Thursday, February 28, 2008

Making Money On The Internet

Is it possible to make money from the internet? Sure it is, and there are people making money right at home using their internet. This article will give you some ideas on how to get you started in a successful business from your computer.


This is very important before joining an online business. People that are looking for a home business usually join the first business they see online. Once they get scammed by the first business, they think that all home business opportunities are like that, but they are not. You have to research a company before joining them. There are several things that you have to look into before joining an online business. These things that you should look into are researching the founder/CEO of the business, the products that the business has, and the compensation plan.

Let's Get Started!

After you have found a business that you want to join, its time to get started. I know it may seem like a big leap, but you will not make any money if you do not get started in a business. Yes, it is good to have dreams about having a business, but you have to follow through with your dreams!

Get A Mentor

This can really help you have success in your business. It is really important to find someone that has experience in an online business, and someone that you can trust. Your mentor will also help keep you focused and motivated in the hard times, which is a lot tougher doing it by yourself.

Don't Give Up!

This is very crucial when starting an online business. There are so many people that give up too soon. When they do not see money in a short period of time, they give up. What they forget to realize is that it takes time to build a successful business. In the meantime, you should definitely learn different marketing strategies that will help build your business to be successful. Just remember you are wanting to build a long term business.

About the author:

Bruce Beard is a top internet marketer and one of the top internet earners in the home businesses industry. He specializes in helping others succeed in marketing online home businesses.

If you want to be successful making money on the internet, visit Bruce Beard's website.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blogging Power Tips For Easy Traffic

Things to do before you post and advertise your blog, and what to do after it's up and running, such as getting traffic and using AdSense.

I made this simple to understand, for maximum usability. I even added the easiest and best tricks to get great traffic, just don't abuse the tricks. If you are here to get the traffic tips, just scroll down to - Advice for Getting Traffic.

First Thing To Do

This is a big step - get Feedburner setup for you website, ASAP. Make your RSS buttons easy to see so people can subscribe. I have several new visitors who stop in for a few seconds, click the RSS button and leave, namely people from Digg. If you are using Wordpress, you need to get the plugin Feedburner Feedsmith. This will make sure that all your subscribers are going through Feedburner and not the default RSS feed in Wordpress.

Make sure to have a good list of RSS buttons available for people to choose from. The fastest and easiest way to do this is by going to and making your buttons. Make sure at step 2, you set it to default and use your Feedburner URL. To get your feed address, just go to feedburner, log into your account. In the top left you will see something that says My Feeds, once you click on it, click on the feed you want to use. Once the page loads up, look under the feed name and click on Edit Feed Details. On this screen you will see the address for you feed. The feed address will look something like this -

Before You Post

If you are using Wordpress, I recommend to not get banned for multiple pings. Did you know that every time you go back into an article and fix or change something, it pings the blog sites. So this will result in your post getting banned. To combat this, I recommend downloading MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer. It monitors your posting and makes sure you don't get banned because of multiple pings. Once you publish an article, it sends out one ping, and then every time you go back into that article to change it, it does not ping anymore.

If you are going to be doing any type of writing in Wordpress, from just typing an article, to html coding, I recommend getting a better WYSIWYG editor. I use Dean's FCKEditor for Wordpress. It's easy to use, it doesn't mess up your articles with weird wrapping, and it doesn't mess up programming code One feature I love, is the image add, which is right on the interface, it handles the uploading of pictures, and makes it's it easy to change what you need to.

I can't say this enough; you need to get Wp Super cache. If the website is slow loading for people, they will leave. I know my web host is not perfect, but I try to keep the website as fast as possible for everyone. On this same note, I recommend getting Optimize DB plugin. This Wordpress plugin is simple and easy to use. Just go to your manage tab, click on Optimize DB, wait for it to run, then click optimize now. It works great and I use it a few times a day when I am posting a lot.

Article Publishing

Do not publish just one article first.

I recommend writing 2 or 3 articles, then putting them on the website. This way when you get the first surge of traffic, the people have other articles to read besides just one. Too many blogs have come and gone with only posting one article and nothing else. So as a result if you don't have more then a couple articles your chances of people returning or subscribing are a lot less.

If you really want to start off on the right foot, I recommend finding the best one of the 3 articles and submitting it to Expect 3 to 5 days turn around for them to review it and put it on the website.

I lost a lot of traffic on my first great article, because it was all I had posted and people came, read the article and left and were never heard from again.

Looking back on this, I wish I had other articles I posted before hand so people had a reason to stay. My first article I posted had around 200 visitors in the first 30 minutes, the visitors read the article, then disappeared. Now when I post good articles, I get a surge of traffic, people read the article, then browse around me website and come back a few days later.

Don't sensationalize an article, do a brief intro, then get down to business. Some people have this annoying ability to write an insane amount of paragraphs, for something that could be said in a few sentences. I noticed that my articles that are straight to the point get more readers and people stay. Something about hyping up a subject puts people off, can't blame them, it annoys me to.

I don't care what people say, there are times to submit articles that are better than others. I have been testing this since I started and I find that I get more traffic later in the day around 3 - 6pm then I do at any other time. Some people think it's best to post in the evening when your article stays on the front page longer for people to see it, this doesn't work. I also found by watching traffic trends, Monday is the lowest traffic day, and Thursday to Sunday is when I get the most traffic.

Adsense Advertising

For adsense beginners, text ads are the best ads you can use. I have been switching back and fourth between image ads and text ads. I get a lot more clicks when using text ads, I do not know why, maybe because they are less intrusive for readers. But again I do not know why it works that way, but it does.

Do not put big ads between your post, on the main page. I have been experimenting and noticed that when I put an ad just after the latest post on the front page, people have a tendency of not going past it. In most cases they just leave. Now it's fine to put an ad just above the comment box, when people are on a single post page.

Advice For Getting Traffic

One of my readers turned me on to using for getting traffic to my website. Social Marker by itself has made brought more than 90% of my traffic, I highly recommend using it. What it does is connect all the social networking places together, in one easy interface. The website is free, and for each website you submit to, you have to have an account with that. It takes some time to get registered to all the websites, maybe 30 minutes to an hour, but once you are registered you are good to go and never have to do it again. The ranking you will get from keywords used during the submit process is insane. Within 2 to 4 hours, the article you post will be search able and will have great ranking in search engines. The bookmarking websites are awesome for this, I have several articles that come right to the top of search engines without me having to change my keywords, or the keyword Density to them there. I don't even have to links to the page to increase the search ranking.

Words of advice, do not submit articles to websites that are not congruent with your article. Example - if you write an article about the weather where you live at, do not submit it to Slashdot or some technology based website. Nothing will get you banned faster than doing that.

Not getting Digg or Stumble votes is not the end of the world. Digg does have the highest chance of getting the largest surge of traffic to your website, if you get on the front page, your website can crash from the Digg Effect. But I find that most of my traffic comes from Reddit, Fark, Indian Pad, and various other social-networking websites. Myspace blog has been really good for my website, whenever I write a post; I just copy and paste it over there. For the extra 100 to 200 readers I get from spending an extra minute or two, is worth it. I recommend setting up a Squidoo page, even if you have no intentions of sticking with it. The reason why I recommend it is when you make a lens, and put a link on the site to your website, you get a Page Rank boost. At this present time, squidoo does not use nofollow bot code, now do not abuse this.

Comments, Feedback, & Tracking

Don't get discouraged if you are not getting feed back, comments etc, from people. It doesn't mean that people don't like what you are writing about. The best way to see if people like what you are writing is by checking you traffic.

My traffic continues to grow and my returning readers are increasing. They just don't like to leave a comment, so I'm guessing since they are returning that they must like what I have to say, but they are not much for chatting. So if you are not getting comments, just check your traffic with a service like Google analytics and Feedburner, and see what the trending is. If you are not getting returning readers then it's safe to assume you need to modify your content.

This article is far from the end all be all for blogging. I plan to continually add new information from my experiences so help people avoid problems so that they can start off on the right foot. If you see something I need to correct, or if you have any advice or tips for new comers in the world of blogging, please leave a comment or two.

Author: Derek Zar - If you like this article, please visit my blog at


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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How to Fake Alexa. Can I Fake My Alexa Ranking?

You most likely found this post because you were thinking to yourself... Can I Fake My Alexa Ranking? So you decided to search for information on How to Fake Alexa. In today's free home business tip you will find out how to increase your Alexa rank...

Right now I am going to show you how to fake Alexa. Next time you say to yourself, "How Can I Fake My Alexa Ranking?" You will know the answer! I’ll show you how to fake your Alexa rank so you can quickly get a low Alexa rank for your new site even though most people think that is not possible.

Let me clear something up right away... I cannot actually fake my Alexa rank and you can't fake your Alexa rank either. But there are definitely some things you can do to boost it. This isn't exactly how to fake Alexa but it is as close as you can get.

To give yourself a nice boost in Alexa rank, one thing you can do is write a post about how to fake Alexa. Yes, that is exactly what I am doing right now!

You see, "How to fake Alexa" is one of the top things that bloggers and other webmasters search for because they know having a good Alexa rank is can be very important to their success. So the whole reason for this post is to get ranked for the keyword phrase How to Fake Alexa and get as many people here as possible looking for tips on boosting Alexa rank. This will, in turn, help my Alexa ranking.

Can I fake my Alexa Rank? No, I can't.

At least to my knowledge there are no methods on How to Fake Alexa. There are no real ways to fake Alexa so you will just have to live with that fact. But you can easily increase your Alexa rank by doing some things such as what I am doing right now.

This is the best method I have found for lowering your Alexa rank as quickly as possible. Like I said before, I am going to keep using keyword phrases related How To Fake Alexa so I can get this post ranked as highly as possible and lower my Alexa rank from all the traffic I get from internet marketers, webmasters, and bloggers.

Doing this will attract the attention of people who know what Alexa is, such as; internet marketers, bloggers, and webmasters. They will come here trying to figure out how I can fake my Alexa rank and hopefully learn how to fake Alexa themselves. And that's perfect because these are the people I want to come here because they are the ones who will probably have the Alexa toolbar installed.

If you aren't even sure what Alexa rank is, the simplest way to define it is that the Alexa rank is a ranking system that bases its ranking on the amount of traffic a website receives from people who have the Alexa toolbar installed. The Alexa ranking tends to be highly skewed towards websites that get most of their traffic from internet marketers, webmasters, bloggers, and other technical people. This is because these people are much more likely to have the Alexa toolbar installed than your average internet user.

Your Alexa rank is used by internet marketers, webmasters, and potential advertisers as one of the factors in determining the value of your website. Simply put, the value of a link on your website, an ad on your site, or the monetary value of your site as a whole is very much related to your Alexa rank.

So you definitely want to have a good Alexa rank. And like I mentioned before, the best way to fake Alexa rank is to get tons of people who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser to visit your website.

By attracting internet marketers and other web savvy people who have the Alexa toolbar installed, you will be able to increase your own Alexa rank. That's exactly how I will be able to bring my Alexa ranking way down by making a post like this. Because when internet marketers come to see if I really do know how to fake Alexa rank, they will be helping me lower my own Alexa ranking.

To be honest, the ability to attract as many Alexa toolbar users here to the free home business tips blog as possible will artificially enhance my Alexa ranking and that is really how I can fake my Alexa rank.

One other great strategy that I can give you on how to fake Alexa is to simply install the toolbar on your own browser and set your website as your start up home page. And visit your own site as much as possible. Yes, your visits do count toward your Alexa rank. Every little bit helps.

If you are reading this post and have the Alexa toolbar installed, then I want to thank you for helping to increase my Alexa rank! If you don’t have the Alexa toolbar installed then you really need to because it is an important part of any online business.

If you need to get the Alexa toolbar you can get it here: Install Alexa Toolbar

So, to conclude this post I want to leave you with a couple thoughts... Can I Fake My Alexa Ranking? No. Are there any methods out there on How to Fake Alexa? No, not really. But I have given you some ways to boost your Alexa ranking so go give it a shot.

Make sure you install the Alexa toolbar right away to help your Alexa rank every time you visit your own site. And since I taught you how to do this, I would appreciate you coming back here after you get it installed to help my Alexa rank too. Thanks!


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