Monday, April 23, 2007

7 Factors of an Effective Advertising Campaign

You've probably heard the old saying, "I know that half of my advertising dollars are wasted, if I only knew which half!" Although it's impossible to get everything in an advertising campaign perfect, there are a few factors that are crucial to an ad campaign for it to be highly profitable. If you strive to achieve as many of the following 7 tips as possible, you can be confident that you'll have a winning campaign.

1) Choose an appropriate medium to convey your message. This seems so obvious, but you'd be amazed at how many people don't use common sense when buying advertising. If you're trying to reach a 14 year old, don't buy an ad in the daily paper - buy the radio station that plays hip hop music!

Try to target your advertising as much as possible. Think about the person you're trying to reach with your message. The more you know about that person, the easier this will be. If you're selling clothing to working women, buying TV ads is probably not a good idea. They're probably so busy doing household chores and taking kids to various activities, they probably don't have time to watch much TV. But billboards and radio are great because she's going to be on the road a lot and those media fit for that audience.

2) Don't believe that everyone uses media the way you or your spouse does. Just because you don't like a certain program on TV doesn't mean that your potential customer doesn't like it - they may be big fans and never miss an episode. Don't assume that everyone reads the newspaper because everyone you know does. Ask for information about the medium's audience - let your rep show you exactly who is watching/reading/listening/driving by/surfing their medium.

3) Don't judge the price of the ad by the dollar amount alone. Just because an ad is expensive doesn't mean it isn't a good buy - and the opposite is true also. If an ad is cheap, but no one reads or sees it, it's worthless to you. If an ad is reaching tens of thousands of people for $1,000, it might be a good buy if those are the people who are in the market for your product. Try to gauge the real value of an ad by the cost per thousand or cost per rating point (for TV, radio & cable). If you're not familiar with those terms, ask your ad rep - they will be happy to fill you in. (And if they aren't, find a new rep.)

4) Develop a relationship with your customers and prospects. This is another thing that should be obvious, but very few companies actually do this. Proctor and Gamble have found that this is what makes them money. And it makes sense. If people trust your brand and feel that they know your company, they're far more likely to buy your products. This is actually easier to do as a smaller business than a large one, and many local businesses have done this for years.

It may be schmaltzy, but when the local furniture store owner is on camera for all his TV commercials, people develop a relationship of sorts with him or her. They feel like they know that business. Anytime you can link a personality - even if it's not a celebrity - to a business, that makes that business stand out. This is an important element that there's not nearly enough room to cover - so think this one through for your business and come up with ways (and they can be very simple) to develop a relationship with your customers and prospects. An email newsletter is a simple, cheap and very effective way to do this, by the way.

5) Have a hook. Give people something that makes them remember you. Big companies spend millions on this, and for a good reason, it sells stuff. Whatever you do, don't say "for the best in service and quality" because no one will believe you!

If you want to convey that message, have one of your customers give a testimonial on camera and have them describe how you provided them with great service and quality. Give details. A hook needs to be simple, memorable and if possible, fun or heartwarming. The Taco Bell Chihuahua is a good example and the Pillsbury Doughboy is another one. Do something different and let people know about it. Give them a reason to choose your company over your competitors.

6) Be relevant. Talk to your prospects in your advertising, let them know that you feel their pain and are going to help them make it go away. If you're talking about something they can't relate to, they'll ignore you. There are way too many advertising messages in the world today and people have learned to tune them out unless they click with something that is important to them.

You know how this works, you do the same thing. If you're sick of how your car is running you lately, you suddenly are much more aware of ads for cars. Find out why people buy your product and talk about how you will give that to them. It's really pretty simple but an overwhelming majority of businesses totally miss this.

7) Make sure you know what you're trying to get your prospect to do. Do you want them to come to your store and buy a specific product? Or do you want them to call your business to get an estimate on a project so your sales person can close the sale in person? The more specific you are in your call to action (please be sure to include one), the more likely your audience will do what you want them to do.

All of these are factors that go into your advertising - the media, the creative, the copywriting, the call to action - create a synergistic result. The more focused you are with any of those elements, the better your results will be. It's always crucial to measure your ad results. Determine what you want to achieve and include devices that will allow you to determine whether or not you achieved your goal. Then you can tweak results from there.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

3 Proven Techniques to Explode Your Website Traffic

The number one thing all websites need is visitors, usually called traffic. Without traffic what is the point of your website? It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your website is or how great it is if nobody sees it. You could have the best headline, ad copy, information, or product in the world, but without a sufficient amount of traffic it doesn't matter. This article is going to reveal some simple yet effective techniques that you can put into effect immediately. These are proven methods for driving targeted traffic to your website.

Here we go, three proven techniques to explode your website traffic...

1) Writing and Submitting Articles - This is a great technique that does more than just bring traffic to you. It puts you in a position of trust and shows your expertise in your prospects’ minds. This is very important! People have to trust you if they are going to become your customer. Nobody will buy from you if they don’t first feel comfortable with you.

Articles are a great way to gain the trust and comfort of your target market. Here is what you do... Write a series of articles relating to your niche market. Distribute a couple articles per week to major article directories, such as and At the bottom of the article you need to include a "resource box" that gives a little information about you and/or your business and a link to your website.

If people find the information you give them in the article useful, they will click the link and visit your site. That's why it’s important to write useful, high quality articles. People will only want to visit your website if you give them something of value first.

2) Link Exchanges - The method of exchanging links with quality sites in your niche works on two levels. First of all, you will receive traffic through your links posted on other sites. Also, as more and more websites link to yours, your search engine rankings naturally begin to increase. This can be a major source of long-term targeted traffic. Showing up on the first page of results in the major search engines can bring you tens of thousands of visitors per month for years on end.

Here is how to get links to your site. Find websites that relate to the theme of your website. Ask them to do a link exchange with you. In the email provide a link to the page that you are displaying their link on. Now the ball is in their court. They will either accept your offer or not. If they refuse to do an exchange with you take their link off of your site. It's quite simple. But make sure you only exchange with quality sites related to yours. Exchanging with any and every site will hurt you more than help you.

3) Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising - Although PPC does cost money, it can be a very effective way to drive highly targeted traffic to your site. If you select the right keywords and make intelligent bidding choices it can prove to be very cost effective and useful. To get the most out of PPC you need to be armed with a fair amount of knowledge. I suggest buying a popular ebook on the subject of PPC marketing before starting a campaign.

While any one of the traffic generation techniques above can make a major difference, I suggest using all of them together. This will give you the most traffic possible in the shortest amount of time as well as build you long-term traffic. The more effort you put into the traffic generation methods above, the more they will work for you and the more money you will make!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

58 Ways to Find Money For Your Business - Q & A

Welcome back biz tips blog readers! For today's home business tips I have a question and answer session with Dee Power, the co-author of the new business book "58 Ways to Find Money For Your Business" and several other business books.

So, let's get started...

When is the best time to start looking for capital?

“Now, before you get caught in a cash crunch. Finding money takes time. If you start early you can find more options. We once had a client that asked us to help him with his business plan. He was looking for an investor so his company could increase their production. We were sitting in the meeting with the client, the investor, and the investor’s accountant, when the lights went out. Our client turned to us and said ‘See, I told you I needed the money quickly.’ That is not the way to do it.”

How do I know which kind of capital is right for my company? Should I look for a bank loan, an investor, or just use my credit cards?

“The answer depends on how much money you need, when you need it and how much control you’re willing to give up. In 58 Ways to Find Money for Your Business we go over the different variables. Put simply if you need $10,000 your credit cards might be the option. If you just need a few thousand dollars to get through the next month, you might be able to convince your vendors/suppliers to carry you for that month and offer them a bonus if they you do. However, if you need $2 million dollars you really need to consider a bank loan or venture capital.”

Are there any scams out there?

“Of course. The problem is that most people don’t plan ahead. They don’t project their cash flow. They think that profits equal cash. As long as they’re profitable they should be fine. Right? And then it’s a shock to find out that they don’t have the money to cover their operating expenses. This situation leaves them vulnerable to all sorts of vultures. One type to be aware of is the ‘investor’ who promises to invest and then backs out – for whatever reason. However that particular investor says they know of someone who has the money and would be interested in investing in the business. And for a small fee, several thousand dollars, he/she will make the introduction. That ‘investor’ never intended to invest in the first place but was on a fishing trip for an introduction fee the whole time.

Another scam is the guaranteed bank loan for businesses with poor credit. You pay a modest fee upfront to a loan broker who says they have connections to offshore money. The only guarantee is that you’ll lose that fee.”

What are some of the more unusual ways to finance a business?

“Investor funded advertising. No, this isn't advertising for an investor. This works better with consumer products that require substantial advertising, such as infomercials. You have the investor pay for the advertising and in return they receive a share of the revenues generated from the advertising. The orders have to be independently verified. Often the investor will demand that all the money generated from the orders be placed in a separate bank account, the investor's share is deducted first and the remainder sent to you. The share to the investor can be substantial from 20 to 50% of the sales generated.”

Need money for your business? 58 Ways to Find Money for Your Business will show you how to finance your company!

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tired Of Going To Work Every Day?

Whether your commute is one mile or a hundred you’ve probably entertained the notion of working at home. Perhaps the dream of being your own boss really appeals to you and you imagine what life would be like if you got to make all the decisions instead of being told what to do by others.

The work at home dream has become a reality for many because they stopped dreaming and started taking action to make it happen. Learn about Work At Home at

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Home Based Business Guidance

Making money online is not easy but it IS achievable if you are given the right support and guidance.

Where most programs fail is that they take your hard earned money, then leave you high and dry with no idea how to proceed to achieve your goals.

It is important, when looking for a home based business, that you give proper consideration to how you are going to fare after you have paid your cash.

Seek the guidance of someone who has found success running an online business, someone you can trust.

For more information download Mal Keenan's Free 30 page home business success guide:
Home Based Business Guide

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Top 10 Work at Home Directory

For those of you looking to start your own home business or simply work at home, I have a site that you are going to love!

It’s actually a site that I have been to many times over the years and have even become friends with the owner, Jeff. He is a great guy and runs a superb website.

Jeff created this work at home directory to help people like you find the best work at home opportunities on the Internet.

This site gets my highest recommendation!

Take a look for yourself: Work at Home

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