Thursday, November 11, 2004

Free Home Business Marketing Tip -- Highways

Sponsor a Highway

Sponsor a section of highway and a clean up the litter on a 1-mile strip of highway (or have it cleaned... teenagers are good for this!).

1st: You get your name displayed on the signs showing you sponsor the highway. I recommend that you use your URL for the company name on the sign!

2nd. When you are actually out there cleaning up, wear t-shirts or sweatshirts with your URL in big letters :) You might have to put your URL on the Orange Safety Vests instead or in addition to your shirts/hats.

3rd: Have the plastic garbage bags printed with your web URL (Or use stickers on regular bags) and face the URL towards the road so drivers and passengers can read them as they go by. They will sit there for several days until the highway department comes by and picks them up!

There are probably a couple of other ways to take advantage of this method, but I thought this would be good to help the environment and advertise at the same time.

Make sure to be careful on the side of the road too!

Teri Mramer
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