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When I first started to realize the idea of working from home I searched the net for opportunities, I subscribed to some newsletter (well, one of it made my life) and I was reading paid emails to get an idea of what it is all about. Everything I read did sound so fantastic and I said to myself: “I can do that!” I saw myself as a good earning internet marketer in a relatively short time. I did sign up on several opportunities and was told to upgrade to be able to profit on spillover and that the company would do all the rest on its automated system. Well, of course I did upgrade in a few programs and I did advertise and I even bought some sign ups. But I never really earned as much as I was spending. Does that sound familiar?

Why is this happened to most of us? I guess it’s because we read so much hype advertising and don’t go the way we should go directly: Training, Knowledge, and Strategy! Like in any profession we need to learn the How To Do It Right first.

As longer as I was involved as more I read – and as more I read as more I understood. So I canceled all this “We Do All For You” programs and stuck on only one, which I could call My Business. I’ve got my own web site and this is my “Baby”. What ever you chose to do as Home Work, do something you can identify yourself with. Something you love and you want to see grow. And then stick to it and go for it 100% with your full heart and full power. Instead of advertising 10 different opportunities – each a little bit – build yourself a homepage where you can advertise your favorites. And then you can concentrate on advertising your homepage. Your Baby.

You can have a pre-built home page with certain opportunities included or you can build a homepage yourself and include your chosen opportunities. But get your own homepage as this is YOUR BUSINESS and you will feel and act different with it than with only an affiliate-page from the company you refer for.

Once you have it, concentrate on the main part of internet marketing. Advertise and be a good sponsor in meaning of support. Get to know well the programs you’re working with, so you can support your downline. And never stop to update your knowledge as this is the real capital you have. All the rest comes automatically as you know how to do.

Stay with your programs and don’t switch after three months only because it’s starting slow. If you go strong it will become strong. It is always starting slow for beginners but the point is to overcome this stage. Once it’s starting to role it is almost unstoppable. Then your job will be to train instead of being the trainee.

I was lucky (and still am) to have a good mentor and training. And I made it because I know that to build a stabile house needs to build a strong fundament first.

So how and where to start? Get good training – get your own Baby – and concentrate on Your Business!

This is how you Reach Out For Profit!


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