Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Make Money Online Using WebSEO to Build Backlinks

If you want to dominate the search engines and actually make money online then you need to get backlinks, and lots of them. But not just any link will do, you need keyword anchored backlinks. This will greatly increase your authority in the search engines which will then increase your rankings and traffic. In the end you make a lot more money!

Getting perfect backlinks is very difficult to do but there are several ways to get backlinks. You can submit articles to directories, write guest blog posts, do link exchanges, set up some link bait, write good content and hope people link to it, submit your site to web directories, comment on dofollow blogs, social bookmarking, forums, and lots of other things. However, most of those are very time consuming and will only get you so far.

What can you do to really ramp up your link building efforts?

There are several resources that can help you build backlinks. Some of the popular ones are Backlink Solutions, LinkVana, Article Marketing Automation, Traffic Kahuna, Article Marketer, Unique Article Wizard, and Bookmarking Demon. However, there is no way the average person trying to make money online could afford to pay for all of these each month. And it would be very difficult to find the time to write the articles and manage them all.

So, what's an option for people without the money for all those recurring subscriptions or the time to manage them all?

It's called WebSEO and it's a backlink building service that was created with those exact people in mind. A service that will help you get the links you need to achieve top search engine rankings and make money online without going broke or using up all your time in the process.

It's not a flashy or hyped up service. In fact, it's very straightforward and mostly unheard of. You don't even really get any information by visiting the site. Oh, in case you are wondering, the above link is not an affiliate link. I don't think they even have an affiliate program. I'm only telling you about it to help you get more backlinks and make more money!

Like I said, there isn't much information on the site so you might not know what the heck you are supposed to do. Here's the step by step process for you to follow:

1) Go to http://webseo.org
2) Register for an account. It's free.
3) Wait for admin to approve you.
4) Once approved you can then log in.
5) Choose the link package you want.
6) Pay via Paypal.
7) Submit your keywords and links.
8) Wait for your links to roll in.

That's it. Very simple and very affordable!

Keep in mind that this is a new system so there might be some changes being made here and there until all the kinks are worked out. So, the above process could change, or may have changed by the time you read this. Even still I am sure it will stay very simple and straightforward.

This link building system can be used as much as you want. You don't have any minimum use requirements or limits on how much you can use it. Just use it to get backlinks whenever you need to. There are no monthly fees, no strings attached, and no work on your part. Pretty good deal if you ask me!

It's definitely worth giving it a try!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Free Online Business Tips

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Grizzly's Make Money Online Trifecta

If you don't know of "Grizzly Brears" by now then where the heck have you been? I'll let it slide if you are a newbie and haven't been around long enough to find him yet. But if you have been trying to learn how to make money online for more than a month then shame on you for not following Griz!

He is the man. The supreme master. The final stop in your quest. The answer to all your questions. Alright, that was all a little dramatic, but I am sure he will get a kick out of it. Seriously though, if you can't learn how to make money online from his blogs then you won't be able to do it anywhere. I'm not kidding! Oh and I almost forgot to mention that he gives away all of his information for free.

Here are the three best make money online blogs on the internet:

1) How to Make Money Online for Beginners - This is where Griz does most of his teaching and gives away his best information. It says "for beginners" but even seasoned veterans can learn a lot from it. I've been making money online for six years and even I still learn new stuff all the time from this blog.

2) Make Money Online with Grizzly - Another great blog of his with plenty of make money online information and resources.

3) How to Make Money with Adsense - His newest one focusing on making money from Google Adsense. It might be fairly new but there's already a lot of great information at this one.

There really isn't anywhere else you need to go to learn how to make money online. And you definitely shouldn't pay for any information. It's all laid out right in front of you for free on the three blogs above.

Making money online is not rocket science, far from it. All you really need to do is pick the right niches and dominate the search engines by getting lots of keyword anchored backlinks. Griz shows you how to do this for free on all three of his blogs.

Notice two of the three are free blogs and he doesn't use fancy themes or graphics on any of them? That's because he is all about making money instead of winning beauty blog contests. Having the prettiest blog won't get you any closer to achieving online business success.

Go check them out, bookmark them, subscribe to their RSS feeds, and visit them often. That way you can always find them and actually learn something about making money online.


Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Free Online Business Tips

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Affiliate Marketing Online Business Tips

An affiliate marketing online business is a great way to make money on the internet and affiliate marketers have it easy as far as online businesses go. Some of the biggest advantages of being an affiliate marketer are that you don't have to worry about researching a niche, creating a product, writing a sales letter, or doing any of the other things that are required when trying to make money from your own product.

When you are an affiliate marketer most of the work has already done for you. The only thing you really need to do is to promote the product you plan to sell. And there are more ways to do this than you can possibly imagine. And yet, as easy a time as affiliate marketers have, so few of them really take advantage of this fact by going the extra mile with their promotions. One area where many lack is in product reviews.

The reason doing a product review is so important is because it gives more credibility to your promotion. What do you think is going to be more effective, sending somebody straight to a sales page from some ad or sending them to a blog with a full review of the product? I can tell you from extensive experience that the review, if it's a good one, is going to sell more products than just sending the prospect to a sales page. The question is how should you do the review? Is there a way that works best?

I have a lot of affiliate marketing experience and I have found it's best to do a review that is as unbiased as possible. In other words, you want to talk about what you like and what you don't like about the product. Most affiliate marketers are reluctant to do this because they're afraid that if they say anything negative about the product at all, it's going to make the prospect less likely to buy it. Actually, the opposite is true. If you can honestly say that there are things you don't like about the product but overall you feel it is a good value, you are going to get more sales and make more money.

The reason for this is psychological. The prospect, having read that you've actually found fault, will believe that the review itself is actually true and not just a sales pitch. They are more inclined to believe you simply because you said, "I don't like..." and then whatever it is you have a problem with. Now, you don't want to list too many problems because then, the prospect may start to think that the product is crap. So take it easy on the criticisms, but keep them in there.

By writing a review that is honest and also completely goes over the product in question you are much more likely to make the sale than if you just sugarcoat the whole thing as one big positive sales pitch.

Here are three simple steps to successfully making money with an affiliate marketing online business through product reviews:

1) The first thing you need to do is obviously to pick an affiliate product that you can review and earn money from any sales you make. Once you find one you will want to get a copy of it yourself and go through it. The reason is because if you're going to write a comprehensive review of the product you must know it inside and out.

Now, you can usually get one by simply writing to the product creator and asking them for a review copy. Most product creators will be more than happy to comply if they see you're serious about becoming and affiliate and promoting their product. If they won't give it to you for some reason just buy one or move on to another product. After you go through the product, you want to write your review of it.

2) The next step in the affiliate marketing product review process is to get a Blogger blog. The reasons I suggest Blogger are because it's free, easy to set up, and the service is owned by Google. You'll get the best results with Blogger, at least as far as the free options go. Naturally, your own domain and hosting will be the better option, but that's going to cost some money and take longer to set up.

Anyway, get your free blog and make sure you choose a name and URL that closely matches the product you're going to review because you're going to post the review up on the blog itself. At the end of the blog post, you're going to include an affiliate link to the product.

3) Finally, you're going write a few articles on the topic that relates to the product you are promoting. Then, you are going to submit these articles to ezinearticles.com first and then a few other article directories. The reason I suggest ezinearticles.com is because it is the best article directory online. At the bottom of your article, you're going to include a resource box with a strong call to action to your blog review. Point out that you're reviewing this product. Anybody interested will want to read it.

That's all you have to do! The whole affiliate marketing review process can be done in less than a day and it won't cost you a dime. If you pick the right niche product and target the right keywords, each article can easily bring in a few sales and make money for you.

Why not give it a try? It's a very simple way to start a successful affiliate marketing online business and you may just find that it's the easiest money you've ever made!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Free Make Money Online Tips

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