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By Chas Brothers

I’ve been around many people that I consider gifted who have no problem talking to people they’ve just met about a myriad of topics, and other people who just oozed confidence and could command the attention of a room full of people with little or no effort.

I on the other hand tend be leery of new situations, have no idea what to talk about, even with family let alone perfect strangers! But, let me get involved with something I have a passion for, and I can keep up with the best of them!

Fear can be a terrible thing when it’s allowed to accumulate to the point of keeping us from our full potential. No one wants to look foolish or less than intelligent in front of anyone regardless of who they are and none of us wants to be rejected

It doesn’t matter where these fears come from, but they need to be mastered so they will not dictate your actions! Home based businesses are great for people who have legitimate concerns about their comfort zone, and for them, this is acceptable.

When first planning your business, particularly in the area of advertising or promotion you will have to decide how far out of your comfort zone you’re willing to go. I hated the ideas of putting flyers on cars or handing freebies away to total strangers – you would always get one or two that would validate your reasons for staying within your comfort zone.

On the flipside though is the other 98% that is just as scared as you and will take what you’re offering and look at it later! Out of those you may get 1 or 2 people who have a passion for something better just like you. My friends, those are the best kind of people you can get!

Business is no different. Necessity will drive you to look at and consider things you wouldn’t ordinarily give a second thought to. Ask yourself this; “How badly do I want financial independence. If I lost my job tomorrow, what would my family do?” Pretty powerful motivators if you ask me.

Home based businesses today and their marketing strategies are better than they’ve ever been. Encompassing all races, cultures, and economic spectrums, these are the only businesses on the planet were the “playing field” is totally equal and each person dependent upon each other – both for their successes and failures!

Just by joining and/or starting your home business you’re already stepping out of your comfort zone! All of a sudden a stay at home mom or stay at home dad who may not have a lot of interaction with people at school activities, or in their neighborhood, are conducting business transactions and mentoring people from Germany, China, Japan and Greece! Is that cool or what?

What are you willing to do to achieve your goals? Whatever home based business you choose there is sure to be some advertising and promotions both online and off.

I remember when my wife and I started doing paperbox tubers. Me, airing on the side of caution, had to buy this yellow revolving light for on top of the car. My wife told me as usual, I was overkill Brothers! She would pilot and I would stuff the boxes. Only one problem, my wife had a little depth perception on a few of the boxes and only the car got scratched a little. We howled at ourselves because it was just too funny!

I encourage you to step out of yourself every once in a while and try these new things – Look at me, I survived!!

Do this and I guarantee you that you will stand taller, increase your confidence and get others to notice it as well!

People will be able to see it in you and they’ll want it. No one you or I know wants to be a failure or have a mediocre or meager existence or to just get by.

Sooner or later:

- You’ll have to hate not seeing light at the end of the tunnel
- You’ll have to hate not being able to answer your phone due to lack of money
- You’ll have to hate having an alarm going off to summon you to your job
- You’ll have to hate being told when you can vacation
- You’ll have to hate the politics in the office
- You’ll have to hate not getting the quality time you deserve
- You’ll have to hate not being able to do for your family because of a lack of funds

What’s your motivation going to be? For each of us the answer will be different as will our comfort levels. In reality, what have you got to loose? Nothing!

Possibly the worst you could lose is that one Team Leader that could propel you and your team into some great sales figures – wouldn’t that be tragic?

About the author:

Chas Brothers is a Home Based Business Owner, Motivational Writer, and an Independent SFI Marketing Representative and may be reached at; , or

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