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Finding Your Dream Job

Do you enjoy your work? Do you look forward to getting up each morning and getting to work? Or do you dread Monday thru Friday and just pray to get through the week so that you can make it back home, away from your JOB. Unfortunately, that is the way it is for most people. Not many people actually enjoy their work. They do it as a means to survive, to get by.

The key to becoming successful and wealthy has to start with actually enjoying your work. Therefore it is very important you find a type of work that you enjoy, that you actually look forward doing each day, not just weekdays. The kind of work you always want to talk about with others and get excited thinking of new ideas for your job. That is the kind of passion you should feel towards your job.

Many people are in dead end jobs and are ok with it. They figure as long as it pays bills they are doing good. Those people have lost their desire to do better, to get ahead. Ask yourself, what do you really enjoy doing? Something that you would even enjoying doing on a Friday night. We all know Friday nights are the get away from work night, the Tgif’s of the world. We all look forward to them. Just to get away from work, to go see a movie, to go out dancing, just go have some fun doing whatever your Friday Night Essence may be.

That same passion, that same essence is how you should feel about your work, what ever that maybe. That burning passion inside of you wanting to progress and do better in your job is what will bring success and wealth. But, it is sad that such a small percentage of people ever feel this way about their work/job. You are the only one that change that, you need to dig deep inside you and figure out what YOU want. What do you enjoy doing? Some people enjoy cooking and make a wonderful career out of that. Some prefer sports and get wealthy doing exactly what they love to do. You see where I’m going? Love your work, and it will love you back.

So many people consume too much time living in the past. Those people often cripple their potential by living and thinking in terms of past experiences. They fail to grasp the bigger concepts and principles needed for a productive future. People that live in the past lose the ability to control their future. The future lies ahead, so stay focus on today and tomorrow and leave yesterday behind.

It's time to move forward, stop wasting precious time and start finding that dream job. It could be anything, a Teacher, a Policeman, a Fireman or maybe you want to start your Own Home Business. Whatever your dream job may be, don't be afraid to pursue it.

About the author:

This article was written by Debbie Reyes webmaster of
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