Monday, July 12, 2004

Blog is back up now and has changed!

To Everyone Reading This Blog For The First Time... WELCOME!

To everyone else...

Well, blogger still has a bug so it seems that my old blog is either lost forever or it will be a while until they get it back.

I was sick of waiting so I started a new blog. Then I copied/pasted most of the recent posts from the last blog into this one.

As you can see the blog has a new look but the great information hasn't changed!

I obviously didn't paste all the posts from the old blog into this one but I did get pretty much all of good ones from the past month or so.

I am sorry for all the inconvenience of it being down for the past week. There was nothing I could do about it but wait.

I really hope you all like the new look! I love it.

Now, I will be back to frequent posts about all sorts of great home based business / work at home stuff. The theme for now is still "marketing/promotion/advertising techniques".


Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

PS - You can also post comments now! You can do it by clicking the little "comments" link under each post.

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At 1:27 AM , Blogger Trent said...

Just testing the comment function. It seems to work great!

At 2:10 AM , Blogger Trent said...

Another Test to make sure this is working OK.


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