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5 Essential Traits of a Home Business Website

So you’ve decided to start an online work at home business
and are just beginning to build your website. You probably
have a million different ideas for what you want the site to
look like. You will want to take into consideration that
your idea of a great website may differ drastically from
what a website designed to make sales should be like. 

In this article I have offered 5 very important traits of a
professional home business website. Implementing these into
your website will make it much more effective in getting
visitors to do what you want them to do.... Give You Their

Here are 5 traits of great home business website (in no
particular order):

1) Build A Professional Looking Site – There are millions of
websites on the Internet and many of them are very well
designed. Make sure your website is as professional in
appearance as your competition. You will be judged on the
appearance of your site so make sure you don’t lose visitors
because of a bad design.

2) Provide Visitors With All the Info They Need – If a
visitor to your website has to put any effort into finding
the information they need, you will lose them fast.
Everything should be easily available to them with clear
directions on how to get it. Make all important information
no more than one click away.

3) Have A Newsletter Sign-Up – Having a form for people to
opt-in to a newsletter is a great way to build a list of
customers. It’s also a great way to build trust and a strong
following. Pack it full of great information, resources,
freebies, and more. You will bring them back for more plus
they just might tell all their friends about you.

4) Make It Sell – You are building a work at home business
website so you can make money. In order to do that you must
get your visitors to make purchases. Your site should have a
direct call to action with your best products and/or
services listed in highly visible places.

5) Allow feedback – It’s important to have a way for your
visitors to offer feedback to you. They should also have an
easy way to ask questions and make comments. People will
like this because they get to give their input about what
they would like to see done. You will benefit by being able
to know what your customers want or need.

Ok, now you should be able to get a great start on that
business website. Include all five of the things above then
build some great information around them. You will have a
wonderful website that should bring back visitors time and
time again.

About the author:

Trent Brownrigg is a successful internet marketer, business
mentor, and author of business articles. He will personally
help you build a secure financial future. Visit for more details.

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