Monday, November 24, 2008

How to Start a Free Internet Home Business

With so many opportunities and ideas out there to make money online, you can get very confused when searching for information on how to start a free internet home business. While there are many free ways to make money online, it is very difficult to start an actual internet home business for free. However, an internet home business does offer entrepreneurs an extremely low cost of entry, especially in comparison to traditional offline brick and mortar businesses that often carry high start up costs.

To start a real business either online or offline, you should be prepared to make a monetary investment. There are countless websites, ebooks, seminars and coaching programs that promise to teach you how to start a free internet home business, but most of them will require you to spend money on something before it's all said and done. If you really want to start an internet business and make money online for free, there are a few simple ways to do so and you can begin using them immediately.

Here are 3 ways to start an internet home business and make money online without spending any money at all:

Affiliate Marketing – In simple terms this is just promoting products that other people have created and getting paid commissions from the product creator for any sales you make. One of the best places to find products to promote is on the digital products marketplace. Vendors place their products in the Clickbank marketplace and affiliates search the marketplace looking for products to sell for commissions. It's very easy and free to sign up as a Clickbank affiliate and start promoting the products found there.

Freelancing – This is another great way to start a free internet business. Internet marketers and other online entrepreneurs are always looking for freelancers to perform tasks for them. They will pay you to do things such as write articles, build websites, research information, create products, get backlinks, write blog posts, programming, and just about anything else you can think of. If you have a skill there is someone willing to pay you for your services. Freelance sites like,, and are all great places to find work as a freelancer.

Selling PLR Content – This can be a fast way to make money online in a short amount of time. There is no shortage of internet business owners looking for content that they can use on their websites and blog, or resell as their own. All you need to do is find an in-demand topic, research the topic, and write articles, reports, or ebooks on it. You can then sell the content and the Private Label Rights (PLR) to it. The Warrior forum, Sitepoint marketplace, and Digitalpoint forums are all great places to sell your content.

So, as you can see, it is possible to make money online for free. You can start a free internet home business by using any or all of the techniques above. If you are looking to build a long-term successful online business but don’t have any money right now then I suggest you make some extra money by using the techniques above and then invest that money back into your real internet home business.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Free Make Money Online Advice

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free Home Based Job Search

Here is a really cool free widget that was created by my friends over at for finding telecommuting jobs, work at home jobs, and other home based jobs... or pretty much any job you want actually. It gives you immediate access to over 30,000 jobs in over 400 cities around the world and they are refreshed daily. Did I mention it's FREE?

This is great for anyone searching for work at home jobs, or any site owner that wants to offer their visitors instant access to thousands of home based jobs for free.

To use the free work at home job search widget just pick your location, type in the keywords for the job category you are looking for, and click the "Go" button.

Free Home Based Job Search:

This free home based job search is perfect for keeping visitors on your website/blog longer and bringing them back more often. To put the widget on your own site simply click the "get & share" button, copy the code, and paste it wherever you want on your website or blog. It's that simple!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Home Business Opportunities

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Home Business Website for Sale - Great Opportunity!

This is a great opportunity for you to get your hands on a very well established home business website. I am selling one of my sites that I have had for over 4 years. It already has a solid foundation and a good start.

If you are looking to get started on your internet home business or expand your existing online business this is your chance to hit the ground running with a site that will give you a turbo boost in your efforts. Why would you ever start a new site from scratch when you can get one with all the groundwork done for you at a very reasonable price?

Go check out the listing for more information:
Site Sold - Listing No Longer Available!

It's going to sell fast. At the time of writing this post, I already have two bids and two other people have emailed me expressing interest, and the auction hasn't even been up for 24 hours yet! So you better get your bid in now. Or use the "Buy It Now" option if you really want to make sure you don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

If you have any questions let me know.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Home Business Blogger

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let's Play a Little Tag!

I've Been Tagged by Tammy from Work at Home Articles! So, as per the rules of the game, I am keeping this going by posting my own answers and tagging more people. If you get tagged then please join in. It's fun and it benefits all who participate.

*If you have been tagged then please follow these rules and repost on your blog:
1) Write six random things about yourself.
2) Tag the person who tagged you.
3) Tag six more people at the end of your post.
4) Let each person know he or she has been tagged.
5) Let the person who tagged you know when your entry is up.

Ok here are 6 random things about me…

#1 - I am a full-time internet marketer. My entire income is made from my internet home business.

#2 - My girlfriends name is Lynn. She is the love of my life!

#3 - I love dogs. Doesn't everyone?

#4 - I hate winter. I live in Iowa and the winters are brutal here.

#5 - I procrastinate way too much.

#6 - Mountain Dew is my favorite pop (soda). I drink one every day.

I am tagging some of my favorite internet marketers and bloggers...

Grizzly @ Make Money Online
Jason @ Entrepreneur Blog
Terry @ Honest Money Making
Noob @ Make Money Blogging
Matt @ Work at Home Insider
Josh @ Internet Marketing Blog

There are several more that I would have liked to tag but the rules said to only tag six, so that's what I did. Don't feel bad if you know you are one of my blogging buddies but you didn't get tagged. I will be sure to get you next time something like this comes around, or in one of my upcoming posts. I don't mind sharing the love!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

How to Make Money Flipping Websites - FlipNoobs

There's no doubt that flipping websites or flipping blogs is the hottest way to make money online right now. Everyone is jumping on the site flipping train as a way to make money. And there are new blog posts, articles, and products talking about website flipping all the time.

I own a few different site flipping products and the only one I can fully recommend to you is FlipNoobs written by Jason Pereira of The University Kid fame.

I've been a reader of his blog for a long time and I know he is very knowledgeable and always willing to help. When I heard he had this new website flipping product coming out, I wanted to be one of the first people to get my hands on it and I was! After reading it, I can say with complete confidence that Flip Noobs will definitely teach you how to make money flipping websites.

FlipNoobs is very easy to understand and was written so even the newest of beginners (noobs) to website flipping can follow it and get started making money by flipping websites/blogs right away. Here's just some of what you will learn in FlipNoobs:

* Choosing a Niche
* Picking the Right Domain
* Setting up the Website
* Finding a Good Theme
* Design and Content Tips
* Where to Sell Your Site
* Creating Your Listing
* Transferring After the Sale
* And MUCH More!

I truly believe this is the only information product you will need for learning how to make money flipping websites!

Oh, in case you are wondering, I was not paid to post this FlipNoobs review. This is my honest review of Flip Noobs without any incentive to do so. There are no affiliate links in this post or any other ways for me to benefit from writing it. I simply wanted to make sure you know about a high quality product that will teach you how to make money online flipping websites and blogs.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
How to Make Money Online

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Internet Home Business Ideas

Are you looking for internet home business ideas? Well you have come to the right place because today I will be discussing some of the best internet home business ideas so you can make an informed decision on what route you want to go in starting a home business.

There are plenty of existing internet home business opportunities that you can tap into and get started on your home business right away. Or you can take a known home business idea and use it to create your own online business. Either way you go there's a huge opportunity for you to become very successful.

Below I have listed some of the most popular internet home business ideas that can be used alone, combined, or taken as a starting point to put your own twist on to create your own home business.

1) Affiliate Marketing - There's an affiliate program for pretty much everything you can think of nowadays. Most of them are free to join. You can promote products or services as an affiliate marketer and get paid a percentage of each sale you make. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start an internet home business.

2) Network Marketing / MLM - Starting an internet home business in the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry can be a very good option. This home business idea has been around for a very long time and was popular even before the internet was invented. But the internet has made it a lot easier to succeed in network marketing. There are a lot of very well known MLM companies that you can join to start your internet home business immediately.

3) Freelancing - There are people all over the internet that need various services done for them and they are willing to pay pretty good money to have them done. Things like writing articles, designing websites, marketing, blogging, and all sorts of other things. You can start your internet home business by doing this freelance work for others.

4) Information Products / Membership Sites - Definitely one of the most popular internet home business ideas is to write an ebook or start a membership site. These can make you a lot of money if they are high quality, in the right niche and marketed properly. They also aren't very difficult to do compared to the potential payoff.

5) Website Flipping - This internet home business idea has gained huge popularity in the past year or so and is becoming even more popular every day. Basically it's similar to flipping houses in the offline world. You buy a website at a low price, fix it up a little bit, increase its worth, and sell it for a higher price.

6) Adsense - Maybe the most popular home business idea on the internet. Almost everyone who makes money online has done it with Adsense at one time or another. The reason is because it's so simple to set up, it's free, and you can use it for almost every niche.

7) Niche Marketing - Researching smaller niches with a good market but not a lot of competition and then creating content or promoting products within that niche is a very good internet home business idea. There are a lot of people who make very good money by doing this.

8) Blogging - Another internet home business idea that has really exploded in recent years. Just about everyone has a blog and blogging for money is very popular right now. You can start a blog on just about any topic and use some of the methods listed above to make money from it if you get enough traffic.

Those are some of the popular internet home business ideas that you can use to make money online or use as a starting point to come up with your own original idea for a home business. You can also combine some of these ideas to create even more income streams for yourself. Just choose the ones that are right for you and get started on your home business right now!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Home Business Blog

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