Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I Follow These Blogs and You Should Too!

Below is a list of all the blogs that I am subscribed to via their RSS feed on my iGoogle home page. They are mostly make money online blogs or other closely related topics such as internet marketing, blogging, home business and work at home. But there are a few in other niches too.

Since there are so many blogs out there in the blogosphere, especially in the make money online niche, I thought you might want to know the ones I read and recommend. This is also a great way for me to spread some link love to my blogging buddies!

I've been making money online as an internet marketer since May of 2003 (five and a half years at the time of this post) and have also been blogging for most of that time. So I guess you could say I have been around the block a few times and know my way around the world of internet business. I've visited countless blogs over the years and these are the few that have been quality enough for me to add to my feed reader so I make sure to come back to them often...

Let me start with one of my own. Yes, I subscribe to my own blogs! Don't you? I have about 40 total websites and blogs in various niches, but I will only list one of them here to keep this blog list a little shorter:

Free Internet Home Business Tips

And now for the rest of the blogs that I follow (in no particular order):

How to Make Money Online

Make Money Online with Grizzly

Internet Marketing School

The Keyword Academy

Entrepreneur Blog

Make Money Dynamo

Blog Marketing Strategies

Digital Product Reporter

Blogger Unleashed

Work at Home Blog

Internet Marketing with Josh Spaulding

Make Money Blog

The Honest Way Blog

Freelance Writing

Jonathan Leger

Make Money Blogging with Garry Conn

Money Saving Reviews

Earn Online Cash

Personal Development Blog

Well, that should keep you busy reading for a while, so I won't take up anymore of your time by making this post much longer. I hope you enjoy those blogs as much as I do. I recommend subscribing to them all if you can. You will learn everything you need to know about how to make money online, internet marketing, blogging, home business, and working at home from those blogs. Plus, you will learn some more great information from the blogs that don't cover those topics.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blogs Suck for Internet Marketing and Making Money Online

I know there are a lot of you who think that only blogs make money online or that only blogs rank well in the search engines or that you must be a blogger if you want to be a successful internet marketer. It's not entirely your fault for thinking this since most of the so-called top make money online bloggers do a very good job of feeding you this crap. However, it is absolutely NOT true and I can prove it! The fact is that bloggers suck at internet marketing and search engine optimization... Which is how you make money online!

Want to see what I am talking about? Keep reading...

The other day I was doing some searching on Google for various keyword phrases in the niches that typically fall under the "Internet Marketing" umbrella such as; work at home, make money online, home business, home based business and so on. After a few minutes of searching I started to realize that I wasn't finding very many blogs in the top ten of these popular searches.

So, I started looking a little closer at the search results and found that there really aren't very many blogs that rank in the top 10 on Google for any of the most popular internet marketing related keywords. The only exception was "make money online" (without quotes) but even the first page of search results for that term was only half full of blogs.

The results of my little experiment are below...

* Internet Marketing = 0 blogs in the top 10
* Make Money Online = 5 blogs in the top 10
* Home Business = 1 blog in the top 10
* Work at Home = 0 blogs in the top 10
* Home Based Business = 1 blog in the top 10

Total = 7 blogs out of the 50 websites listed at the top of Google for those keyword phrases.

The only one that even had a decent showing of blogs in the top 10 was Make Money Online. Now, you might be thinking that “make money online” is the most searched for keyword phrase of all of these so it's the one that you want to rank highly for with your blog anyway. Think again!

I checked each of the phrases in the Google Adwords keyword tool and the free Wordtracker keyword tool to see how many searches each of them receive. You can see what I found below. The first number is the monthly searches the keyword phrase gets according to the Google keyword tool and the second number is the daily searches it gets according to the free wordtracker tool.

* Internet Marketing = 1,000,000/month, 3412/day
* Make Money Online = 673,000/month, 956/day
* Home Business = 1,830,000/month, 1128/day
* Work at Home = 1,000,000/month, 1184/day
* Home Based Business = 673,000/month, 763/day

Now you can clearly see that of the five top keyword phrases in the internet marketing niche, make money online comes in right around the bottom. It was tied for last with home based business for monthly searches according to the Google tool and it was second to last in daily searches according to the Wordtracker tool. Home business and internet marketing were the top two respectively.

I admit this might not have been the most in-depth scientific experiment in the world but I don't think there's any doubt that it shows you definitely do not need a blog to rank well on Google or to make money online!

What do you need to rank highly in search engines and actually make money online?


You need lots of keyword anchored backlinks. These are also called "inbound links" or "inlinks" depending on who you talk to, but they are all the same thing. Getting backlinks is the most important thing for ranking highly on the search engines and making money online.

Now hopefully you know that you don't need a blog that you update five times per day just for the sake of posting on it because you heard from some A-list blogger that's how to make money online. A very select few bloggers ever make it very far by following that school of thought for making money online, but plenty of website owners do very well with their sites by ranking highly on search engines. Which would you rather be?

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Free Make Money Online Tips

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Breaking the Deadly Cycle

When you work at home it's often very easy to get into a certain cycle that you repeat day after day. This can sometimes be a good thing but more often than not it's a cycle of getting nowhere with your home business. When you start doing the same tasks over and over again each day even though they aren't actually making you any money it can be a real business killer.

Sure there are some tasks you might do every day that don't directly make money for you but they are at least helping to build your online business. These are things like building up your link popularity by getting backlinks, writing fresh content for your blog, doing keyword research to create some niche sites, etc... But I'm not talking about those things.

What I am talking about are the things you spend hours per day doing that are doing nothing but wasting your time and will not help build your home business or make money for you now or in the long run. Some examples would be checking your email, checking your stats, checking your sales, hanging out in forums, reading a bunch of blogs, etc...

Think about how much time you spend each day just reading and checking everything. Visit a few of your favorite blogs and it doesn't take very long to lose an hour or two of your day. Check your email and stats a few times and there goes another hour. See what's going on in some of the popular forums and you just wasted another couple hours. That's about five hours right there and you haven't actually done any real work yet!

The problem with working at home online is that any time you are sitting at your computer doing anything it feels like you are working, when in reality you are probably not getting anything useful done. This is a cycle that so many internet marketers get themselves into and don't get out of it before their online business is dead and they end up working at their shitty jobs for the rest of their lives.

So how do you break this deadly cycle?

It's really not very hard if you think about it...

All you need to do is create a "to do list" of things to get done each day, create a schedule for getting it done, and stick with it! Designate a certain amount of time every day for each business or work task you need to get done and when your time is up move on to the next thing. Only you know how much time you have for work each day and what you should be getting done so I can't give you an exact plan, but you are smart enough to figure one out for yourself.

If you work at home full-time then you should be able to get a lot done and still have some extra time to spend doing things like reading home business blogs and internet marketing forums. If you have a full time job and only get a few hours per day to work on your home business then you really need to be careful where you are spending your time.

You can still read blogs, forums, email, etc... But have a set amount of time designated for it and don't spend too much time on it. Yes, it's important to keep up on business news and changes in the internet marketing industry as well as learn new ways to make money online, and everything else you can learn on blogs and forums. However, you need to make sure you don't waste all your time learning or you will never have any time to put the knowledge into action so you can actually build your home business and make money!

So get yourself out of the deadly cycle right now! Write down a specific amount of time to devote to each task you want to accomplish in your online business today and stick to your schedule.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
How to Make Money Online

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The University Kid Teaches How to Make Money Online

There are only a few make money online / blogging tips / internet marketing blogs that I read on a regular basis because quite honestly most of the blogs in this industry are crap and are not worth taking the time to read because you won't learn anything. If you have been a reader here for a while then you already know that I pretty much only recommend Grizzly, Court, Vic, Monika, Terry, Josh, Matt, Garry, the Noob, and a very select few others.

However, I recently became a reader, subscriber, and all around fan of The University Kid blog. He teaches various aspects of entrepreneurship, blogging, internet marketing and making money online.

Most of his posts are very in-depth and he is not afraid to give away his money making secrets. He is one of the few bloggers out there who actually teaches how to succeed at blogging, internet marketing, making money online, and other aspects of being an entrepreneur. It's not the same old crap that you see rehashed day after day on most of the other blogs in this industry.

The biggest problem I have with The University Kid blog is that it's hard to find the older posts. There's no links to the archives (that I can find) so you have to go page-by-page through the previous posts which is not very convenient and takes way too long.

I've only been reading this blog for a couple weeks now and I have already learned quite a few new things. He has also helped me come up with some new online business ideas that I hadn't thought of before. Not bad considering I have been making money online as an internet marketer for over five years now and definitely didn't think some young university kid, who is fairly new at blogging, could teach me anything. I was wrong!

Oh and in case you are wondering, this is NOT a solicited post. I was not paid or bribed to post it, or anything else like that. I simply found a great resource for my home business tips readers and wanted to share it with you all.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why Do You Suck At Internet Marketing?

I know for a fact that at least 95% of the people who read this post are trying to make money online as an "internet marketer" but are failing miserably. Even if you are making some money, it's not nearly enough to quit your job or buy that dream house you've always wanted.

So, why do you suck at internet marketing?

Do you not have any internet marketing skills? Do you lack the resources to succeed at internet marketing? Have you just not found that perfect opportunity to make money online? Are you just plain stupid?

I will tell you right now that it's NONE of those!

The reason you suck at internet marketing and are not making any money is because you have been lied to. You have believed all the hype. You are listening to the wrong advice.

It's not your fault!

Although some of the blame does fall on you because you let yourself get suckered into thinking that all you had to do was start an MMO blog, or build a website, or sign up for some home business opportunity, or buy some product created by an internet marketing "guru" -- and you would be making money the next day, and filthy rich in a couple months.

Well, as you have obviously figured out... that doesn't happen!

Let me tell you right now that there is no big secret to internet marketing that you don't know about. Stop buying every internet marketing ebook, report, course, and tool that you find! Sure there are some tools, resources and information that are worth buying because they will help you with your internet marketing business but you really don't need every new product that comes out. Most of everything you need to become a successful internet marketer is free (or close to it).

The more stuff you buy that is supposed to be making you money, the less money you will make! All you are doing is spending your money and making some other internet marketer rich by doing this. And that is a pretty sucky way to go about internet marketing!

How do you succeed at internet marketing and make money online?

Simple... You need to find one or two good mentors and follow what they do. Find an internet marketer that really is making money online, knows what they are talking about, and are willing to freely share their strategies and knowledge. But most importantly you need to take action on the information you learn. All the internet marketing knowledge in the world won't do you any good if you don't put it to use.

I know that sounds too easy but that really is how you make money online! In the grand scheme of things internet marketing is not hard. It's actually quite simple. A little knowledge and a LOT of action will take you a long way.

Not sure where to find a good internet marketing mentor?

Here are a few that I recommend (other than myself, of course):

Grizzly Brears
Vic Franqui
Courtney Tuttle

All three of them are ranked in the top ten on Google for either Make Money Online or Internet Marketing, so you can be sure they know what they are talking about. And all of them are willing to share what they know. Take action on the information you learn from them and you will make money online. That's a promise!

Oh and in case you are wondering about me, I am ranked in the top ten of Google for Home Based Business and numerous other related keyword phrases. I will also happily share my knowledge with anyone willing to listen.

There now you have four mentors to follow and a little information about what not to do if you want to succeed at making money online. You should no longer suck at internet marketing!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Free Make Money Online Tips

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Are You Making Money or Wasting Your Time?

There are thousands of so-called "internet marketers" who are sitting at their computers right now trying to make money online. However, most of them are not making any money, or if they are making money, it's not nearly as much as they would like.

So, why is it that so many internet marketers are not making money? It's because they are wasting their time! There are countless ways you can waste your time when you are online. Even though you might think you are working, you aren't.

One way you might be wasting your time is by thinking that you are getting stuff done when you actually aren't doing anything productive at all. How many times a day do you check your email? How many times a day to you visit internet marketing forums and end up spending 30 minutes reading posts? How much time each day do you waste reading post after post on all your favorite make money online blogs? How much time do you waste each day just surfing the internet? I could go on and on but I think you get my drift. Just because you are online it doesn't mean you are working!

But that is not the biggest way people who consider themselves to be "internet marketers" waste their time. Most of them waste it by doing things that actually are building their online business but are not going to help them make money. One example of that is blogging. Yeah now I got your attention! You are probably wondering why the hell I would say that blogging is a waste of time and will not make you any money?

Let me explain...

In order to make money online, you need traffic to your blog. There is no way to get around this fact. However, when you are blogging away all day long every day you are forgetting to do one very important thing... Market your blog! As an "internet marketer" the most important part of your job is to market.

You might have the best blog in the world with more original content than all ten of the top blogs in your niche, but that means nothing if you don't get any visitors. You could have a blog that contains the #1 absolute best secret that everyone in the world needs to know, but if nobody knows about your blog they will never read it. Do you see what I mean? Unless people coming to your blog, you won't make money!

But not just any traffic will do either. You don't want untargeted traffic. You don't want Web 2.0 traffic. You don't want other internet marketers and bloggers as your main source of traffic. Why? Because none of these people will click your ads, buy from your affiliate links, or even notice any of the things you have on your blog that will make you money.

What you need is search engine traffic. The visitors you get to your blog from search engines are targeted, they are actively searching for your blog, and they don't have a clue what Adsense is or what affiliate links are. And if you have done your research and are in the right niche, they are ready to spend money. You will make money from these visitors!

Stop wasting every day posting a hundred times to your blog just hoping someone will come read it. Or wasting even more of your time on digg, furl, myspace, delicious, or any of the other social bookmarking and social networking sites that will only bring you the kind of traffic that won't make you any money.

Instead, spend more of your day getting inbound links and working on other search engine optimization techniques. Use as much time as you can each day getting your blog ranked at the top of the search engines and getting more of the kind of traffic you are looking for to make money online.

Doing this one simple thing will greatly increase your chances of making money online and becoming a full-time internet marketer to live the life you have always wanted. So stop wasting your time and start making money!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Owner of Free Money Making Tips

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Reciprocal Links Aren't Dead - Stop Believing This Crap!

Reciprocal Linking is a topic that I have been meaning to write about for a long time but never have for one reason or another.

One of my favorite bloggers, Courtney Tuttle, posted on the subject of exchanging links in a recent post, Building Authority With Blogroll/Sitewide Link Exchange.

So I figured this is the perfect time for me to put in my thoughts about reciprocal linking and confirm what Court discussed in his post.

Just about everywhere you read these days you will find the "experts" saying that reciprocal linking (exchanging links) is dead. I am here to tell you that is NOT true!

Sure it might not be as effective as it once was but that doesn't mean it's dead and doesn't work at all anymore.

Think about it, when you exchange links you are still getting an inbound link from another website and search engines do like inbound links. It's not as good as a site simply linking to you without a reciprocal link, but it's better than nothing.

I know this for a fact because I have built very high search engine rankings for many of my websites and blogs, and a large part of how that happened was through reciprocal linking.

Plus, high search engine rankings are not the only way to get traffic to a website. There is still a little thing called humans who click links on one site to take them to another site. Doing link exchanges with other sites gives you a link on their site that people can click on to visit your site.

Now don't go reciprocal linking with any site that will accept your link exchange request. That method certainly does not work anymore! If you want to use reciprocal linking to your advantage then you must only exchange links with quality sites that are somewhat related to yours.

What does that last paragraph mean?

I suppose "quality" is a relative term and will be seen differently in each individual. However, you can usually tell a quality site fairly easily. Does it provide any useful content? Is it loaded with ads and not much substance? Is it ranked in search engines? Does it have any PR? Are they spammy? What kinds of sites do they link to? Etc... Look at these factors and you will be able to determine how quality a site is.

As for "related" that is very easy to define. Basically that just means that you don't want to be exchanging links with sites that have nothing to do with the topic of your site. If your site teaches people how to make money online then you don't want to do link exchanges with sites about dog training. They have nothing to do with each other. Instead, you will want to exchange links with sites about home business, working at home, internet income, making money, and others similar to these topics.

One more thing you want to be sure of when reciprocal linking is that your links have a good anchor text on them. Again if your site is about making money online then you want that for your anchor text instead of your name or simply the URL of your home page. For example, my home page is http://www.work-at-home-jobs-iowa.com and my site is about home business so I would want my reciprocal link on their site to look like this - home business. Doing so will help you improve your search engine rankings for your keywords and will also tell any potential visitor what your site is about.

Before I end, I want to send you to another post on one of my favorite internet marketing blogs. It is also about link building. It's not actually about doing direct reciprocal linking but something similar with a different twist. Here you go: Link Building - Leveraging Pre-Existing Sites to Build Authority

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Owner of Free Home Business Tips

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Why Are You Attracted To Money Making Lies?

why money making lies?
There was a question I answered today on a work at home forum I moderate and I wanted to share it for you as well...

Why are people so easily attracted to promises of making money fast when they know they can get scammed by a get rich quick scheme?

People are attracted to promises of making money fast because just about everyone wants to get rich quickly and they let themselves believe that it's possible. And the people who create these programs and opportunities know all they have to do is make outrageous promises of wealth and there will always be plenty of unsuspecting victims willing to send their hard earned money.

The people who fall for these get rich quick schemes have no idea they are jumping into something that is bound to leave them broke and confused. The website looks legit and they are blinded by the thoughts of making incredible amounts of money in a short amount of time.

However, they inevitably fail or get outright scammed and they soon find out that getting rich quickly isn't going to happen.

Making money online is a long road full of pot holes, speed bumps, and construction. It's not an easy journey and anybody that tells you that you will get rich quick is flat out lying to you!

Only a very small percentage of people who start on the journey to make money online are able to quickly find a high amount of success. The chances of it happening are slim to none.

I have been Making Money Online as an internet marketer for almost 5 years and even now I am far from being rich. In my time as an internet marketer I have seen countless people start with high aspirations and then quickly fade away. The reason is almost always because they came in thinking they were going to make money online quickly and easily, but it never happened.

Please don't get caught up in the hype of getting rich quick! It will almost certainly end in disappointment.

Don't get me wrong, you can make money online! There are plenty of people making a great living on the internet. I make my entire income online and I know many others who do as well. Just don't expect it to come quickly or easily. You will have to put in a lot of time and hard work before you are rewarded.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Make Money Online

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

10 Internet Marketing Principles for Your Home Business

Free Home Business Tips
Below I have listed ten principles of internet marketing that you can use to build a successful home business online. They are not in any order of importance but all are very important!

1) Give your website visitors lots of quality information. Give them content that they will learn from and that they can actually use. They key here is to provide exceptional quality without charging for it. Writing in-depth articles and lessons for them based on topics in your home business niche are great ways to do this. Internet marketing success is largely about freely giving and helping others.

2) Stick to the theme of your home business website. For example, if your website is about making money online then you should only provide information and resources about that and similar topics. These can be topics such as; home based business, work at home, business opportunities, home jobs, online business, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, niche marketing, blogging, etc...

As you can see they all have a similar theme related to making money online. People coming to a site like this don't want to read about car racing or fantasy football or anything else completely unrelated. You will lose business fast if you don't have a noticeable theme to your site and stick to it. This is one of the main internet marketing principles.

3) Build your list. One of the things you will hear very often in the internet marketing world is, "the money is in the list" and it's true. Building a list is one significant part of building a successful home business. One great way to build your list is to offer a free ebook, an e-course, a newsletter or something else valuable to your visitors in exchange for their email address.

Another powerful way to multiply your subscriber list is to form joint ventures with other internet marketers, swap ads with each other telling your subscribers to join their list and vice versa. Most internet marketers know the huge benefits of doing this and many are willing to agree.

One important point to remember about building a list is that it's not necessarily the size of the list that matters; it's how responsive they are. You need to form a great relationship with your subscribers. Send them valuable information and resources on a set schedule and put your personality into the emails. Give lots of value and keep giving it unconditionally. Your goal is to have them begging for your emails! Then you will reap the rewards.

4) Give freebies. As I stated above, success with internet marketing has a lot to do with how much you give freely. One great way to create a buzz about your home business and establish yourself as a well-known and respect member of the internet marketing community is to create ebooks and give them away for free.

Write an ebook that is loaded with quality, useful information, tons of tips, and valuable resources. Make it valuable enough that you could sell it for a great profit, but give it away for free instead. Doing this will sky-rocket your profits more than you can ever imagine when it comes time for you to actually sell a product.

5) Create a plan. Have you ever heard that if you fail to plan then you plan to fail? This is very true when trying to build a successful home business. You must know where you want to go and how you are going to get there. There are many internet marketers who are more than willing to help you plan your home business, whether it's in the form of a product they have created or by actually helping you personally. Take what you learn, adapt it to your needs, and create a home business plan for yourself.

6) Start a blog. Home business blogs (like the one you are reading) are a great way to quickly and easily publish content to your website. Search engines love them because they are updated frequently and so do people. Plus, internet marketers typically link to blogs much more often than they do regular websites so it's easier to get inbound links, high search engine rankings, and more traffic. And there are several blogging communities, such as MyBlogLog that you can become a part of to connect with other bloggers and increase the readership of your blog.

7) Get affiliates. When you create products or services be sure to add an affiliate program for them and get as many affiliates as possible marketing for you. Top internet marketers know that it is much easier to build a successful home business when you have an army of affiliates promoting your products and making money for you.

There is only so much you can do yourself and having hundreds of affiliates helping you out is an incredible way to leverage the work of others for mutual benefit. Offer them at least 50% commissions on each sale. I recommend even higher. The more you pay the more affiliates you will get. Even after paying them such a high commission you'll still make a lot more money then you would without affiliates selling for you.

8) Make friends. Forming relationships with other internet marketers is one of the most vital parts of building a home business. Networking is a key factor of success. The more online business friends you make, the better your chances for finding JV partners, affiliates, and getting your name known to the world. Once you build up a nice entourage your business will hit new heights and it will be much easier to launch any of your new projects.

Plus, having internet marketing friends will make your "job" more satisfying. Running an online business can be very lonely since you don't have any co-workers or anyone else around all day to chat with. Having online friends at least allows you to have a little conversation on a daily basis. Admittedly, it is through a computer screen but it's better than nothing.

9) Get your visitors involved. Allowing your website visitors to get involved is a great way to bring back repeat visitors, build relationships, and also increase your sites content without writing it yourself. Some of the best ways to do this are by adding forums or message boards, allowing blog comments, surveys, and accepting article submissions. Getting them involved may also give you valuable feedback to help you improve your business.

10) Market/Advertise/Promote. Although these are technically three different things, they are closely related and often referred to collectively, so I am putting them here together under "marketing." There are hundreds of ways to market your business and yourself on the internet. Some of the more popular methods include: Article marketing, advertising on other websites, PPC, buying text links, forums, link exchanges, SEO, ezines, blog reviews, online classifieds, etc... and there are tons more.

Each of those marketing methods would take their own article to explain in-depth, so I am not going to do that here. If you need more information on any of them, you can find many internet marketing articles and blog posts on this website talking about each of them. Or just do a search on Google.

Alright, there you have it! If you apply each of these ten internet marketing principles to your home business on a regular and consistent basis, you will soon find yourself very successful!

Ok that's it for today's home business tips.

Do you have anything to add to this post or any questions about it? If so, please leave a comment below.

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Make Money Online

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sell Your Brain to Make Money

Yep, that's right, I said it... Make Money Online by Selling Your Brain!

Ok, I don't mean actually pulling your brain out and selling it. You probably wouldn't make it far if you did that. What I mean is that you have a ton of knowledge sitting inside your brain, and there are all sorts of ways to make money online from that information.

Starting, growing, and succeeding in an online home business is largely about selling information. Think about it - what do ebooks, articles, content websites, blogs, forums, etc... all have in common? They are all created with information and all can be great ways to make money online in one way or another.

Let's look at a few ways to start a home business and make money online by selling your brain:

* Blogging - This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your knowledge out to the world and make money from it. You can create a blog in just minutes and start posting information. The beauty of blogs is that they can be updated very quickly and often. So when you have knowledge to share, you can easily post it.

Of course, you will want to take the time to select a good topic for your blog and stick to blogging about related topics. Some people get away with posting miscellaneous ramblings on their blog and still earn a nice profit from it, but they are few and far between. For instance, the theme of this blog is "home business" so I only post about related topics such as; make money online, work at home, online business, internet marketing, and similar niches that fall under home business. Every once in a while I stray away on an off-topic post but not often.

You also need to figure out how you will make money from your blog. Some of the most popular are Google Adsense, advertising, affiliate marketing, and paid reviews.

* Websites - Building a website full of well-written original content is another great way to sell your knowledge. Similar to a blog, you will build a site around a certain theme and give the world the information they are looking for on that subject. Content websites and blogs are often interchangeable. People use blogging software to build content websites all the time.

However, for the most part, blogs and websites do tend to differ in a few ways. One of the most common is that the content on a website is usually longer and more in-depth. You can make money from a home business website in many ways but some of the most common ways are pretty much the same as with blogs - affiliate programs, Adsense, and advertising. You simply sprinkle these in with your content and make money from them.

* Ebooks - Now this is definitely one of the best ways to make money selling your brain! An ebook is one of the ultimate information resources for someone trying to learn about a certain subject. If you have a lot of knowledge about a topic (and trust me you do) then writing and selling an ebook can make you a lot of money.

If you are looking to start your own home business or already have one and want to take it to the next level, then writing an ebook may very well be a wise choice for you. With some research and a little work you could have an ebook written, sales copy finished, and sales website online in as soon as a week.

* Articles - You can sell your knowledge in the form of articles and make money online a few different ways. One way is to simply write and sell the articles. You can sell them to websites that buy articles like Associated Content, or you can sell them to people looking for PLR articles they can use as their own. There are tons of people looking to buy articles. You can also make money from articles by using them to create more websites and blogs, or combining them to create ebooks.

* Forums - I don't think a lot of people realize how great forums really can be for making money online. First of all, simply by becoming a very helpful and respected member of a forum you will gain a following and people will start to trust you. They will visit your websites more and automatically take a look at products you recommend.

Or you can start your own home business forum and monetize it a number of different ways. As with above, you will first need to be very helpful to your members and show them how knowledgeable you are on the subjects of the forum. Then, you can make recommendations to members on products or services you are an affiliate of. You can put Adsense or affiliate links below posts. You can allow members to post special offers and charge a small fee to post them. You can have a special section of the forum that is only accessible to paid members, etc... There are many ways to make money from an online forum.

There you have it, five ways you can build a home business and make money online by selling your brain!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg
Home Business Tips

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