As you get more knowledge, experience, and money to market with you will make more and more affiliate sales.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Free Bonuses: The Key to Successful Online Sales

Don't you really enjoy it when you make a purchase and get something extra free? Doesn't it make you feel better about your decision to buy whatever it was that came with the free gift? Well, this is actually how most people feel. Offering free bonuses with your product is one of the most powerful ways to increase your online sales. It makes people feel like what you are offering is of greater value because of the extras that come with it. Adding free bonuses actually increases the perceived value of your product. It's called "overdelivering" and it works!

This "free gift" approach works because of human nature. Everybody wants something for nothing. Something valuable offered free with a purchase will activate the part of their brain that doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity for getting something for free. This is usually enough to make your customers pull out their credit cards and purchase. However, if you don’t offer a free gift many people will fail to be convinced enough to purchase because the perceived value doesn't justify the cost, and they will simply leave your website.

The great thing about marketing online instead of the offline or "real" world is that free bonuses are easy and free to give away and not hard to create. You’re probably asking yourself, "what could possibly cost me nothing to give away and still offer a high perceived value to my customers?" Well the answer is... downloadable information products or ebooks. All you have to do is create an ebook, an ecourse, or a special report that goes along with the same topic of what you sell. For example, if you sell computers you could offer a free ebook about how to start your own online home business using your new computer. This would get a lot of people interested. The more value you can offer, the more successful you will become.

Your aim should be to make the value of your free gift appear to be at least 3 times what your customer has to pay for the actual product. So, if you sell a $40.00 product you should give away $120.00 worth of value. This is not really all that hard to do. Just by giving several high value ebooks and reports you can drastically increase the perceived value of your offer, while keeping your costs the same. You simply need to put in the time to create the free bonuses and then you can use them again and again to drive sales up. What could be better than that? A product that you only have to create once, takes no inventory and no shipping costs, and has a high perceived value to increase your sales. Talk about a win/win situation!

If you want to have a dramatic increase in your online sales, start creating free bonus offers to go with your product or service. And always include them in your ad copy. The effort you put in to this now is nothing compared to the results you will receive for years to come.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Friday, March 09, 2007

"My Secret Articles" Review

For the past few days I have been reading through the newly revealed "My Secret Articles" and I am absolutely amazed. There is an incredible amount information contained in this package. And it can be used in so many different ways to make money online.

I'm not exactly sure how many pages there are total but there are 50 volumes so far and it looks like they average about 20 pages each. So I would say there are about 1000 pages total and there are supposed to be four more volumes released each and every month.

Honestly, as the sales page says, this really is EVERYTHING you need to earn a solid income on the internet! It covers virtually every topic related to online income generation.

Here are just SOME of the topics covered:

- Niche Marketing

- Domains and Web Hosting

- Article Marketing

- Resale Rights

- Affiliate Programs and Marketing

- Google Adwords

- Google Adsense

- Relationship Selling

- Search Engine Optimization

- Complete Article Writing Course

- Complete Ad Writing Course

- Complete Tutorial on Writing Sales Page Copy

- Creating Your Own E-zine

- The Google Slap

- Forex Trading

- Complete Ebay Tutorial

- Cross Promotion

- Butterfly Marketing

- Bum Marketing

- $7 Secrets

- Outsourcing

- Email Marketing

- Testing and Tracking

- Social Bookmarking

- 3 Step Income Generation System Covered In the Honest Income Program Add-on

- Complete Clickbank Tutorial

- Complete Internet Advertising Tutorial

- Step By Step Business and Marketing Game Plans

- Scams to Avoid

- My Personal Success Secrets

- And More...

After four years of being an internet marketer and stockpiling countless money making products, I have yet to be this impressed.

I even sent the creator a testimonial and that is something I rarely ever do.

I was going to post a complete outline of what is contained in each of the 50 volumes but the author has actually already done that (and more) in a FREE 36 page report titled, "Why YOU Can’t Make Money Online!"

You can get it here: My Secret Articles

The biggest downside for me was that there is so much information contained in the secret articles that it seemed a little overwhelming at first. (But it really wasn't once I just dug in)

The only other negative I potentially see is the price. At $197 it might be a little steep for some. However, my opinion is that it's worth FAR more than the price! And anyone serious about making money online should do whatever it takes to find a way to afford the Secret Articles because you should make that amount back MANY times over and over again if you take action on this information.

Take a look for yourself by grabbing your free report: Why YOU Can’t Make Money Online and How I Can Help!

It would not be surprising at all if the Secret Articles soon becomes the next big must have product in the internet marketing world.

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