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7 Stars of Work at Home Success

by Irena Whitfield

People starting on the Net come here to find their success in online business and are in a constant chase for magic formulas, get-rich-quick schemes or anything that could bring them success fast, without any efforts. However, there is nothing like a magic formula or a working get-rich-quick scheme.

Once you decide to succeed, Work, Devotion and Perseverence are the magic that completed with the below Seven Stars will lead you to your online success reliably:

1. Motivation

This Star is really important because it will help you to become the right person deserving success. It covers many accompanying stars the same important, like discipline, desire to learn, to programme yourself for success, to develop and adopt the right, optimistic attitude, the will, the burning desire to succeed, to persevere. Only if you seriously decide you want to make your dreams come true, you will be able to work hard and do all it takes.

Your decision should really be serious, and you should take it as a one-way street. Once you set on the journey, there should not be a way back for you. You should realise that you take up a serious commitment and that you never want to become a failure. If you ever stop, lose track or leave it, you will be a failure for ever. If you are able to take up the commitment and decide to really succeed, you have the most difficult step behind and are on your way to your dreams.

2. Web site

Another Star accompanied by other important stars like products, services, customers that you must learn, develop and adopt if you want to succeed. Albert Einstein when asked to define Success in 1932 answered: "Only life lived for others is a life worthwhile." If you adopt this principle, many chores will stop being a nuisance to you.

Start searching within yourself to find out what valuable you are able to offer to others = your customers, who you want to be your customers and then, establish the right presence on the Net, build your web site offering your products and services that will help your customers to get what they imagine to get.

Become a help to your customers, not a pest. Grow, update, improve yourself, your services, your web site all the time to render your customers the best services you can.

3. Search Engines and Directories

Once you have your web site live on the Net, start to submit it to search engines and directories - manually to the major ones and automatically to hundreds of others all over the world.

Put your site on the Net when it is finished and ready because more and more search engine spiders are constantly surfing the web to look for sites to include in their search engines. Once they find your site not finished or bearing an 'Under Construction' Sign, your chances to rank well go down. Always it is much more difficult to improve damage done than to do things right the first time. So, be sure you do it the right way at the right time.

Do not listen to people telling you that it is not important to rank well on search engines and not worth the efforts. Of course, it is, but not for only one keyword though.

4. Articles

A very important Star, so easy and lazy to follow and the sweet results! Definitely one of the fastest ways to make progress on the Net, to get nearer and nearer to your dreams.

However, even here you have to adopt and follow certain principles to have it working the right way. Avoid temptation to make your articles a blatant advertisement for your services or products. The length you give it will not make it an article, it will stay a boring ad, and not many publishers will post it anyway.

Always bear in mind that whatever you do should bring the best possible results. Don't try to cheat, be honest to yourself, to your customers, to your partners. You must build and keep credibility to succeed. If you write an article, make it an article and submit it to ezines, directories, publish it online - the possibilities are endless.

5. Ezines

Another excellent way to help your web presence and create the right base of your supporters. However, do not think this one is so easy as the previous one. This Star requires a long-term commitment to allow you to achieve the right results. You must deliver valuable up-to-date content on a consistent basis to develop credibility, to be useful and helpful to your subscribers.

To get the right subscribers is also an important and not very easy task. It is useless to have thousands of subscribers who never read your Ezine. It is well worth making your efforts to gain subscribers who listen to you, who need you, your services and products.

If you are not willing to do your best, do not do it at all. Nothing partial can bring you positive results. It will damage your good work in other fields.

6. E-Books

Once you gain some expertize and experience, it is advisable that you at least try to achieve this one. It needs lots of homework, proper research, study, knowledge, work and discipline to get this one right.

In deciding on the topic, never write about anything you do not know thoroughly. Concentrate on what you know the best, what you can share that will be helpful to your readers.

The topic, content is the decisive and most important, however, like even the most beautiful and precious paintings, even your e-book needs an attractive presentation - form, language, design, cover, marketing campaign.

Whatever you do, you should always see all your activities complementing and supporting each other, complying with your overall image, focused on your goals. Whenever you feel you are not able to deliver your best, do not do it. However, do not expect to be perfect. You will do nothing waiting for it. But strive for it.

7. Marketing

All the Stars are important, and you cannot succeed if you do not reach them all but yet I dare to say that this one is quite a big bit more important that the others. Marketing yourself and your web site should take up about 80% of your time once you establish your web presence. Nothing will sell itself unless you market it properly.

I hate to repeat what you can hear all around but do your marketing, make use of every opportunity you come across to market your web site. It seems time-consuming, tiring and it is. You can automate most of your activities but yet the most important item, watching out for new opportunities and making a full use of them is up to you. However, if you love what you do, everything is so much easier and even fun.

Stick to another basic principle: You and your web site must be seen. And you are here to promote it every day, to make people know you are here to help them to get what they want, to help them succeed, to make them come and visit your site, to make people buy from you and just from you. Right Now.

All the Success Stars complement each other, influence each other and are so intermingled that you cannot succeed online with only one of them. You have to reach all of them to achieve a long-term success. And not to fully disappoint you, I have a little secret for you: You must firmly believe in your success. All the Universe will unite to help you once you firmly believe in it.


Irena Whitfield is the webmistress of Internet Business Consultants for 3rd Millennium helping people to achieve their goals on the Net, trying to provide them with All the Tools they need FREE.

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