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Your Guide To Affiliate Programs - Part 4

In this part of the affiliate program guide, we are going to focus on affiliate programs that don't require you to sell a product, but instead get people to join the program that you're in. This is commonly called MLM though there are some affiliate programs of this type that are not MLM. I'll explain this as we go through it.

A good number of programs on the internet involve having to get another person to join the program under you. This is how you make your money. Usually, these programs have a monthly membership fee and as this person's sponsor, you get a percentage of that monthly fee. The normal percentage is usually around 50%, though some programs pay a little more and others pay a little less, but 50% is pretty much the average.

Now this is where people confuse these simple commission structures with MLM programs. An affiliate program like this usually pays just 1 level down. In other words, for each person you bring in to the program, you get paid whatever the commission is. But, if these people happen to bring in people on their own, you don't get anything from their efforts. While in a sense there is more than 1 level, as you do have people underneath the ones you sponsored, but this is not a true MLM because you don't get paid for the second level or any levels beyond that.

A true MLM program is one where you get paid, not only from your own efforts, but from the efforts of the people you bring in. For example; let’s say you bring in Bobby and get paid $20 from him signing up. Then, Bobby brings in Sally and while he gets $20 from her signup, you get maybe $8 from him signing her up, and so on, for a set number of levels deep. You're getting paid from the efforts of those you brought in. This is a true MLM and one of the most popular affiliate programs on the internet.

The reasons behind the popularity of these programs are simple. These people are hoping that the people they bring in will also bring in a number of people. With some MLM programs going down as many as 12 levels deep or more, the potential for earnings becomes very substantial. That's when we get into commission structures.

And that's where things get quite complicated. With all the different possibilities, there are more commission structures than you can possibly imagine. So how do you know which ones are good? Which ones are bad? Which ones pay the best? Which ones pay the worst? Which are the easiest? Which are the hardest? And so on...?

Unfortunately, finding out this information is a lot easier said than done. Most of what you will read about affiliate programs is quite biased. Your best bet is to spend some time at forums and read what people like yourself have to say about a particular affiliate program. If most people think it's a good program it probably is. Or if everyone is saying it's a bad program, more than likely it is. Remember to get a number of opinions, you can't judge an affiliate program based on just a few reviews because there will always be differing opinions. It's best to do a lot of research, compile it all together, and then make an informed decision based on your findings.

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