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GIVEOPP -- Entrepreneurs Leading the Charge To Change The World

The success of any project is totally dependent on the reason for the project in the first place i.e. the WHY! If the reason is big enough then all obstacles are overcome and solutions found. Finally, there is a business that combines the worlds of entrepreneurship, wealth creation and philanthropy to deliver powerful solutions and a huge WHY to all who wish to live empowered and abundant lives.

GIVEOPP leverages network marketing to empower individuals to significantly change their lives and those around them by providing a unique business opportunity where the profits are channeled into careful selected humanitarian projects.

Currently, GIVEOPP is in PRELAUNCH and assembling the leadership team. There are already members on 5 continents and GIVEOPP has initiated a number of philanthropic projects that will be completed by the 4th July 2010 launch date.

This provides a rare, exciting and innovative opportunity and is accessible to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world.

GIVEOPP has combined the influence and broad appeal of social networking with the business model of network marketing for the grander purpose of achieving philanthropic projects globally. GIVEOPP's mission is to "empower individuals with opportunity and facilitate humanitarian and environmental aid where it is needed in the world".

One of the major causes of mental illness in the Western world has been attributed to people seeing the terrible plight of people all around the world on television and feeling powerless to do anything about it. GIVEOPP changes this TODAY and ensures that philanthropy is available to ordinary individuals who want to live at cause and make a difference in their community and ultimately the world . . . and the beauty is that you and your family benefit enormously along the way. The more you and your team do, the more you all benefit and the more you contributing to the solution of some of the worst man-made problems in the world today.

As Mahatma Gandhi said "Be the change you wish to see in the world". Now you can be!

Through their partnerships with non-profit and research organizations, including The Hunger Project, Rooms for Joy, Trees for Life and Permaculture, GIVEOPP members will be able to use their resources to create a real difference in the lives of thousands of individuals worldwide. Projects will include the implementation of sustainable farms, institution of clean water utilities, assistance for the terminally ill and disabled, distribution of food and resources, resources and education for children in need, environmental aid and more.

As projects are implemented, GIVEOPP members will have a number of opportunities in which they can help and make a difference, they are able to assist either from home or by participating hands-on at the project site. Projects will focus on international as well as local needs with a plan for long-term sustainability of the instituted projects and resources.

GIVEOPP benefits members by:

1. providing a powerful way to build wealth. 2. ability to take control of their lives by creating a balance lifestyle. 3. sharing their knowledge and experience for the betterment of their team members. 4. contribute to the most pressing issues in the world today. 5. creating a legacy and a life of significance. 6. . . . and so much more.

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