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There is no doubt that working at home is a dream for many, if not most people. I think there is a part of everybody that wants to work at home.

There are many ways to make money by working at home. You can start your own home based business, create a product and sell it, affiliate with an existing business, run online auctions, freelance for a company, do a job from home, or any of the many other ways to work at home.

Right now I am going to focus on making money at home with a work at home job or some form of it. Personally, I think that running your own home based business is the best way to work at home but sometimes that is just not an option for people.

There are many reasons why someone would want to have a work at home job to make extra money, rather than run a home based business. Here are a few that come to the top of my head:

1) Need to make money online to help yourself get out of debt

2) Want to earn some extra money to take a vacation

3) Need to make money for the holidays

4) Just want to make money to build up your savings account

5) Must work at home due to a disability or lack of jobs in your area

6) Student that needs to make money for college but may not have time to run a home based business, so they just want a work at home job

7) Like your current job but still want to work at home to make extra money in your spare time

8) Moms that need to make money to help provide for the family but must also stay at home with the kids (work at home jobs are great for you)

There are MANY other reasons why someone would choose to work at home. The above list is only a few of the reasons you may want or need to work at home. Why do you want to have a work at home job? You may or may not have one of the reasons above. Whatever your reason may be, there are tons of benefits to working at home.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not really that easy to find an actual job on the internet. There are thousands of different home based business opportunities out there but the online jobs aren’t easy to come by. The jobs you do find tend to have a LOT of competition trying to get them.

Even with that being said, there still are many legitimate ways to make money at home using the internet without actually running a “home business”.

Some of the more popular online money making opportunities or “jobs” are taking surveys for money, data entry, typing, bookkeeping, clerical, name list processors, and mystery shopping.

My personal favorite out of that list is paid online surveys. I say that because they are probably the easiest to do, you can do as many of them as you want in a day, the competition doesn’t matter, and there are a lot of opportunities for them, etc...

Whatever job you choose to do from home make absolutely sure you check it out first. There are plenty of organizations to check with to make sure you aren’t getting scammed, such as the; Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, Internet Trade Bureau, Scam Busters, Direct Sellers Association, and more.

I wouldn’t recommend you ever take a job that has anything do with stuffing envelopes or assembly craft at home. Those types of home jobs have been proven to be scams many times. Here is a great resource I have put together to help you make sure you don’t get scammed...
Be Scam Free for Life - Scam Avoiding Information

Well, you are now armed with a little more information about work from home jobs. You have decided why you want to work from home, you know there is a difference between a home based business and a work from home job, and you have many resources to check with to make sure your “home job” is not a scam…

… I think it’s time for you to start making money at home with a work from home job. Do it in your spare time from your kitchen or do it full time from your home office. Whatever home job you choose and wherever you choose to do it from, I say GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!

You can find a link to contact me at the bottom of the home page of this website. Contact me anytime and I will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you have about a work at home job.

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