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That Free Thing: A Unique Business Opportunity

That free thing is a unique business opportunity in the sense that it gives you ample ways to earn money. It is a program that provides access to thousands of free products and services available in your area and worldwide. The access is provided by that free thing after a payment of a one-time $25 and a monthly subscription of $9.95. It is important to know that you will earn more money if you refer more and more people to the program. Each and every member forms part of the 3 by 8 matrix and hence you will earn by the matrix system too. The beauty of that free thing program is that you will earn a portion of the one time fee of $25 and the monthly subscription of $9.95 for every member in your matrix.

There is another part of the compensation plan as well. You are entitled to earn bonuses too that are called by the name matching bonuses. You are paid matching bonuses in terms of the people that are sponsored in the first 3 generations of your down line. You can earn 40% of matching bonuses on 5 people directly sponsored by you in the first level. In the same way you can earn 30% of the earnings of the people in the second level if you have directly sponsored 10 people into that free thing program. Finally you are entitled to earn a matching bonus of 30% on the third level affiliates if you have sponsored 15 people in the program. The second part of the compensation plan makes that free thing online earning program more interesting and exciting indeed. The people of this program conduct webinars regularly to give training to you in matters relating to sponsoring. The program has already given away many prized to its members for reaching different milestones. Several gifts such as cash coupons and iPads were given away as prizes for the 1,000th, 2,000th, 3,000th members and so on. The membership of that free thing online earning program has crossed the 10,000 subscription mark. It is by no means a mean achievement for that matter.

All said and done this program has come to stay for long. It has created sensation among the young entrepreneurs. More and more people have shown interest in this program. It is true that hard work and perseverance will see you through this program. You are bound to succeed in the task of referring more and more affiliates to this program.