Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Garry Conn Vs John Cow - The Battle Is On!

There's an epic battle brewing in the make money online blogosphere right now. This is a war between Garry Conn and John Cow who happen to be two of the top make money online blogs in the world according to the top 100 MMO blogs list. Garry Conn currently comes in at #22 and John Cow is currently at #29 so it's clear that both these guys know what they are doing.

It all started when Garry Conn called John Cow out in this post - John Cow dot Com’s Lifelong Dream of Scamming The Blogosphere and the Cow fired back with a couple posts - John Cow dot com Called Out Garry Conn dot com and then Learn How to Kill Your Competition as We Beat Up Garry Conn - and the battle was on! It soon became a war of words between these two money making titans in the posts and comments of their blogs.

Garry Conn gave an explanation of the contest he will be having with John Cow in this post - John Cow VS Garry Conn in a COWpetition - MMO Case Study Enroll Today! - and I do suggest you join his case study list because you will definitely get some great tips on how to make money online by following along as he battles the Cow.

There have since been even more posts on both blogs about this competition...

* John Cow:
- Cow vs Conn Win Affiliate Elite
- Cowpetition

* Garry Conn:
- Contest To Win Software Package Worth Over $250 dollars

It officially starts May 19th and ends on June 18th, so get all caught up on the action now before the contest kicks off. Not only is this entertaining but more importantly it's a chance for us all to learn a lot about making money online. They are both going to share their progress so we can see exactly what they are doing to win this competition. You'd be a fool not to subscribe and follow along to see what they are doing. It will be a free internet marketing education that most people would pay to get. I have subscribed to both.

May the best man win!

Oh and for the record, I am rooting for Garry Conn. Nothing against John Cow but I have always followed Garry much more closely and I do think he usually gives better make money online advice in his blog.

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At 1:39 PM , Anonymous KG said...

generally there is no such thing as bad publicity... so i guess in a sense they are both bringing up their traffic... and making the most out of a few bad words.... good stuff


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