Tuesday, March 18, 2008

5 Top Money Making Blog Posts

Here are five posts I recommend from some of my favorite make money online blogs in the past couple weeks...

Multiple Income Streams - A very eye opening and informational video blog (vlog) that Vic made about making money online through multiple income streams. He never sugar coats his posts and this one is no different.

How To Increase PageRank and Keyword Authority - Court does a great job of explaining PR and keyword authority, and how you can increase both.

The Scourge of Web 2.0 - Griz delivers another killer post about how to really make money online by optimizing your blogs for search engines, getting links, niche blogging, and staying away from the web 2.0 crowd.

A Letter To My Parents - Monika writes a letter telling her parents the same thing we all would like to tell ours... that we are happy working at home and doing anything else we do with our lives and they should mind their own business.

How to have a Constant Stream of Blogging Ideas - Darren tells us how to keep our blog ideas coming so we can update our blogs regularly without running out of things to say.

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At 8:01 AM , Blogger Grizzly Brears said...

Thanks Trent. I was moved quite a bit when I read Monika's post - the kind of honesty you don't see often online and something that certainly brings the "community" closer to each other. I'm glad you included her in this and hope others read it. Hope all is well - we all seem so bloody busy there isn't much time for chatting lately.

Thanks again.

At 8:19 AM , Anonymous Monika Mundell said...

Hey Trent,

I like how you softened my rant post. ;-) Both Court's and Griz's posts are awesome by the way. Great learning and must reads for people who want to earn money on the net.

At 5:19 PM , Anonymous Trent Brownrigg said...

@Griz - Yeah we have all been busy. I've noticed that almost all of us in our little group haven't been posting or chatting as much. I assume it's because we are all actually doing tasks that make us money!

@Monika - I did soften it a bit. It's a great post. Let's all keep going and building our online businesses into money machines.

Maybe someday, when we are all rich, we can all take a trip somewhere and meet up.

At 5:38 PM , Blogger Grizzly Brears said...

How cool would that be... I'm partial to seeing Australia...


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