Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Website Marketing Tip - Link Anchor Text

It's no secret that having anchor text in your link is good for search engine optimization. It seems as though most website owners use this technique to help them rank higher for certain keywords.

If you don't know what link anchor text is, here is a quick rundown of it...

Lets say your website is about "work at home" and your site URL is www.work-at-home-jobs-iowa.com. When there is a link to your site you want it to be Work at Home Instead of just being http://www.work-at-home-jobs-iowa.com

You see they both link to your website but one of them has keywords in the link so it helps you rank for those keywords.

OK, so we all know the SEO advantages of having link anchor text but there are also marketing advantages to it.

It's great to have search engines find your site and rank you higher for keywords. However, when visitors of the site your link is on are looking for "work at home" opportunities they are more likely to click on your link if it shows that it is about work at home just by looking at the link.

I could go on about this all day and probably confuse you more. However, I recently came across and article about link anchor text that talks about it much more in-depth and clearly.

It is a 5 page article explaining all you need to know about the marketing advantages of link anchor text. Check it out at SEO Chat - Search Engine Marketing - Link Anchor Text As A Marketing Tool

Now, go and start adding great keywords to your link anchor text. Come back tomorrow for another super work at home business marketing tip.

Until next time... Have a great day!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

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