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Club Sea Breeze is the newest entry into what has become the hottest market in the home business industry which is discount travel. Club Sea Breeze launched in April 2010 founded by Kelly Williams who became widely known for building a large down-line in Tvi Express. Although inexperienced as a owner in network marketing, Kelly has been very active in advancing the Club Sea Breeze business adding in a marketing system as well as enhancements to the compensation plan. The willingness to continue to change and grow is a vital component to a successful network marketing owner.

Some major changes were announced in June of 2010 were the catalyst for our updated review.


Club Sea Breeze main product and core of the business is the CSB Travel Membership. This is a membership to the travel discounts provided by HTOA. It allows a customer to login and purchase discount week long vacations at resorts around the world. They offer two levels of membership, a three year membership and a lifetime membership.

WAHJI Product Review:


The Club Sea Breeze product ClubSeaBreezeWeeks is the exact some product as LGN Prosperity’s LGN Travel Card product. This is the exact same membership provided by HTOA. Not that it is a bad product, in fact discount travel is a great product for online business, it comes down to price. Club Sea Breeze offers a 3 year membership for $369 and lifetime membership for $569. LGN offers unlimited use of the travel card for a one time cost of $269.These products are identical. Both provide online access to the complete inventory available with HTOA (Holiday Travel Of America)

The recent changes announced by Club Sea Breeze included raising the product price. The price increase allows for more money in the compensation plan, but the higher price of the product does lower the rating of the product itself.

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