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Five Overlooked Online Business Strategies

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of ways to bring people to your website and there are just about as many strategies to get them to buy from it. However, most people use the same old traffic techniques and selling strategies over and over again.

Below I have outlined five overlooked strategies you can use to bring in free traffic, make more sales, and build your online business.

1. Ask people to find a hidden link in your ad copy. If they find the hidden link tell them they will get a prize or freebie by clicking on it. This will increase the chance that they will buy your product or service because they will read your whole ad copy.

2. Start a members only web site. Tell visitors what's in your members only site and what it costs to get access. Offer them a free membership, if, in exchange they link to your web site, post your banner on their home page or agree to advertise your web site in their e-zine for a set period of time. Usually they will agree to the free advertising to save money. This is a powerful way to get free advertising and therefore free traffic to your website.

3. Want a popular discussion board? This technique is based on the number of postings made by any one person. You could give away a free product or service to any person that posts ten
or more legitimate messages on your discussion in a month. It could be a free e-book, report, e-mail consulting etc. Just keep track of everyone's postings each month.

4. Give your visitors an instant article directory. Tell your visitors they can instantly add a free article directory to their web site by linking to yours. Just place your ad or banner ad on top of the article directory for your main product or service. All those links can add up to a large amount of traffic for your web site.

5. There a millions of web sites on the internet. Instead of marketing your web site as a web site. Market it as a free web book/e-book. Design your web site with a title page, table of contents, chapters, etc... Just place your ad or banner for your product or service on the top of each web page.

About the author:

Trent Brownrigg has been successfully running an online business for years. To date he has helped thousands of people start their own online home businesses and succeed with them. Do you need help starting your online home business or giving your existing online business and jump start? If so, let Trent help you!

His website is at:
and you can also subscribe to his biz tips newsletter by sending a blank email to:

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