Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why You Should Back Up Your Computer!

I have been an internet marketer running my own online home business for over 5 years now, so you would think I was a little smarter than this but I guess not.

Let me tell you the story...

A little over two weeks ago I came downstairs to start my work day at about 9:30am just like I do everyday. It seemed as though it was going to be just like any other day... except I was a little more excited than usual because I had finished a new offer the night before and I was planning on launching it that day.

When I sat down at my computer it said it needed to restart to complete some updates. No big deal. That's nothing out of the ordinary. So I restarted it.

Just before it was finished loading back up one of those dreaded error messages popped up telling me something was wrong and my computer wouldn't start up. I tried shutting it off and starting it again (and doing everything else I could think of) but that damn error kept coming up and I couldn't do anything.

I figured Dell support would be able to shed some light on the problem and get it back running in no time. So I gathered all the information I thought they might need and dialed them up. To make an already long story a little shorter... they couldn't fix it. I was told I needed to re-install my operating system and would lose everything on my computer.

Like I said above, I have been an internet marketer for over 5 years and I have had this same computer the entire time. Everything I have purchased, downloaded, written, saved, etc... The entire time I've had my online home business is on this computer. That comes out to thousands of dollars worth of information, tools and resources. And countless hours of time! Not to mention all my pictures, songs, and other stuff that isn't for my business.

Needless to say, I didn't want to lose any of it. I didn't know whether to cry, scream, puke, or smash my computer into pieces. I wanted to do all of that and then some!

I started calling around to local computer shops to see if they could recover and backup all the files for me before re-installing the operating system. Luckily it seemed as though it could be done but it wasn't exactly going to be cheap.

Finally after two weeks of not being able to do any work and over $200 down the drain to fix it, I finally have it back. Everything was able to be saved and it seems to be running fine, except my sound won't work now for some reason (still trying to get that fixed).

Now I can finally get back to running my online business but I am waaaay behind and I lost a lot of money by not being able to work.

Basically what I am trying to tell you is to get an external hard drive and BACK UP EVERYTHING ON YOUR COMPUTER!!! You never know when something like this might happen and you might not be lucky enough to have it all recovered.

I am going today to get an external hard drive so I can rest assured that if this happens again I won't have to worry about losing everything.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
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At 7:49 AM , Blogger koiphish said...

My laptop just screwed the pooch too. I installed Zsoft Uninstaller after seeing it getting high reviews from

I selected one program to uninstall and I watched it working.. it was taking forever and I thought it had zombied on me. So I closed it... only to notice it uninstalled every program I had and any files associated with them... including docs, txt files, html, images, photoshop and illustrator images i made, mp3's, movies and everything else I had on here.

Including windows programs... like Internet Explorer and my restore points.

So yeah.. it sucks!


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