Write an Article... Who? Me?

Write An Article

Who? Me? Write something?

Yes. You. Write something

Write a how-to article about someone you know. Write an article about
things you don't know but want to learn. At this point, WHAT you write
is not as important as THAT you write.

Relate your article to work at home, home business, internet tools to use,
free sites to help work at home businesses, internet marketing, etc.


Once you have completed the first part of your linking campaign for your
site (linking is a never-ending, on-going part of your site), you will need to
add "content" to further increase your search engine ranking.

You can add some of the excellent articles from other WAHT sites and
from sites you find online....but you need to also have articlees of your
own on your site.

You will be amazed at how simple it is.

Here is a good formula for writing an article:

1. Choose the topic

2. Chose the purpose of the article
are you writing about HOW to do something?
are you writing about WHY to do something?
are you describing a personal experience?
are you telling your reader WHERE to find things?

3. Outline your article...write a few words or a sentence for each of the

-the topic - and why you think it's important or interesting
- the specific points you want to make in the article
- references to other sources you will use in the article
- the endgame (putting a "period" to your article -- the closer)

4. Now expand on each of the above, turning each into a couple of paragraphs

5. Read the paragraphs and rearrange so they follow a logical sequence

6. "Tighten" your paragraphs. Remove extra words.

example: "I thought I would like to tell you about...."
change to
"I want to tell you about....."

7. Put your paragraphs together

YOU've just written an article!

TIP: As you visit websites and read newsletters, you may see comments
or ideas that appeal to you. Keep a notepad document in your computer
titled "article ideas" and add those ideas WHEN YOU THINK OF THEM.

Using this method, you will always have a starting point for a new article.

After you write an article, publish it to your website.

Also, submit your article to sites that accept such submissions. A few
good ones are:


but you will also notice other sites you are linking to that invite you to submit your
articles....so do it.

IMPORTANT: The purpose of submitting your articles to other websites is to create
"branding" and to bring more traffic to your own website. Your article
should be 600-1000 words and it is best to format it to about 65 characters
per line.

Thus, you need to write a "credit line" that will appear at the bottom of all of your
articles. This would be your name, any personal or business info you want to put
in it and your website's url.

Keep it simple. Do not make your "credit line" a blatant ad or other sites will not
want to publish your articles.

RE: copyright
Copyright is automatic. You do not have to do anything except write an original article
(not copying from someone else's). On the internet, any published article is copyrighted.

When publishing other writers' articles on your own site, you must also adhere to the
copyright protection. You should list the author's name below the title....and you must
also list the "credit line" they specify at the end of the article with an ACTIVE link to their

Check these articles for tips on writing internet articles:



The purpose of articles is to gain more exposure to your website.

exposure = traffic = click throughs = sales = Profit


Kay King works from her home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
For more articles and information on her work at home business, please visit her site at

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