Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Best Make Money Online Information You Will Ever Find!

Blogger Unleashed There are thousands of make money online blogs on the internet. Some of them are very well known and we all visit them frequently, but if you really think about it, most of them don't really give much money making information that we can actually use.

There is now a blogger who has changed that. His name is Vic and his blog is called Blogger Unleashed. The name fits perfectly because he truly is like a hungry rabid dog that has been "unleashed" and is now tearing up the make money online niche.

Some words that come to mind when I think of Vic and his Blogger Unleashed blog are: Informative, Useful, Valuable, Entertaining, Real, Honest, Blunt, and Brutal.

This guy holds nothing back when it comes to giving real money making advice. He doesn't care what anyone thinks, he just tells it like it is.

If you are easily offended then maybe this blog isn't for you, because Vic is not shy about dropping four letter words, usually beginning with F, or calling out other bloggers for giving false or flat out stupid information. But he cuts through the crap and gives online money making tips that most well-known blogger won't give.

I've been an internet marketer for almost 5 years and I make a pretty darn good living online. I thought I pretty much knew it all when it comes to making money online but Vic's posts have shown me that I definitely did not! He has taught me more in the past couple months than all the other blogs, forums, and information products combined have in the past year.

Actually he is probably pissing off a lot of so called "experts" and top bloggers because he is giving away all the online money making secrets for free.

I was going to list some of my favorite posts from Blogger Unleashed here but as I started going through them I realized there are just too many great ones and the list would have been too long. So I suggest going through his archives and finding your own favorites.

Be sure to read the comments under each post because even the comments on most of his posts are a goldmine for money making information you can use.

Why Blogger Unleashed is not on the top 100 make money online blogs list is beyond me. You could easily make the argument that it is the #1 make money online blog, and I don't think anyone would disagree that it's at least one of the top blogs.

Update: I was contacted by the owner of after he read this post and he has now added Blogger Unleashed to the Top 100 Make Money Online Blogs list.

To put everything I said above into one sentence...

You'd be wise to save Blogger Unleashed in your favorites and visit it often!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Owner of Free Home Business Tips

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